2019 Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to those who gave and continue to give. We know that your gift, at whatever level, is a significant contribution from you and your family. Thompson values our supporters, and recognition for your gift is a top priority.


Below you will find the F.F. Thompson Foundation’s Donor Honor Roll, which highlights over 2,000 individuals and organizations between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

We have made every effort to provide an accurate list. Please contact The F.F. Thompson Foundation with corrections at 585-396-6156

^ denotes George Eastman Circle member

* denotes deceased

  • A.A.C. Contracting Inc.
  • A.H. Wilcox & Son, Inc.
  • George S. Abawi
  • Stephanie M. Abbott
  • Thomas L. Abbott
  • Darryl Abraham
  • Marianne Abraham and James R. Abraham
  • Tina M. Acevedo
  • Joanne T. Adam
  • Bernard E. Adams
  • Joyce S. Adams
  • Norene Adams
  • Advisors Charitable Gift
  • Kathleen affleck
  • Daniel E. Affolter
  • Ajay Glass
  • Marianne Albrecht
  • Martin Albright
  • Jason Alcock
  • Darell Alexander
  • Darlene Alexander
  • Victor G. Alford and Jean Alford
  • Donald Allen and Sandra Allen
  • Gail A. Allen
  • Randolph Allen and Terri Allen
  • Mary L. Allhusen
  • Nancy L. Alliet
  • Dr. R. D. Alling and Sally Alling
  • Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Carol Altemus
  • James Altemus*
  • Dorothea Altmann
  • Eileen M. Alven
  • Amazonsmile Foundation
  • American Endowment Foundation
  • American Express
  • American Legion Auxiliary - Canandaigua
  • American Legion Auxiliary Unit #256
  • American Portfolios
  • Britta Anderson
  • Karina Anderson
  • Joseph C. Andolino and Ann Andolino
  • Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
  • Earl J. Andrews
  • Sharon Andrews and James H. Andrews
  • William A. Andrews and Donna H. Andrews
  • Wendy Annal
  • Douglas Anne and Nancy J. Anne
  • Nancy L. Anton
  • August T. Antonelli and Patricia Antonelli
  • Heather Antonelli
  • Richard W. Appel and Marylou L. Appel
  • Dr. E. David Appelbaum and Barbara G. Appelbaum
  • Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
  • Connie J. Armstrong
  • Jennifer E. Army
  • Irene H. Arner
  • Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Artizann's
  • Timothy S. Artlip and Lois G. Artlip
  • Thaddeus J. Astemborski and Patricia Astemborski
  • Janice Astles and Geoffrey Astles
  • Carrie E. Aston
  • Chelsey Auburn
  • Dr. Eduardo Ayala
  • Christine Ayers
  • Patricia L. Ayres
  • B. Giambrone & Co. Inc.
  • Dr. Jillian Babu and Dr. Mohan Babu^
  • Jennifer L. Bach
  • Corey S. Baiera
  • Curtis R. Bailey
  • Laurie-Anne Bailey and A. Robert Bailey
  • Kevin M. Bain
  • Henry Bair
  • Cheryl A. Baker
  • Ellen S. Baker
  • Patricia K. Barden
  • Paul Barner
  • Clarice C. Barnes
  • Tim Barnosky
  • Laura L. Barone and Russell J. Barone
  • Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone
  • James H. Barr and Wendy Barr^
  • Leondore C. Barron
  • Sheila M. Bartholomay and John D. Bartholomay
  • Angela Bartholomew
  • Jeffrey S. Bartkoski and Margaret Bartkoski
  • Jack L. Bartlett
  • Marlene A. Bartlett and Stanley G. Bartlett
  • Nicholas Basile
  • Dean G. Bates and Mary K. Bates
  • Jean E. Batte
  • Donald Baube and Frederica G. Baube
  • Jack F. Bauer and Mary Ann Bauer
  • Dr. David E. Baum^
  • G. Robert Bausch
  • Stephanie L. Bavis
  • Juliette A. Baxendale
  • Dustin Beardsley and Kristen Beardsley
  • Eldora Beaton
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Lisa Beeman
  • Richard Belding and Kathryn Belding
  • Tsega Belete
  • Joseph M. Bell and Mary Bell
  • Kenneth J. Bell and Regina J. Bell
  • Samantha M. Bell
  • Cheryl I. Bellinger and James C. Bellinger
  • Joan K. Bellis
  • Susan Bellis
  • Sarah Bellows
  • A. P. Benivegna and Marie Benivegna
  • Linda Benivegna and Dr. Richard L. Benivegna
  • Virginia H. Benjamin
  • Geraldine Bennett
  • Larry H. Bennett and Barbara Bennett
  • Richard C. Bennett and Suzanne Bennett
  • David C. Bergner and Carolyn Bergner
  • Dr. Joseph P. Berley and Teresa M. Berley
  • Lynn A. Bernard
  • Mary Jo Bernardi
  • Howard Bernstein and Helaine Bernstein
  • William Berry
  • Donald E. Beusman and Susanne C. Beusman
  • Felix P. Bianchi*
  • Raymond Biddle Jr.
  • Maria Biear
  • M. Susan Bielat and Daniel J. Bielat
  • Becky M. Bigler
  • Stephen C. Biklen
  • Bill Gray's
  • Patrick L. Bills
  • Elizabeth A. Bingham
  • Steven F. Bishop and Pamela S. Bishop
  • E. Laurie Bittner
  • BJ's Wholesale Club of Victor
  • Chrystine Black and Matthew L. Black
  • Janice Blackman
  • John Blain and Kathryn Blain
  • Charles A. Blake
  • Wendy A. Blakemore
  • Daniel J. Blanchard
  • Suzanne Blatchford
  • Paige Blazak and Robert S. Blazak
  • John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey
  • Dr. Mark L. Blazey and Dr. Karen Blazey^
  • Jody A. Blodgett
  • Carl Blood and Dorothy Blood
  • Sharon Bloom
  • Lenore M. Bo
  • Richard Boardman and Jane Boardman
  • Bob's Alignment, Inc.
  • William L. Boehme and Margaret M. Boehme
  • Susan E. Boerjan
  • Linda Boerner
  • Dr. Angel Boev and Dr. Christine A. Boev ^
  • Michael Bolan and Mary K. Bolan
  • Fern Bomwell
  • The Bonadio Group
  • Bond, Schoeneck & King
  • Richard L. Booth^
  • Janet F. Bordwell
  • Dawn Borgeest
  • Anita Bott
  • Grace E. Boudway and William Boudway
  • Rayman Bounds and Sarah R. Bounds
  • Virginia S. Bounds and Claude A. Bounds
  • Virginia Bourke and John Bourke
  • Barbara A. Bouter
  • Judith Bovet-Egnor
  • Harry G. Bowker and Victoria J. Bowker
  • Goldwyn Boyer
  • Michelle Boylan
  • Paul A. Bradler
  • Richard W. Bradley
  • Dr. Brendan Brady and Dr. Mary D. Brady
  • Katharine H. Brahm
  • Robert H. Brandow
  • Dr. Ralph A. Brasacchio
  • Michael Brennan
  • Diane W. Breton
  • Patricia R. Brewer and Edward N. Brewer IV
  • James Brewer and Christine Brewer
  • Nancy Bricker
  • Sandra Bricker
  • Joseph C. Briggs and Nancy Briggs
  • Bright Funds Foundation
  • David Brind
  • Bristol Harbour Marina, LLC
  • Bristol Mountain
  • Gordon R. Britton Jr.
  • Mildred Brocious
  • Johannes J. Brondum
  • Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson
  • Tammy J. Brooks and Robert E. Brooks
  • James Brophy
  • Lea N. Brosche
  • Wayne Brotsch and Lisa Brotsch
  • Brown Gruttadaro & Prato PLLC
  • Douglas R. Brown and Cindy J. Brown
  • Julie A. Brown
  • Marilyn Brown
  • Martha D. Brown
  • Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell
  • Linda Bruce
  • Sheila Brundage
  • Jean U. Bub
  • Jean M. Bucher
  • Suzanne Buchholz
  • Joanne Budynas
  • Nancy L. Buerman and Steve C. Buerman
  • John A. Bugajski
  • Crystal Burke
  • Heather Burnett
  • Isabelle N. Burnham
  • Catherine Burns
  • D. Guy Burns
  • Lawrence A. Burt
  • William L. Butler Jr. and Kristine Butler
  • Darlene G. Butler and John M. Butler
  • Susan Butler
  • Virginia A. Butler
  • William Butler
  • Martha C. Buttaccio
  • Gerald Bystrak
  • C.A.Reed Associates, Inc.
  • Lewis Caffo Jr. and Rosemary Caffo
  • William L. Cahn and Ruth P. Cahn
  • Gail M. Calkins
  • Charles A. Callari Jr. and Carol Callari^
  • Pamela S. Calpus
  • Eileen Camillone
  • Peter Camillone
  • Clint W. Campbell and Margaret A. Campbell
  • Michael Campbell
  • Canandaigua All Sports Boosters Inc.
  • Canandaigua B.P.O. Elks
  • Canandaigua Emergency Squad, Inc.
  • Canandaigua Financial Group
  • Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
  • Canandaigua Orthopaedic Associates, PC
  • Canandaigua Sailboarding
  • Canandaigua Wesleyan Church
  • Mary Caraco
  • Dianne R. Carcich
  • Ken Carle
  • Darin Carlin
  • Dr. David R. Carlson
  • Kent Carlton
  • Nikole B. Carmel
  • Terrance M. Carney and Marian M. Carney
  • Ronald E. Carnright
  • Josephine A. Carra
  • Mona L. Carro
  • Bernard J. Carroll
  • Barbara D. Carson
  • William F. Cartwright and Kathryn A. Cartwright
  • Casa de Pasta
  • Andrew J. Casciani
  • David Case and Jane F. Case^
  • Isabelle Case
  • Linda J. Case
  • Martha Casella and Robert Casella II
  • Samuel J. Casella
  • Stephen P. Cassidy and Maureen S. Cassidy
  • Jane Castello
  • Daniel Catalfamo
  • Cathy Catarisano
  • Francesco Catarisano
  • Connie Cator
  • Judith Celentani
  • Dr. John F. Centonze and Karen Centonze
  • Eleanor Gail Chambers
  • Laurence Champoux
  • Dr. Wayne J. Chanler
  • Delores Chapman
  • Sally Chapman
  • Charity Golf International, LLC
  • Theresa Charlebois
  • Ronald W. Charron
  • Evelyn K. Cheasman
  • John F. Cherock and Betty J. Cherock
  • Dorothy M. Cherry
  • Mary Chest
  • Michele R. Chiaverini
  • Elizabeth A. Chittenden and James Chittenden
  • Chmielowiec Painting
  • Gail E. Christensen
  • Melodie Christiansen and David Christiansen
  • Katheryn Christopher
  • Church Creative Flooring, Inc.
