Senior Living Nursing Leadership

Sharon Haefele, RN, BSN
Director of Clinical Compliance, Long-Term Care

Jennifer Hunnicutt, RN, MSN
Director of Nursing, Long-Term Care

Kristen Dyer, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager, Pines avenue

Tina Freelove, RN
Manager, The Brighter Day medical adult day program

Danielle Miller, RN
Nurse Manager, Lakeview avenue

Kimberley Parrow, RN
Nurse Manager, Gardens and Meadows avenues

Lisa Pearsall, RN
Nurse Manager, Skilled Transitional Unit

Michelle Kennison, LPN
Care Coordinator, Clark Meadows enriched living

Rachel Gossage, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Meadows avenue

Pam Granger, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Lakeview avenue

Crystal Lane, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Gardens avenue

Debra Saxby, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Pines avenue

Linda Demme, RN, and Denise DeVuyst, RN
MDS Coordinators

Ashley Schultz, RN, BSN
Informatics/Education Specialist