Be an Ambassador for Thompson Health

Associate Referral

Help us find medical professionals to join the team. All Thompson Health associates and medical staff are eligible to participate. 

Qualifying Jobs

The following qualifying positions are all Full-Time.

  • Internal Medicine Physician
  • Family Medicine Physician
  • Pediatrician
  • ICU RN: Experienced (2 yrs)
  • OR RN: Experienced (2 yrs)
  • LPN or Scrub/Surg Tech: Experienced (1 yr in OR)
  • CSR Tech: Experienced (1 yr and certified)
  • CNA: Experienced (Full & Part-time)

Eligibility & Exclusions


To be eligible for referral under the Associate Referral Program, referred applicants must fully meet the qualification requirements listed in the job description for the position. Candidate must be hired before 10/1/2021. Internal transfer cannot be referred.

All Thompson Health Associates and Medical Staff are eligible to participate in the program.

  • Both the referring associate and the newly hire associate must be employed at the time of payments.
  • All referral payouts are considered earned income, reflected through payroll and subject to taxes.
  • If duplicate referrals occur, the referral bonus will be split.
  • The applicant must include the name of the current Thompson associate who referred them on the application. This must be done at the time the application is submitted.
  • Applications must be received 2/1/2021 through 4/1/2021.


If the referred applicant accepts employment with Thompson Health and is hired into one of the priority recruitment position identified on this page, the referring associate will receive a referral bonus in three (3) installments as outlined below. The referred candidate must be hired by Thompson Health by 10/1/2021.  Both the referring associate and newly hired associate must be employed at time of payments. All referral payouts are considered earned income, reflected through payroll and subject to taxes. In the event of multiple referring associates, the reward will be split. 

Your Role as a Referring Associate 

  • Consider assisting your referral with completing their application at 
  • Educate your referred candidate on the benefits of joining Thompson Health – be an ambassador
  • Support and encourage your successful candidate for their first two years at Thompson Health 
  • Application is submitted listing you as the referral source 
  • Complete this ambassador referral form below

Payout schedule for successful referrals 

  • Pay 25% at 90 days 
  • Pay 25% at one year anniversary 
  • Pay 50% at two year anniversary

Associate Referral Form