  • Nancy J. Church and Richard L. Church
  • Thomas W. Cimino Jr. and Linda Cimino
  • Jack R. Clarcq and Barbara A. Clarcq
  • Brenda Clark
  • Kerry J. Clark
  • Stanley H. Clark
  • Kathleen Claudius
  • Jamie L. Clawson
  • Jennifer Cole
  • Roger Cole
  • Robert Coleates and Betty Coleates
  • Francis Coleman
  • Muriel N. Coleman
  • Patrick T. Coleman and Kelly McGee^
  • Brandy L. Collett
  • James F. Collmer and Ruth Collmer
  • Suzanne M. Colucci
  • Melissa Colvin
  • Community Bank, N.A.
  • Heather Condon
  • Michele Cone
  • Conesus Lake Sportsmen's Club Inc
  • Charles L. Conley Jr.
  • Thelma N. Conley and Dennis E. Conley
  • Karen K. Conner
  • Heather Constanza and Daniel W. Constanza
  • Constellation Brands, Inc.
  • Elaine M. Cook and Donald Cook
  • Jean M. Cook
  • Larry G. Cook and Florence M. Cook
  • Mary C. Cook*
  • R. Gordon Cook and Lucy W. Cook
  • James Cooksey
  • Shirley Coons
  • Alfred Cooper Jr.
  • Susan M. Cooper
  • Virginia R. Cooper
  • Carl Copeland and Laurie J. Copeland
  • Mary K. Corey
  • Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.
  • Jo Cornish
  • Donald Coston and Julie Hanley
  • Marcia A. Couch and Baird Couch
  • John P. Coughlin
  • Laura E. Coughlin
  • Suzanne L. Cowley
  • Elaine Crandall
  • Robert C. Crane
  • Arthur C. Cratsley
  • Robert J. Craugh*
  • Dr. Hugh F. Crean and Anne M. Crean
  • Joseph Crispino and Roseann Crispino
  • Carol C. Criss and Charles H. Criss
  • Teresa M. Crittenden and Mark C. Crittenden
  • Albert C. Crofton and Deirdre Crofton^
  • Martha Croop
  • Cathleen Crosby
  • James R. Cross Jr.
  • Lois G. Cross
  • Patrick M. Crowley and Kristina K. Crowley
  • Polly Crowley and James F. Crowley
  • Crown Jewelers
  • Donna Crudele
  • Michael A. Cuciti
  • Teresa Cullen
  • Karen F. Cunningham
  • Robert M. Curran and Mary F. Curran^
  • Donald C. Curtice
  • Marcus Curtis
  • George W. Cushman and Marilyn H. Cushman^
  • Richard J. Cutri and Cyndee J. Cutri^
  • Deborah A. Cutter
  • June Daggs
  • Christina J. D'Agostino and Erik Gifford
  • Elaine M. D'Agostino
  • Christopher Dailey and Margaret Dailey
  • Vicki A. Dailey
  • Amy Daly
  • Ryan Daly
  • George D'Amato
  • Dr. John J. D'Amore and Dr. Kimberly J. D'Amore
  • Michele D'Angelo and Michael D'Angelo
  • David J. Crowe Architecture PLLC
  • Davidson Shoes, Inc.
  • Darcy Davidson
  • Cynthia Davies
  • Robert J. Davies
  • Barbara A. Davis
  • Dawn M. Davis
  • Diane Davis
  • Francene Davis and James Davis
  • Jeffery A. Davis and Patricia Davis
  • Karen L. Davis
  • Day Automation Systems Inc
  • Robert H. Day
  • Kathleen R. DeCaro
  • Mary H. Decker
  • Karen L. Decontie
  • Jeanne DeCourcey
  • Ruth M. Deery and Harry Deery
  • Sharee L. Defayette
  • Dawn M. DeFisher
  • Leonard M. DeFrancesco and Shirley Defrancesco
  • Edward DeJaeger and Debra E. DeJaeger
  • Gail L. DeKramer and Don DeKramer
  • del Lago Resort and Casino
  • Penny L. Delamarter
  • Jessie M. Demay
  • Carla C. DeMeco
  • Dawn M. DeMott and Steven DeMott
  • Diane DeRoos Bassage
  • Lori M. DeRuyter
  • Edward F. Derycke and Diane C. Derycke
  • Holly E. Deusenbery and Anthony Deusenbery
  • Jennifer DeVault and Michael DeVault
  • Judith Devlin
  • Denise DeVuyst
  • Sarah Deys
  • Henrietta Diamond
  • Linda J. Didsbury and Bruce Didsbury
  • James Dietz and Abby Dietz
  • Gerald Dilgard and Corinne Dilgard
  • David M. DiRaddo
  • Bethany G. DiSanto and Albert DiSanto
  • Divine Designs
  • Anthony Dixon
  • Emma J. Doane
  • Dobbers Sports Bar & Grill
  • Jacqueline Dobbertin and Michael T. Dobbertin
  • Mark Dobbertin
  • Robert E. Dobbin
  • Sarah Dobrzynski
  • Gertrude Docteur
  • Martin Dodge
  • Thomas Donaher
  • Thomas P. Donaher and Lorraine N. Donaher
  • Devon Donatello
  • Kimberly Donatello
  • Rosemary Donatello
  • Bernard P. Donegan and Linda B. Donegan
  • Franklin Donk
  • Jennifer Donley
  • Linda J. D'Onofrio
  • Judith Donohue
  • Paul H. Donovan and Linda L. Donovan
  • Cheryl Dony and Gene Marrapese
  • Richard J. Dorschel and Nancy J. Dorschel
  • Erin E. Doudt
  • Melody L. Dowd
  • Jeff Downs
  • Carol E. Doyle
  • Sylvia M. Doyle and Bernard J. Doyle Sr.
  • Carole J. Drake
  • Parker R. Drumm
  • Gerald Ducharme and Susan Ducharme
  • The Reverend Michael Dudley
  • Darryl G. Duffy
  • Sarah Dumrese
  • Frederick H. Dunham and Gladys Dunham
  • Allis C. Dunlavey and Thomas G. Dunlavey
  • Laurence Dunn
  • Heidi Durkee
  • Bernadette A. Durman
  • Melanie E. Dutton and Rodney L. Dutton
  • Jennifer L. Duvall
  • Ludolph Duyssen
  • Dventure
  • Paul V. Dwyer II and Sharon Dwyer
  • Andrew Dye
  • Sandra Dykshoorn
  • Randy S. Eddinger and Patricia H. Eddinger
  • Carlton W. Eddy and Marilyn Eddy
  • Kathleen M. Edwards and Larry L. Edwards
  • Thomas Edwards and Laura L. Edwards
  • William D. Eggers and Deborah J. McLean
  • Melanie Eisenberg and Robert A. Eisenberg
  • ELF Foundation
  • Robert J. Eller
  • Barbara A. Elliott
  • Stephen Elliott
  • Bonnie Ellis
  • Holly Elwell
  • Colleen E. Emblidge and Douglas N. Emblidge
  • David C. Emery and Dawn Emery
  • Robert E. Emmons and Verena Emmons
  • Anne C. Endler
  • Jacqueline English and Richard English
  • Robert J. Enright and Renee L. Enright
  • Anne Erdle
  • Kathryn J. Erdle
  • Robert Erdle
  • Sarah Erdle
  • Erie-Niagara Chapter NYCUA
  • Filomena Ernst
  • Vicki S. Erway
  • ESL Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Alayne Evans
  • Jessie H. Evans
  • William Eve
  • Suzan Everdyke
  • Dr. Edgar R. Everhart
  • William C. Ewert and Carol Ann Ewert
  • George M. Ewing Jr.
  • Thomas Ewing and Burrnita M. Ewing
  • F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors, Inc.
  • Philip A. Faber
  • Leo O. Fabris and Audrey Fabris
  • Dr. Robert S. Fackler and Cynthia Fackler
  • Theodore Fafinski
  • Marilyn A. Fair
  • Barbara Fairfax
  • Fairport Brewing Company
  • Farmington Chamber of Commerce
  • Randy Farnsworth and Margaret Farnsworth^
  • Jonathan Fear and Joyce Fear
  • Gregory Felosky and Janet Felosky^
  • Michael Fenlon
  • Angela Fera
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Fields Construction
  • Eloise Finch
  • Finger Lakes Aquatics, Inc.
  • Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
  • Finger Lakes Ophthalmology, P.C.
  • Finger Lakes Sam's Good Sam Chapter
  • Michelle Finley
  • Morris R. Finley
  • Paul R. Fischette
  • Carole Fisher
  • Dawn M. Fisher
  • Jeffrey P. Fitch and Sue Fitch
  • Brian J. Fitzgerald
  • Heather Fitzgerald
  • James Fitzgerald
  • Patrick Fitzgerald
  • Five Star Bank
  • Veronica A. Flanders
  • Florence M. Muller Foundation
  • Joao M. Flores
  • Joseph L. Flores
  • Gail Flugel
  • Julie Foisy
  • Patricia R. Font
  • Sandra J. Ford and John Ford
  • Shirley Ford
  • Edward W. Forman Jr.
