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Ferris Hills at West Lake, 1 Ferris Hills, Cananda (map)

Healing Pathways, a Thompson Health program for those with ongoing illnesses or other sources of chronic stress, will be held on Tuesdays, October 1 through November 26, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Ferris Hills at West Lake, Canandaigua.

The sessions, presented by the Rev. Richard McCaughey and certified holistic stress management instructor Jennifer Klein, focus on wholeness of mind, body, and spirit through the reshaping of thoughts, emotions, and stress responses. 

The cost of the nine-week series is $50.  Call (585) 396-6111 to register.  For more information about Healing Pathways, call Rev. McCaughey at (585) 396-5867 or Jennifer Klein at (585) 394-3302. 

Ferris Hills is best accessed from the 3300 block of West Lake Road (County Road 16) in Canandaigua, via Peg Rayburn Drive.  For directions, visit www.FerrisHills.com or call (585) 393-0410.