  • Susan L. Forti
  • Mary K. Foster*
  • Steven D. Foster and Gloria J. Foster
  • Amber M. Foster and Tony R. Foster
  • Margaret Fowler
  • Caitlin M. Fox
  • Kristin Fox
  • Ellen F. Fralick and James S. Fralick
  • John Frame
  • Gary A. Francis
  • John A. Francis
  • Elaine Frank
  • John Frank
  • Anne M. Frasca
  • Thomas H. Frauenhofer and Dawn Lambrix
  • John E. Fredericks and Sharon A. Fredericks
  • Tina J. Freelove
  • Mary E. Freeman
  • Friends of CMAC
  • Mary Lou Frohm and William Frohm
  • Barbara W. Fuge and Karl W. Fuge Jr.
  • Daniel P. Fuller^
  • Lynn Fuller
  • Dr. Susan Fulmer and Dr. Adam Cardina^
  • Sherelene J. Furano
  • Kelli G. Furnare
  • Angela K. Gage
  • Bruce T. Gage
  • Peter Galbo
  • Denise M. Galek
  • Sarah A. Gallagher
  • Stephanie Galton
  • Brian Gambill and Julie Gambill
  • Jeffrey Gambrill
  • Pamela Gambrill
  • Gannett Hill Gardens
  • Edythe B. Gansz
  • Susan E. Gantz
  • Enya N. Garcia
  • Deborah F. Gardner and Bruce Gardner
  • Debra A. Gardner
  • Donald G. Gardner and Jean M. Gardner
  • Kimberly Gardner
  • Paul Gardner
  • Elizabeth L. Garman
  • Janet Garman and Harold Garman
  • Roger Garrett
  • Nancy Garrison
  • Brad Gattelaro
  • Donald A. Gaudion Jr. and Deborah D. Gaudion
  • Paul Gayhart
  • Melinda S. Geartz and Gerrett Geartz
  • Christy Gebo
  • Brandon Geer
  • Barbara Gefell
  • Marjorie Geiger
  • Marisa E. Geitner^
  • Craig Gelder
  • Genesee Construction Service, Inc.
  • Geneva Club Beverage Co., Inc.
  • Geneva Coach, Inc.
  • Gail J. George
  • Georgetown Liquor
  • Kathryn Gephart
  • Eileen Gerace
  • John R. Geraghty and Bonnie L. Geraghty
  • Thomas German and Jennifer German
  • Philip H. Gerner Jr.
  • Daniel Gerstner
  • Suzanne Gettings and John J. Gettings
  • Patricia Giampa
  • James E. Gianforti Sr.
  • Laurel Gibbs
  • Stacey Gibbs
  • Dale F. Gilbert and Carol M. Gilbert
  • John J. Gilbert
  • David M. Gill
  • Beverly T. Gillette
  • Cora G. Gillette
  • Thomas Gillette
  • Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel
  • Rosalind Giroux
  • Clark Goetzmann
  • Craig Golisano
  • MaryKay Golisano
  • Helene Goodberlet and Charles Goodberlet
  • C. Michael Goodman and Barbara A. Goodman
  • John D. Goodman
  • Frank Goodrow
  • Gorbel, Inc.
  • Charles R. Gordon and Sally J. Gordon
  • Edwin Gordon and Kathleen Gordon
  • Sally L. Gordon
  • David E. Gosling and Penelope D. Gosling
  • Dave Gotham
  • David A. Gould
  • Lewis J. Gould
  • Michael Gould and Susan Gould
  • Pam J. Granger
  • Roy W. Grau
  • Lillieth C. Green
  • Denice M. Greene
  • Joel Greene
  • Dr. Eric Greenfield
  • R. James Greer and Reta Greer
  • Ann M. Greth*
  • Kevin C. Griffith
  • Dr. David C. Grimm and Jeanie C. Grimm
  • Jenna Gringeri
  • Paul Griswold and Julia Griswold
  • Chester E. Groot
  • Libby Grove
  • Sylvia A. Grover
  • Stephen Guattery and Teri MacBride
  • Stephen A. Guida
  • Tammy Gurowski and Michael G. Gurowski
  • Barbara J. Hackel
  • Douglas Hacker
  • Thomas L. Hadley
  • Sharon P. Haefele
  • Betty J. Hagen
  • Anne Marie Hagler and Andrew J. Hagler Jr.
  • Dr. Ronald L. Hainen and Holley E. Hainen
  • Deborah Haitz
  • James A. Hale
  • Christy Hall
  • Patricia R. Hallett and E. William Hallett Jr.
  • Dr. Geoffry E. Hallstead
  • Dudley Hallstead and Yvonne M. Hallstead
  • Jennifer L. Hamilton
  • Lynn M. Hamilton
  • George W. Hamlin IV and Mary Hamlin
  • Hugh Hamlin and Mary Clare Hamlin
  • William H. Hammond and Roberta E. Hammond
  • Gideon Hanggi
  • Mary E. Hann
  • Margaret Hanover
  • Joyce A. Hanselman
  • Marie Y. Hanselman
  • Edward Hansen and Helen Hansen
  • Doris Hapke
  • Gloria G. Harrington
  • Stephen R. Harrington
  • Daniel P. Harris, MD
  • Debra L. Harris
  • Yvonne Harris
  • Julie Hart
  • Allen L. Harter and Kathleen Harter
  • Keith W. Harter and Jan Harter^
  • Susan S. Hartwell
  • James Harvey and Shirley S. Harvey
  • Rade Harvey and Betty Klee
  • Michael R. Hasenauer
  • Raymond J. Hasenauer Jr.
  • Claire S. Hauenstein
  • Susan C. Hawkes
  • Dolores S. Hawkins
  • Mary H. Hawkins
  • Barbara L. Hawks
  • Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks^
  • Sheri J. Hayes
  • Scot A. Haynes
  • Mildred E. Hayton
  • Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars
  • Health Wear of WNY
  • Courtney A. Healy
  • Kevin Healy
  • Matthew Healy
  • Jane E. Heath
  • Vern Hecker and Linda Hecker
  • The Reverend David Hefling
  • Sharon Hegeman
  • Scott Helfer
  • Cheryl A. Henderson and David L. Henderson
  • Gina M. Hendrix
  • Kathleen Hendrix
  • Dr. Bryan A. Henry and Julie Henry^
  • Judith Henry
  • Carl Henshaw
  • Robert J. Herman
  • Peter L. Hermann
  • Eleanor M. Hernandez
  • Heron Hill Winery
  • Carin Herren and George E. Herren
  • Sandra J. Herrington and John V. Herrington
  • Susan Hespen and Daniel Hespen
  • Shirley B. Hess
  • Susan M. Hess and Ronald S. Hess
  • Dana Heusler
  • Rene W. Hicks
  • Betty A. Hill
  • Margaret Hill
  • Raymond H. Hill and Louise R. Hill
  • Max R. Hillring
  • Dr. Holly Hindman and Spencer J. Cook Jr.
  • Robert S. Hine II
  • Ronald L. Hinman
  • Lyle Hobart and Paula Hobart
  • Joel J. Hochman and Kathy Hochman
  • William Hockey
  • Thomas Hoertz
  • Kelly Hoffman
  • Paulena Hoffmeier and Rollo Hoffmeier
  • Patricia Holden
  • Susanne S. Holland and James D. Holland
  • Sandra Holley
  • Chris E. Holliday and Susan A. Holliday
  • Honeoye-Hemlock American Legion
  • Saralinda Hooker
  • Dennis E. Hopkins
  • Robert G. Hoppough Jr.
  • Roger Hotel
  • Pamela Hotelling
  • Gale A. Hribar
  • David Hubble
  • Earl J. Hudson and Priscilla J. Hudson
  • Faith N. Hudson
  • Jefferson F. Huff and Eileen Huff
  • Geraldine Hughes
  • Harvey M. Hughes
  • Elizabeth P. Hummel
  • Raymond L. Humphries
  • Hunt Properties
  • Dale L. Hunt and Patricia Hunt^
  • Rosemary Hunt
  • Emily L. Hunter
  • Raymond Huntone
  • Grace A. Hurlbutt and Peter E. Hurlbutt
  • Judy A. Hutchinson
  • George Huxoll and Mary R. Huxoll
  • Kimberly A. Hyde
  • Ann Hynes
  • Elaine M. Imhof
  • Catherine E. Ingalls and Gary Ingalls
  • Vickie C. Ingalls and Ronald A. Ingalls
  • Josephine F. Ingle and John W. Ingle
  • Inspire Moore Winery
  • Interlakes Oncology Hematology, P.C.
  • J.T. Mauro Co., Inc.
  • Elaine M. Jackson
  • Jean Jackson
  • Krista Jackson and Gil Jackson^
  • Dr. Laurence S. Jacobs and Dr. Katherine M. Jacobs
  • Linda Jacobs
  • Cindy Janczak and Frank Janczak
  • Matt Janczak
  • Amber E. Janson
  • Jennifer Janson
  • Jean Henderson Ginkel Fund
  • LTJG William C. Jennings
  • Mary M. Jerome and Richard Jerome
  • Florence Jimerson
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Alfred D. Johnson
  • Donald Johnson
  • Eleanor J. Johnson and Leo J. Johnson
  • John L. Johnson*
  • Kathleen M. Johnson and Robert G. Johnson
  • Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
  • Robin Johnson
  • Sandra E. Johnson and Ronal Johnson
  • Susan D. Johnson
  • Johnson-Kennedy Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Adrienne Johnston
  • Anne Johnston
  • Lois Johnston
  • Patti Johnston
  • Deborah A. Jones
  • Jennifer Jones and Gordon Jones^
  • Jessica Jones
  • June C. Jones
  • Kathleen M. Jones and Donald M. Jones
  • Linda D. Jones and Barry R. Jones
  • Elaine H. Joseph
  • Mary M. Joseph
  • Carole J. Joyce and John J. Joyce
  • Howard L. Judd
  • Elisabeth W. Judsonand Thomas F. Judson Jr.
  • Rufus M. Judson and Amy E. Judson
  • Caroline F. Juhasz
  • Dr. Carla R. Jungquist
  • Estelle Kalichman
  • Dr. Michael F. Kamali and Keri Kamali
  • Karen V. Kamfjord and Erik Kamfjord
  • Donna G. Kamholtz and Kevin Kamholtz
  • Michael J. Kanaley and Kelly Kanaley
  • Kenneth D. Kassel and Nancy J. Gambacurta
  • Daniel Katz
  • Cindy R. Kaufman and Martin J. Kaufman
  • Hertha Kaylor
  • Dr. Srinivas Kaza and Dr. Lesley James^
  • Leona Keady
  • David Keefe and Patricia Lewis
  • John Keeler
  • Joyce A. Keeney and Howard Keeney
  • Tamara J. Keese
  • Amelia Keller and David C. Keller
  • Jack L. Kellogg and Virginia F. Kellogg
  • Dr. Adam G. Kelly
  • Robert W. Kelly and Janice L. Kelly
  • Mary E. Kendall
  • Kenmore Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Kennedy Mechanical Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
  • Bruce M. Kennedy and Anne C. Kennedy
  • Susanne G. Kennedy
  • Esther Kerwin
  • Regina M. Kesel
  • Caitlin Ketcham
  • Shirley G. Ketcham
  • Steven Ketchum
  • KeyBank, NA
  • Edward Kieda
  • Summer L. Killian
  • Shannon Kirbis
  • Margaret G. Kirch
  • Susan M. Kirkwood
  • Charles Klinkbeil
  • Andrea G. Knaak
  • Roger W. Kober and Carol Kober
  • Dr. Gary Kochersberger
  • Kurt Koczent and Kristen Koczent
  • Peter A. Kohl
  • Anne M. Kohler
  • Jean Kohler
  • John C. Kohler
  • The Honorable Brian Kolb and Lauren Kolb^
  • Richard Kolb
  • Dennis Kostraba and Sandra R. Kostraba
  • Susan O. Kraft and Douglas B. Kraft
  • Marvin Kratzenberg
  • COL Albert J. Kraus and Jean E. Kraus
  • Rhonda Kreft
  • Robert Krentsa
  • Verner C. Kreuter IV
  • Katelynn Kreuter
  • Laurie Krise
  • Wilhelmine Kronenberger
  • John J. Krueger^
  • Thomas Kubiak and Elizabeth A. Kubiak^
  • Chris Kubli and Kurt Kubli
  • David Kudla and Marie N. Kudla
  • Amanda Kuhn
  • Chester Kuhn
  • Cory Kuhns
  • Mark R. Kulzer and Lynn Kulzer
  • Joan Kurtz and Dr. Clark N. Kurtz
  • Daniel J. Kwarta and Judy S. Kwarta
  • Suzanne M. Kymble and John D. Kymble
  • L & D Acquistion
  • LaBella Associates
  • Yvette LaBombard
  • Robert A. Labore
  • Joyce Lafler
  • Lake Street Station Winery
  • Anne S. Lake and James W. Lake
  • Lakeside Cosmetic Center, LLC
  • Lakeside ENT & Allergy, LLC
  • Lakeside Professional Properties
  • James Lamar and Karen A. Lamar
  • Leslie Lambert
  • Donna Landers
  • Johnny A. Landers
  • Susan H. Landholm and Richard A. Landholm
  • Landing Bar & Grille
  • John M. Landrigan and Judy Landrigan
  • Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
  • Charles Lane and Ruth Lane
  • Patrick J. Lane
  • Lantek Communications, NY Inc.
  • Thomas L. Lantier
  • Joseph Lapczenski
  • Carolyn Lariton and Michael M. Lariton
  • Lath And Letters
  • Stacey E. Lauretti
  • Lavish U
  • Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow PLLC
  • Hollis K. Lawler
  • Jennifer L. Lawrence
  • David Lawson
  • Mary Lazarus and Gerald Lazarus
  • Barbara Lazor
  • Betty Le Roy
  • Elaine C. Leberth and James P. Leberth
  • Charles LeBlanc
  • LeChase Construction Services, LLC
  • R. Wayne LeChase and Beverly A. LeChase
  • Linda M. Lechner and Robert Lechner
  • Mary B. Legge
  • Marijon LeMark
  • Scott R. Lengyel
  • Judith Lenhard-Lawler and Timothy Lawler
  • David H. Lent
  • Joy K. Lent
  • Richard D. Lentz
  • Karen B. Lenz and Theodore G. Lenz
  • Leonard's Express
  • Richard Leschhorn and Roxanne M. Leschhorn
  • Walter Lester
  • William S. Levinson and Lisa Levinson
  • Karen R. Lewis and Raymond F. Lewis
  • William J. Libera and Elizabeth A. Libera
  • Carole K. Lillis and Robert Lillis
  • Linda's New York Pizzeria Inc.
  • Julie Lindsay
  • Barbara A. Lipari
  • Local Union 276
  • Donna G. Loiacono
  • Roger W. Loomis
  • Michael R. Loucks
  • Catherine Loury
  • Mary H. Love and Larry Marangoni
  • Evelyn B. Lovejoy
  • Loyal Order of Moose 2030
  • Mary Lucas
  • Steven Ludwig
  • Frank E. Luellen Jr. and Cricket F. Luellen
  • Margaret H. Luley
  • Nicola Lund and Randall F. Lund
  • Alan M. Lupton and Brooke Lupton
  • Margot D. Lutz and Peter C. Lutz
  • Lynch Furniture Co., Inc.
  • Anna E. Lynch
  • James F. Lynd and Karen Lynd
  • Kelsey Lynn
  • Laurie Lynn
  • Brooks Lyon
  • Lyons National Bank
  • Jacqueline R. Lyttle and David Lyttle
  • Christine M. MacDuff
  • Alan Mack
  • Marsha Mack
  • Gregory S. MacKay and Jean MacKay
  • Malcolm MacKenzie and Drury MacKenzie
  • Mackenzie-Childs Aurora LLC
  • Caroline MacMillen
  • Gladys H. Maconeghy
  • Michael R. Madden
  • Brian Madera and Karen Madera
  • Deborah L. Maggio
  • Bonnie Magin and John L. Magin
  • John R. Magin
  • Charles E. Maginness and Elaine Maginness
  • Dr. Henry Maglente
  • Christopher B. Mahan and Anne M. Ruflin^
  • Jennifer Mahoney and Thomas R. Mahoney
  • Dr. Mary E. Maida and Dr. David L. Felten
  • Melisa K. Maier
  • Leonard F. Main Jr.
  • Main Street Wine & Liquor
  • Patricia A. Malinowski and Leonard T. Malinowski
  • Theodore Malley and Judith A. Malley
  • Debra Mallula
  • Sandra J. Maloney
  • Laurie F. Malotte
  • Nancy P. Mancuso
  • Dr. John M. Manfred and Mary Ellen Manfred
  • Michael J. Mangan and Victoria J. Mangan
  • Kathleen H. Mannella
  • Barbara Manning
  • William E. Mapes
  • Thomas Marafioti and Margaret Marafioti
  • Sharon Marang and Charles J. Marang
  • Dawn M. Marion
  • Erika Maritime
  • Julie A. Marks
  • Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
  • Robert Marshall
  • Shirley A. Marshall and Paul E. Marshall
  • Robert L. Martens and Maxine Martens
  • David P. Martin
  • Deborah Martin
  • Louis S. Martin and Mabel S. Martin
  • Robert Martin
  • Janet Martone
  • Von R. Martt
  • Master Tech Automotive
  • Donna C. Mathis and Kenneth E. Mathis
  • George F. Matthews and Margot Matthews
  • William M. Mauck Jr.*
  • Janet Mauro and Joseph Mauro
  • Dr. James T. Maxwell
  • Hannelore A. May
  • Theodore W. Mayhood and Nancy E. Mayhood
  • William L. Mayo Jr.
  • Catherine C. McCann
  • Mandy McCann
  • Margaret M. McCarthy
  • Richard McCaughey and Meredith W. McCaughey
  • Charles McCausland and Gwendolyn McCausland
  • Holly C. McClain
  • Tammy L. McClenaghan
  • Dr. Kevin R. McCormick and Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell
  • Hilary McDonald
  • Robert A. McDonald
  • Richard D. McGavern and Sandra R. McGavern^
  • Sandra E. McGovern
  • William F. McGrath Sr.
  • Dr. John F. McGuire and Portia McGuire
  • Maureen McHugh and Michael R. McHugh
  • Dr. William D. McKenzie and Denise E. McKenzie
  • David McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth A. McLaughlin
  • Lynette L. McLoud
  • Stephanie R. McLoud
  • Betsy McMahon
  • Betty Mae McMahon
  • James McMaster and Linda S. McMaster
  • Thomas E. McMullen
  • Christopher P. McNamara
  • Erin M. McNeil-Szostak
  • Betty Lou McQueen
  • Edith McSorley
  • Eileen McWilliams
  • Brian P. Meath and Kelly D. Meath^
  • Medline Industries, Inc.
  • Elizabeth M. Meehan
  • John H. Meisch and Katherene L. Meisch^
  • Lorie Mellini
  • Mengel Metzger Barr & Co
  • Mary G. Menzie
  • Mercer US Inc Checking
  • Larry Merle
  • Michael J. Merriman and Tracey A. Merriman
  • Katie Mertz
  • Paul R. Messina and Elaine K. Messina
  • Jacquelyn L. Metz
  • James D. Metz and Dolores M. Metz
  • Ronald J. Metzger
  • Alan Meyer
  • Kathleen M. Meyer
  • Sharon S. Meyer and Charles F. Meyer
  • Janice J. Mibaum
  • Michael C. Michalko and Kristine M. Michalko
  • Jennifer Michaud
  • Middletown Tavern, Inc.
  • Midlakes Intermediate School
  • Mikey's Gas Mart
  • Alfred W. Miles and Gloria A. Miles
  • Dr. Richard Millard
  • John E. Miller and Barbara B. Miller
  • JR Miller
  • Marjorie J. Miller and Donald E. Miller
  • Mary Lou H. Miller
  • Virginia M. Miller
  • Judy Millhausen
  • Vincent Milliken
  • Dean B. Milliman and Susan J. Milliman
  • Jessica M. Milliman and Rian K. Milliman
  • Raymond C. Milne Jr.
  • Frank M. Miner
  • James Minges and Marcia Minges^
  • Mary V. Minges and Chris Minges
  • Anthony M. Minute and Debra R. Minute
  • Patricia Miskell and James P. Miskell
  • Elizabeth S. Mitchell
  • MJM Incentives Inc.
  • John Paul Mlynar
  • Monica's Pies, LLC
  • Monroe Roadways
  • Monroe Tractor
  • Raymond C. Montcrieff and Virginia C. Montcrieff
  • Patricia Moon
  • Marron K. Mooney
  • Tracy Moore and Rob Moore
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
  • Christine F. Morich
  • John Morrill
  • Carrie Morris
  • Christie A. Morrison and Roger Morrison
  • Sally J. Morrow and Edward F. Morrow
  • Karen M. Morse and Peter L. Morse
  • Barbara Morsheimer
  • John C. Motz and H. Ann Motz
  • Karen Mount and Peter V. Mount
  • Linda L. Moyer and Jack Moyer
  • Mulberry Hollow
  • Wendy A. Mulholland
  • Amy Mull and James P. Mull
  • Frances M. Mull and Richard J. Mull Sr.
  • Rev. Thomas P. Mull
  • Patricia Mullally
  • Donald M. Muller and Roxann Muller
  • Elizabeth Mullins
  • Rose Mumerow and Philip Mumerow
  • David M. Munding and Ellen Munding
  • David E. Munt and Wanda Munt
  • Augustine Murphy
  • Dr. Dennis K. Murphy
  • Mary E. Murphy and Robert H. Murphy
  • Solitaire A. Murphy
  • Murphy's Law
  • Cheryl A. Murray
  • Richard P. Murray
  • Phil Muscato and Jen Muscato
  • Donald W. Musfeldt and Charlene L. Musfeldt
  • Robert J. Muto and Joan P. Muto
  • MVP Healthcare
  • Nicholas E. Nacca
  • Barry Nagel and Nancy J. Nagel
  • Naked Dove Brewing Company
  • Naples Hotel Restaurant
  • Naples Rotary Club
  • Naples Valley Dental
  • Jennifer Naracong
  • National Philanthropic Trust
  • navihealth, Inc.
  • Kenneth R. Nesbitt
  • Network for Good
  • New Mens Group
  • Helen Newbold
  • Dr. Ronald C. Newbold and Tammy Newbold
  • Nick's Chop House
  • Laura Nisbet and Chad Nisbet
  • Jane D. Nohe
  • Nolan's on Canandaigua Lake
  • Christina Noone
  • Northern New York Community Fdn., Inc.
  • Adam Northrop
  • Kayc J. Northrop
  • Marian Norton
  • LTC John E. Norvell and Bonnie J. Norvell
  • Nancy F. Nudd
  • Mark E. Nye
  • Robert Nye
  • Rhonda M. Nyerges and Michael S. Nyerges
  • Marie L. Oakleaf and Donald A. Oakleaf
  • Dr. Peter O'Brien
  • Dr. Adrienne O'Brien
  • Donald W. O'Brien Jr. and Jo Ann R. O'Brien
  • Gail D. O'Brien*
  • Jane O'Brien
  • Patty L. O'Brien
  • Ronald P. O'Brien
  • Thomas G. O'Brien
  • Dr. William B. O'Connell Jr. and Elinor B. O'Connell
  • William R. O'Dea and Margaret A. O'Dea
  • Eileen M. O'Donnell
  • Kenneth R. Ogden
  • Frieda O'Hanlon
  • Danielle Ohlson
  • Carol Olean
  • John B. Oliphant and Joan P. Oliphant
  • Jacqueline O'Neil
  • Roger Osborn and Bonnie Lee Osborn
  • Michael J. Osborne and Ann M. Osborne
  • Janet L. Osgood and Richard N. Osgood
  • Harold L. Oskamp and Mary G. Oskamp
  • Robert E. Ostrander*
  • Gwendolyn Ott
  • Holly Ottney
  • Alyssa C. Ouelette
  • Karen E. Outhouse
  • Ruth Outhouse and Earl E. Outhouse
  • Dr. Catherine Ovitt and Dr. Dirk P. Bohmann
  • Beverly A. Owens
  • Ronald E. Owren and Patricia Owren
  • P. Gam Designs
  • Matthew A. Pacella and Julie A. Pacella
  • Lori L. Paddock
  • Jeffery Page
  • Kenneth E. Page and Christine A. Page
  • Margaret S. Page
  • Dr. W. Jeffrey Page and Kathryn A. Page
  • Marian Pagnattaro
  • Ashley Pajk
  • Geraldine Palella
  • Nancy Palmer
  • Kirsten Palmeri and Chris Palmeri
  • Elaine Palumbo
  • William Panipinto
  • Penelope F. Pankow and Eric R. Pankow
  • Dominic Paparone
  • Park West Hair Design & Spa
  • Jean A. Parker
  • Parkinson Voice Project, Inc
  • Mildred Parks
  • Charles Parlato
  • Rhonda Parrish
  • Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish
  • Jillian Parshall
  • Parsons & Associates
  • Kristi L. Parsons
  • Dilip K. Pateland Jayana D. Patel
  • Dr. Eileen Paterson Williams and Malcolm Williams
  • Andrew S. Paterson
  • Joyce A. Paterson and John L. Paterson
  • Bill Paton
  • Nancy Patz
  • Paul Road Social Club
  • Lynn C. Paulson
  • Thomas D. Pawluk
  • Aliene H. Payne
  • George A. Payne
  • Kylena L. Payne
  • Jennifer M. Peabody
  • Lisa Pearsall
  • Anne Peck
  • Marianne Peck
  • Ronald H. Peck and Joan L. Peck
  • Ruth E. Peifer
  • Joseph R. Pellerite and Florence M. Pellerite
  • Murray G. Pemberton Jr.
  • David Pera
  • Kimberly Perkins
  • Anne Perron
  • Alan R. Persons
  • Donald E. Peters and Shirley J. Peters
  • Theodora M. Petersen
  • Venessa Petit and Kenneth Petit
  • Suzanne E. Petix
  • Donald N. Pett
  • Phelps-Clifton Springs Retired Teachers Assoc
  • Scott Philley and Cheryl Philley
  • Courtney Phillips
  • Susan Picchi and Brian Picchi
  • Scott Piccola
  • Deirdre Pierce
  • Joan L. Pierce
  • Dr. Kerri A. Pierce and Dr. Michael S. Pierce
  • Dr. Robert A. Pierce and Rita Izzo^
  • Anita Pietropaolo and Salvatore Pietropaolo
  • Rachel Pikus
  • Nancy L. Pisanzio
  • Steven P. Pitler
  • Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr. and Mabelle B. Pizzutiello^
  • Dolores M. Placito
  • Raya L. Plate
  • Marilyn L. Platt
  • Christopher Plopper and Susan Plopper
  • Susan C. Plumb
  • Charles Plyter Jr.
  • PMA Companies
  • Anna M. Polimeni and Brian D. Dennis
  • Merry Jo Polimeni
  • Wanda Polisseni
  • Dianne Polvino
  • Pool Doctor LLC
  • George A. Poormon
  • Ports Cafe
  • Michael Postilli
  • Postler & Jaeckle Corp.
  • The Reverend P. Okke Postma and Kathy S. Postma
  • Beth A. Potter
  • Bonnie S. Potter
  • Elizabeth M. Potter
  • James D. Potter
  • Marlin B. Potter III
  • Roderick Potter and Karen Potter
  • Roger K. Potter and Louise M. Potter
  • David Powers and Linda Powers
  • Howard E. Pratt
  • Jenny A. Pratt
  • Deborah A. Price^
  • Robert L. Pridmore
  • Amanda Proctor
  • Gary Profetta and Vicky Profetta
  • Prosecco Italian Restaurant & Jazz Bar
  • Jacqueline C. Protano and Charles Protano
  • Mark F. Prunoske
  • Dr. Cynthia L. Wong and Dr. Carl Qiu
  • Cheryl I. Quigley
  • James F. Quigley and Beverly Quigley
  • Nancy Quigley
  • Mary Ellen Quinlan and Patrick J. Quinlan
  • Carolyn B. Raab and Leo Raab
  • Nancy Race
  • RADEC Corporation
  • Mary Kay Rahmlow and James W. Rahmlow
  • Marcia K. Rajca
  • Ramar Steel Erectors
  • Randall Buick GMC Cadillac
  • Randall Ventures LLC
  • Sue W. Raner
  • Jacqueline F. Ranieri
  • Louis Rapini and Bonita A. Rapini
  • Judith Ratcliffe
  • Susan Rathman
  • Floyd Rayburn
  • Joyce P. Rayburn
  • Kathleen Rayburn
  • Peter Rayburn
  • Judy A. Reader
  • Nancy A. Reals
  • Renata M. Reber
  • Red Jacket Junior Hoops
  • Alona H. Redden
  • Barbara Reed
  • Carl Reed and Joann Reed
  • Jan Reetz
  • Brian D. Reh
  • Deanna R. Reh and Thomas D. Reh
  • Barbara Rehberg
  • Jennifer Reho
  • Dr. Patrick J. Reid
  • Laura J. Reifsteck
  • Germaine D. Reinhardt and Michael W. Reinhardt
  • Paul G. Reiter
  • Robert F. Reitmeier and Jane M. Reitmeier
  • Renaissance Goodie II Shoppe
  • Reservoir Creek Golf at Naples
  • Roberta Rex and Carl Rex
  • Sara Rexford
  • Christine M. Reyes
  • Henry W. Reynders and Marcia W. Reynders
  • Donald J. Reynolds and Janet A. Reynolds
  • Rheinblick German Restaurant
  • Michelle A. Rhoda
  • Mike Riccio and Kimberly J. Riccio
  • Edith S. Rice and Daniel T. Rice
  • Heather L. Rickett and Kevin Rickett
  • Elizabeth Ridgway
  • Jean Ridley
  • Douglas Riker and Linda Riker
  • Rudy Rincon
  • Barbara G. Risser and Fred E. Risser
  • Mary Jane Ritzenthaler
  • Gay Robbins
  • Andrea Roberts
  • John W. Roberts Jr.
  • Keith G. Roberts and Prunella A. Roberts
  • Shelly S. Roberts
  • Sandra Robertson
  • Verna L. Robertson
  • Daniel Robeson
  • Dr. Gordon N. Robinson and Elizabeth M. Robinson
  • Olive Ma Robinson
  • Ralph Robinson
  • John M. Robortella
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Rochester Davis-Fetch Corp.
  • The Rochester Glass Inc
  • Rochester Management, Inc.
  • Dr. Margaret L. Rockefeller
  • Dr. Susan V. Rockwell
  • Carol E. Rodas and John Rodas
  • Martin Roeck
  • Kathleen E. Roeland and Steven C. Roeland
  • Valerie Roeland
  • Patrick J. Rogers and Cynthia J. Rogers
  • C. J. Roman and Elaine G. Roman
  • Roof Advisors
  • Martha Root
  • Bonnie Sue Ross
  • Natalie Ross*
  • Rotary Club of Canandaigua
  • David Rowlands
  • Jean Rowley
  • Linda M. Rowsick Mitchell
  • Amy A. Roxin and Richard Roxin
  • Rozzi Architects
  • Dr. Jonathan Rubins
  • Deborah Ruggles
  • Christopher J. Ruisi and Stacey Ruisi
  • Runnings Store
  • Alice M. Russell and Stephen L. Russell
  • Elizabeth Russell and Gregory Russell
  • H. Bruce Russell
  • Antonio Russo
  • Rebecca L. Ryan
  • Ryan's Wine & Spirits
  • Eivind P. Rynning
  • Walajean Saglett
  • Garrett Sahrle
  • Pauline Salvas
  • Marco Sampogna
  • Lori Sanders
  • Dr. Bryan Sandler
  • Yvonne Saner
  • Hilda I. Santee
  • William Santee*
  • Erin G. Santonastaso
  • Sarkis Financial Corp.
  • Wade Sarkis and Joscelyne Sarkis^
  • Alfred W. Saucke `60 and Patricia Saucke
  • Kristina A. Saucke
  • Henry Savage and Pamela B. Savage
  • Mary Savastano Cutting
  • Debra Saxby
  • Gerald F. Saxton
  • Stevan F. Sayre and Mary L. Sayre
  • Sally Schaertl and George Schaertl
  • Carol S. Schantz and Karl W. Schantz
  • Karen Schantz
  • Anthony J. Scheele
  • Nancy E. Scher
  • Kelly A. Schiefen
  • Cathy L. Clarke and Christopher Schiffner
  • Thomas A. Schirmer
  • Martin D. Schlegel and Paula Schelgel
  • Mary Ann Schlesing
  • Denise L. Schlossnagle and George E. Schlossnagle
  • Joanne Schmeelk
  • Neil W. Schmitt
  • Annabelle Schmucker
  • Mary Schneiter
  • Catherine G. Schott
  • Peter Schottland and Susan F. Schottland^
  • Beverly A. Schroeder
  • Otto Schroeder
  • Catherine E. Schubert
  • Ashley M. Schultz
  • Dahl T. Schultz and Barbara Howard
  • Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Michael Schwabl and Lauren M. Dixon
  • David C. Schwaner and Sue A. Miller
  • Thomas A. Schwartz and Martha B. Schwartz
  • Dr. Christopher Scibelli
  • Paul Scipione and Linda J. Scipione
  • Ann Scoville and H D. Scoville
  • Richard G. Searles
  • Saundra M. Seep
  • David R. Segal^
  • Aileen D. Semler
  • Seneca Farms
  • Seneca Foods Foundation
  • Shirley Senglaub
  • Wendy S. Sexton
  • Joan M. Shaffer
  • Shanks Enterprises, Inc
  • Linda M. Shanks
  • Catherine A. Shannon
  • William J. Shea and Kathryn F. Shea
  • Harry R. Sheets and Linda Sheets
  • Donald Sheffer and Linda Sheffer
  • Sharry Shekell*
  • Mary S. Shelley
  • Melissa S. Shelley
  • Shepard Bros., Inc.
  • Christopher Sherman and Kerry Sherman
  • Hannah L. Sherman
  • Jerry W. Sherman and Carol Sherman
  • Ron Sherman and Marie Sherman
  • Loana J. Shields
  • Stanley K. Shields
  • Caroline Shipley
  • Susan Shively
  • Deborah Shoemaker
  • Mark Shortino and Audrey Shortino^
  • Jessie Shulla
  • Jacqueline Shultz and Donald Shultz
  • Mary Ann Shumway and Michael Shumway
  • Louis Sicilano and Mary Sicilano
  • Antonio C. Siciliano and Louis S. Siciliano
  • Edward Sidler
  • Joseph M. Sidoti
  • Jeffrey Siewert and Nancy Siewert^
  • Ainsley Sikora
  • Sandra Simmons and Francis Simmons
  • Harvey D. Simmons
  • Joyce K. Simmons and Neil J. Simmons
  • Linda Simmons and Dean Simmons
  • Bette Rae Simmons and Williams J. Simmons Jr.
  • Inga Simning and Dr. Adam C. Simning
  • Simply Crepes, LLC
  • Richard A. Simpson
  • Joanne Sinopoli
  • James M. Skolny and Patricia R. Skolny
  • Skycoasters
  • JoAnn Sleckman
  • Gregory Slisz and Amanda Slisz
  • Julieann Smart and David L. Smart
  • Andrea Smith
  • Angela M. Smith
  • Christian Smith
  • Clarence W. Smith
  • Gary Smith and Karen A. Smith
  • George W. Smith
  • Jeanne B. Smith and George K. Smith
  • Joe Smith and Andra Smith
  • June Smith
  • Kathryn E. Smith
  • Nina Smith
  • Patricia A. Smith
  • Robin M. Smith
  • Roger W. Smith and Carol Smith
  • Wayne E. Smith
  • Denise Snyder
  • Kimberley G. Snyder
  • Dr. Marsha Snyder
  • Terri Socola
  • Margaret E. Somerset and Richard McCarthy^
  • Patricia C. Sommer and Phillip M. Sommer
  • Dale L. Soper
  • David Sorce and Karen Sorce
  • Samera A. Sorell
  • Theodore Spall Jr. and Suzanne Spall
  • Charles Sperry
  • Roberta Spezzano
  • Tam M. Spitzer
  • Nancy Sprague and Gerald W. Sprague
  • Diane A. Sprague and Scott S. Sprague
  • Patricia D. Sprentall
  • Matthew J. Sproul and Khristeen A. Sproul
  • Richard L. Spurr and Karen M. Spurr
  • Wilfred Squirrell
  • St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church
  • St. John Fisher College
  • Frederick A. Stahl
  • Peter A. Stamatis*
  • Lynne Standish
  • Bruce Stanley
  • Richard Stanton
  • Michael Stapleton and Julie Stapleton
  • John P. Starke and Patty L. Starke
  • Kirk B. Stebbins and Margaret M. Stebbins
  • Genevieve E. Steinmetz and William D. Steinmetz
  • Michael J. Steinmetz
  • Pamala L. Steinmetz
  • Dr. James Sterling and Ila Mae Sterling
  • Ragan L. Stevens
  • Donna B. Stevens and Ricky C. Stevens
  • Glen R. Stevenson
  • Elizabeth J. Stewart
  • Nancy Stewart and Carl Stewart
  • Jody L. Stolt^
  • Michael Stolt*
  • Kelly Stone
  • Suzanne Stone
  • Tara N. Stone
  • Michael Stonewell
  • Susan E. Storke
  • Andrew C. Strauss
  • Stuart J. Mitchell Agencies, Inc.
  • Students Supporting Soc.
  • W. Keith Stumbo and Kathleen Stumbo
  • Sullivan Trail Partnership
  • Elizabeth J. Sullivan
  • William H. Sutherland and Delores D. Sutherland
  • Karen L. Sutter and Allan J. Sutter
  • Sutter's Canandaigua Marina
  • Deborah J. Sveinsvoll
  • Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson
  • Norma L. Swart
  • Steven H. Swartout and Cheryl L. Swartout
  • SWBR Architects
  • Esther R. Swimley and Gary L. Swimley
  • Katherine M. Sydor
  • Philip Sykes
  • Robert Symonds and Margaret E. Symonds
  • Dr. Joseph A. Talarico
  • Elizabeth A. Talia and Guy Talia
  • Virginia Talke and Alfred Talke
  • Robert F. Taylor Jr.
  • Taylor The Builders
  • Billie N. Taylor
  • James R. Taylor
  • John C. Taylor
  • Stanley H. Taylor and Nancy L. Taylor
  • Dr. James P. Terwilliger and Ellen A. Coyne
  • The Brass Zipper
  • The Cabot Group
  • The Pelican Bay Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • The Pike Company, Inc.
  • Thirsty Turtle II
  • James E. Thomas and C. Gail Thomas
  • Earl F. Thomas
  • Jeffrey N. Thomas
  • Olivia P. Thomas
  • Renee B. Thomas
  • Thompson Health Guild
  • Carl Thompson
  • Janine Thompson
  • Laurie M. Thompson
  • Richard D. Thompson
  • Douglas G. Thomson and Joanne Thomson
  • Thrivent Choice
  • M. James Thunberg and Sandra A. Thunberg
  • TIAA Charitable
  • Gerilee Tiffany
  • Carol Tinoglio and John Tinoglio
  • Kasie J. Tomion
  • Deborah A. Tones and Donald M. Tones
  • Kimberly Tonovitz
  • Tony's Birdland and Pizzeria
  • Barbara K. Torrell and John J. Torrell
  • Thomas Tortora and Jennifer Tortora
  • Nancy J. Tourje and Stephen Tourje
  • Patricia Townsend and Melvin G. Townsend
  • TREMCO Roofing, Inc.
  • Donna Tricamo and Francis P. Tricamo
  • Albert J. Tricomi and Karen Tricomi
  • Marie Tripp and Thomas Tripp
  • Tripphammer Bierwerks
  • Tri-Star Chapter 209, Order of the Eastern Star
  • Kenneth P. Trotta and Michelina R. Trotta
  • Frederick L. Trowbridge
  • David S. Tudman and Gail M. Tudman
  • Susan E. Tufts
  • Donna Turner
  • Maryann Turner
  • William H. Turner and Mary Turner
  • Madeleine A. Tutty
  • Jeffrey G. Twombly and Laurie A. Twombly^
  • Donna Tyler
  • Dr. Stephen Uebbing and Ellen B. Uebbing^
  • James P. Ufholz
  • UGI Energy Services, Inc.
  • Ultimate Software
  • Ultrafab, Inc.
  • Uncle Sam's Antiques
  • Underberg & Kessler, LLP
  • United Way of Greater Rochester
  • Upstate Roofing and Painting
  • Carol Urbaitis
  • Linda Urso and Mario P. Urso
  • Wesley Utter and Linda L. Utter
  • Margaret Vadala and Michael Vadala
  • Matthew E. Vahue and Courtney Vahue
  • Dr. Vito J. Valenzano
  • Kayli Valerio
  • Vincent Valvano
  • Rudy Van der Velden
  • Sheila A. Van Laeken
  • Robert E. Vancaeseele
  • Charles VanCassele
  • Josephine Vandemark
  • Samantha M. VanDeMortel
  • Magdalene Vanden Bout
  • David V. VanDerLinden and Ruth H. VanDerLinden
  • Richard J. Vanderwall and Norma L. Vanderwall
  • Judith W. Vandevelde
  • Susan E. VanTroost
  • John VanVechten and Catherine VanVechten
  • Traci A. Vanwie
  • Mary A. Vaughn
  • William I. Vaughn
  • Elvira Velasquez
  • Thomas A. Vento and Jill K. Vento
  • Diane M. Ventresca and Joseph T. Ventresca
  • Sylvia M. Veraska
  • June Verdura
  • Joan T. Vernarelli and Michael J. Vernarelli
  • Pamela Vernone
  • Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna
  • Michael Vincent
  • Vincenzo Scollo Agency
  • James Vitalone and Rita S. Vitalone
  • Edward Vitek and Barbara J. Vitek
  • Dr. Benedetto Vitullo and Geraldine Vitullo
  • Vizient
  • Joseph P. Voglewede
  • Stephanie E. Von Bacho and Scott B. Trumbower
  • Robin Voorhees
  • Wayne Vosburg
  • W.C. Horn, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Wachob
  • Diana J. Wade
  • Carl E. Wagner
  • Farley A. Wagner
  • Janey Wagner
  • Marjorie Wagner
  • Ryan D. Wagner
  • Thomas R. Wahl and Annette Wahl
  • Arthur A. Waite
  • Alexander Walker, IV
  • Emily O. Wallace
  • Rebecca Wallace
  • Wal-Mart #1673
  • Wal-Mart #1731
  • Lynn M. Walsh
  • Wendy S. Walsh and Tim Walsh
  • Bruce C. Walters
  • Hilda Walters
  • Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters
  • Dr. Ben C. Wandtke
  • Ward Greenberg Heller & Reidy LLP
  • Aimee R. Ward
  • Ann M. Ward
  • Jody Warner-Farnsworth
  • Scott E. Warnshouse and Beth E. Warnshouse
  • Barbara E. Warren
  • Betty Warters*
  • Roxann Washburn
  • Claire Watson
  • Denise Watson
  • James H. Watters
  • Cynthia M. Wayne and Robert G. Wayne
  • David Weaver and Carrie Weaver
  • Dr. Edgar E. Webber
  • Joanne M. Weber and Todd E. Weber
  • Mary Jo Webster and David Webster
  • Janet K. Wegemann
  • Kathryn A. Wegman
  • Wegmans Canandaigua
  • Wegmans Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Wolfgang K. Weichenthal and Patricia Weichenthal
  • Barbara Weinhart
  • Myrna Weinstein and Seymour Weinstein
  • Dr. Robert Weis and Kristine Weis
  • Bernard J. Weis and Joan M. Weis
  • Dr. Justin Weis and Dr. Emily Weis^
  • Carol Ann Welch and Richard Allyn Welch
  • Ardean Wells and Anne M. Wells
  • James D. Wells and Margret G. Wells
  • Richard G. Wells
  • Dr. Andrew Wensel
  • Robert N. Werth and Lucille R. Werth
  • Roy A. Weymouth
  • Kenneth W. Wheeler
  • William W. Wheeler
  • Darla White
  • Margaret G. White
  • Margaret K. White
  • Charles Whiteman and Nancy Whiteman
  • E. W. Whittaker and Carole L. Whittaker
  • Wendy A. Whittaker
  • Brett, Alyssa and Colt Wicker
  • Carl Widmer and Susan Widmer
  • Noel T. Wido
  • Marguerite C. Wiegand
  • Kathleen E. Wilbert
  • Wilcox Lane Apts.
  • Wild Heart Art Studio Vintage Gifts
  • Kay F. Wilder and Arthur H. Wilder
  • Patricia C. Wilder
  • Miriam F. Wilkerson
  • Jeremy Wilkin
  • Michael Wilkins
  • Joyce R. Willard
  • Erin R. Williamee
  • Heather A. Williams
  • Shirley G. Williams
  • Dean G. Williamson and Aleta Williamson
  • Mary Jane Wilson
  • Gary W. Winch and Sandra E. Winch
  • Wine University
  • Karen Wingate
  • Lora Winghart
  • Herbert E. Winkelmann Jr.
  • David L. Winslow and Suzanne N. Winslow
  • Terrence L. Wissick
  • Michele L. Wistner
  • Claire B. Withers
  • Bonnie Witt
  • Barbara Wohlschlegel
  • Maureen R. Wolfe and Gregory A. Wolfe
  • Dr. Leslie M. Wong
  • Deborah Wood and Douglass Wood
  • Wayne Wood
  • The Honorable Nancy A. Wooden
  • Neil E. Woodhams
  • Susan Wormer Chippero
  • Elinor Wormer
  • Melissa Wormuth
  • Diane L. Wright and James W. Wright
  • Joanne E. Wright
  • Nancy M. Wright and Joseph E. Wright
  • Gail M. Wulff
  • Dr. Christopher C. Wyckoff and Layla Saidi
  • Cheryl Wyffels
  • Daivd Wyffels and Gail Wyffels
  • Susanne Yarnall
  • Dr. Max Yarowsky
  • James H. Yaskow and Maria H. Yaskow
  • Dr. Heidi C. Piper and Dr. Jay A. Yates^
  • Karen E. Yax
  • Dr. Ronald N. Yeaple and Beverly L. Yeaple^
  • J. Peter Yendell and Carol K. Yendell
  • Mary J. Yott
  • Carol M. Young and Jeffrey B. Young
  • Marcia D. Young
  • Michelle Young and Christopher D. Young
  • Peggy Young
  • Richard Young
  • Robert G. Young
  • Your Cause
  • Andrew Yudichak
  • Martha Yudicky
  • John Zabliski and Theresa Zablinski
  • Michael N. Zanghi and Hazel P. Robertshaw^
  • Joan Zegarelli and Edward Zegarelli
  • Walter Zerrahn*
  • Patricia Zimmer
  • W. Charles Zimmer and Jacqueline Zimmer
  • Nicholette B. Zimmerman
  • Henry A. Zuccaro
  • Zugibe Vineyards
  • Rahul Zutshi
  • Michael G. Zutt
  • R. Douglas Alling, MD
     Robert C. Crane
     Deborah A. Cutter
     Marie Tripp and Thomas Tripp
     Ardean Wells and Anne M. Wells
     John Zabliski and Theresa Zablinski
  • Jillian Babu, MD
     Dr. Kevin R. McCormick and Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell
     Joyce A. Keeney and Howard Keeney
  • Dr. Makiko Ban-Hoefen
     Linda Jacobs
     Bruce Stanley
  • Ms. Lisa Beckwith
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters
  • Mr. Dirk M. Bernold
     John VanVechten and Catherine VanVechten
  • Ms. Amy Beyrle
     Kirk B. Stebbins and Margaret M. Stebbins
  • Dr. Angel Boev
     Joan Zegarelli and Edward Zegarelli
  • Ms. Deborah Bradford
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters
  • Dr. Ralph A. Brasacchio
     Cynthia M. Wayne and Robert G. Wayne
  • Dr. James E. Broderick
     Melodie Christiansen and David Christiansen
  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Brownell
     Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell
  • Mr. Kurt Brownell
     Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell
  • Mrs. Irene Bruckner
  • Dr. David E. Burns Jr.
     Hugh Hamlin and Mary Clare Hamlin
  • Dr. Leon John Canapary
     Marie Y. Hanselman
  • Adam Cardina, MD
     Joanne Budynas
  • Dr. Charlene V. Conners
     Hugh Hamlin and Mary Clare Hamlin
  • Ms. Danielle M. Crean
     Dr. Hugh F. Crean and Anne M. Crean
  • Ms. Christina D'Agostino
     Theodore Malley and Judith A. Malley
  • Dr. John J. D'Amore
     Carin Herren and George E. Herren
     Nancy Quigley
     Hilda I. Santee
     William Santee*
  • Dr. Christopher Thomas D'Angelo
     Marilyn L. Platt
  • Mrs. Debra E. DeJaeger
     Rudy Van der Velden
  • Mr. Edward DeJaeger
     Rudy Van der Velden
  • Dr. Sarah Dobrzynski
     Charles E. Maginness and Elaine Maginness
  • Brent DuBeshter, MD
     Elaine M. Cook and Donald Cook
  • Mr. Keith Egnor
     Judith Bovet-Egnor
  • Diana E. Ellis, MD
     Dr. Kevin R. McCormick and Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell
  • Mr. Theodore Fafinski
     Rudy Van der Velden
  • Dr. Peter Fenton
     Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
  • Dr. Michael Martin Foote
     Melinda S. Geartz and Gerrett Geartz
     Dale F. Gilbert and Carol M. Gilbert
     Scott Helfer
     Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
     Mary Ann Shumway and Michael Shumway
     Sullivan Trail Partnership
  • Mrs. Ellen F. Fralick
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
  • Mr. James S. Fralick
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
  • Dr. Kipling Goh
     Barbara A. Bouter
     Joanne Budynas
     Dianne R. Carcich
     Dorothy M. Cherry
     Howard L. Judd
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
     Robert A. McDonald
     Betsy McMahon
     Bruce Stanley
     Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson
     John Zabliski and Theresa Zablinski
  • Kerry P. Graff, MD
  • Dr. David C. Grimm
     Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson
     Robert M. Curran and Mary F. Curran
  • Ms. Barbara Harradine
     Ruth Outhouse and Earl E. Outhouse
  • Dr. Bryan A. Henry
     Gail M. Calkins
     Suzanne M. Colucci
     David M. DiRaddo
     Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
     John M. Landrigan and Judy Landrigan
     Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
     Marilyn L. Platt
     Nancy Stewart and Carl Stewart
     Carl Widmer and Susan Widmer
  • Mrs. Carin Herren
     Carin Herren and George E. Herren
  • Dr. Holly Hindman
     Gladys H. Maconeghy
  • Mr. Leonard O. Hunt
     Rosemary Hunt
  • Dr. Srinivas Kaza
     Joan Zegarelli and Edward Zegarelli
  • Dr. Bruce P. Klein
     Gail A. Allen
     Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
     Carla C. DeMeco
     Carla C. DeMeco
     Paul H. Donovan and Linda L. Donovan
     Magdalene Vanden Bout
  • Ms. Jamie Kline
     Nicola Lund and Randall F. Lund
  • Ms. Barbara Koczent
     Kurt Koczent and Kristen Koczent
  • Ms. Leigh Lafferty
     Ron Sherman and Marie Sherman
  • Dr. Susan M. Landgraf
     Fern Bomwell
     Marian Pagnattaro
     David V. VanDerLinden and Ruth H. VanDerLinden
  • Jeffrey C. Long, MD
     Martin Dodge
     Carl Widmer and Susan Widmer
  • Zbigniew Lukawski, MD
     Gladys H. Maconeghy
     Douglas R. Brown and Cindy J. Brown
  • Mrs. Frances M. Magill
     Katheryn Christopher
  • John F. McGuire, MD
     Elizabeth A. Chittenden and James Chittenden
     Judy A. Reader
     Elvira Velasquez
  • Mary Lou McMillen, RN
     Gladys H. Maconeghy
  • Dr. Edward M. Messing
     Thomas Donaher
  • Robert W. Meyer, MD
     Mary M. Joseph
     Edith McSorley
     Magdalene Vanden Bout
     Joan Zegarelli and Edward Zegarelli
  • Ms. Isabella C. Mincer
  • Dr. Michael J. Mitchko
     Linda Bruce
     Sherelene J. Furano
     Jane E. Heath
     Linda M. Shanks
     Charles Whiteman and Nancy Whiteman
     Joyce R. Willard
  • Dr. Catherine Anne Moore
     Cheryl Dony and Gene Marrapese
  • Dr. Eugene Muchnik
     Cynthia M. Wayne and Robert G. Wayne
  • Dr. Thomas Newton
     Jacqueline F. Ranieri
  • Geoffrey Ostrander, MD
     Charles Whiteman and Nancy Whiteman
  • Dr. Robert Ostrander
     Janet F. Bordwell
     Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson
     Sylvia A. Grover
     Edward Hansen and Helen Hansen
     Mary Lazarus and Gerald Lazarus
     John H. Meisch and Katherene L. Meisch
     Charles Whiteman and Nancy Whiteman
     Shirley G. Williams
  • Bradley Peck, MD
     Melodie Christiansen and David Christiansen
     Wolfgang K. Weichenthal and Patricia Weichenthal
  • Dr. Heidi C. Piper
     Jeanne DeCourcey
  • Dr. Jill Kathleen Potts
     Sandra Bricker
     Donald Coston and Julie Hanley
     Jeanne DeCourcey
     Susan M. Hess and Ronald S. Hess
     Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
     Gregory S. MacKay and Jean MacKay
     Brian Madera and Karen Madera
     Nancy F. Nudd
     Jean A. Parker
  • Dr. Steven Jay Rose
     Robert A. McDonald
  • Dr. Carl Philip Sahler Jr.
     A. P. Benivegna and Marie Benivegna
     Rayman Bounds and Sarah R. Bounds
     Samuel J. Casella
     David M. DiRaddo
     June C. Jones
     Bruce M. Kennedy and Anne C. Kennedy
     Thomas Marafioti and Margaret Marafioti
     Harold L. Oskamp and Mary G. Oskamp
     Verna L. Robertson
     John VanVechten and Catherine VanVechten
     Judith W. Vandevelde
     Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna
     Diana J. Wade
  • Bryan Sandler, MD
     John M. Robortella
  • Ms. Doris A. Schmidt
  • Mrs. Jessica L. Schock
     Linda M. Shanks
  • Donna J. Schue, MD
     Sylvia A. Grover
     Edward Hansen and Helen Hansen
     The Reverend P. Okke Postma and Kathy S. Postma
     Alice M. Russell and Stephen L. Russell
  • Christopher Scibelli, MD
     Theodore Malley and Judith A. Malley
  • Dr. Paul Shapiro
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone
     Darryl G. Duffy
     Kirk B. Stebbins and Margaret M. Stebbins
     Marie Tripp and Thomas Tripp
  • Elisabete Sharp, MD
     Mary J. Yott
  • John J. Sharza, MD
     Raymond Biddle Jr.
     Elvira Velasquez
  • Dr. Virginia Shephard
     Peter Galbo
  • Mr. George A. Sirotenko
     C. J. Roman and Elaine G. Roman
  • Robert L. Smith, MD
     Frances M. Mull and Richard J. Mull Sr.
  • Mr. Michael F. Stapleton, Jr.
     James F. Lynd and Karen Lynd
  • John K. Sullivan, MD
     Karen V. Kamfjord and Erik Kamfjord
  • Dr. Joseph A. Talarico
     Roger Hotel
  • Cynthia E. Teerlinck, MD
     Carl Widmer and Susan Widmer
     Barbara Wohlschlegel
  • Mr. James E. Thomas
     James E. Thomas and C. Gail Thomas
  • Dr. Raymond Thomas
     Gregory S. MacKay and Jean MacKay
     Eivind P. Rynning
     Wolfgang K. Weichenthal and Patricia Weichenthal
  • Dr. Albert J. Tricomi
     Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
     Jeanne DeCourcey
  • Hugo Valencia, MD
     Felix P. Bianchi*
     Claire B. Withers
  • Lisa Walk-Reinard, MD
     Geraldine Bennett
  • Mr. David C. Walters
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters
  • Ben C. Wandtke, MD
     Veronica A. Flanders
  • Dr. Justin Weis
     Gail M. Calkins
     Nancy Stewart and Carl Stewart
     Dr. Robert Weis and Kristine Weis
  • Dr. Cheryl Williams
     Mary C. Cook*
  • Dr. Guan Wu
     Dr. Edgar R. Everhart
     Linda Jacobs
     Carol S. Schantz and Karl W. Schantz
  • Vincent M. Yavorek, MD
     Charles A. Callari Jr. and Carol Callari
     Hannah L. Sherman
  • Dr. Marc Zarfes
     Martin D. Schlegel and Paula Schelgel
  • Ms. M. Evelyn Adams
     Bernard E. Adams
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen Alfred
     Laura L. Barone and Russell J. Barone
  • Ms. Deborah J. Andrews
     Earl J. Andrews
  • Mr. Oliver G. Appleton
     Anne S. Lake and James W. Lake
  • Mr. Clinton Carl Atkins
     Jacqueline English and Richard English
     The Reverend P. Okke Postma and Kathy S. Postma
     Esther R. Swimley and Gary L. Swimley
  • Mr. Jeremy Ayres
     Patricia L. Ayres
  • Mr. Bill F. Bavineau
     Theodora M. Petersen
     Kristina A. Saucke
  • Mr. James H. Bellis
     Joan K. Bellis
  • Mrs. Alice Blazey
     John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey
  • Ms. Arline Bobsein
     Venessa Petit and Kenneth Petit
  • Mr. John H. Brahm, III
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
  • Mr. Darryl A. Braun
     John E. Fredericks and Sharon A. Fredericks
     Barbara L. Hawks
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
     Mary M. Jerome and Richard Jerome
  • Mrs. Sally H. Braun
     Dr. R. Douglas Alling and Sally Alling
     Gerald Ducharme and Susan Ducharme
     John E. Fredericks and Sharon A. Fredericks
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
     Mary M. Jerome and Richard Jerome
     Matthew E. Vahue and Courtney Vahue
     James D. Wells and Margret G. Wells
  • Dr. Lois E. Brennan
     Jefferson F. Huff and Eileen Huff
  • Mrs. Mary S. Burlingham
     Ellen S. Baker
  • Ms. Nancy G. Burns
     Barbara J. Hackel
     Carl Thompson
  • Grace Butler
     William L. Butler
     William L. Butler, Jr. and Kristine Butler
     Mary B. Legge
  • Blake K. Champlin
     Connie Cator
  • Mr. Dave Champoux
     Jacqueline O'Neil
  • Ms. Helene Charron
     Ronald W. Charron
  • Daniel Cole
     Marvin Kratzenberg
  • Irene Klein Connor
     Merry Jo Polimeni
  • Frank & Vivian Constanza
     Carol C. Criss and Charles H. Criss
  • Ms. Mary C. Cook
  • Norma S. Coughlin
     Barbara D. Carson
  • Mrs. Olive B. Crane
     Beverly T. Gillette
  • Mr. William D. Crudele, Jr.
     Donna Crudele
  • Mr. James J. D'Agostino
     Elaine M. D'Agostino
  • Rose Davis
     Walajean Saglett
  • Ms. Laura A. DiGuiseppe-King
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
  • Ms. Leona Donk
     Franklin Donk
  • Ms. Virginia Dubler
     Barbara D. Carson
  • Mr. James Erdle, Sr.
     Anne Erdle
  • Mr. Jon R. Fair
     Marilyn A. Fair
  • Ms. Dorothy R. Farnsworth
     Martha C. Buttaccio
  • Mr. Roy J. Farnsworth
     Martha C. Buttaccio
  • Ms. Caryl A. Favro
     Cheryl A. Murray
  • Mrs. Susan Fine Russell
  • Mr. Domenico Fiorentino
     Filomena Ernst
  • Ms. Filomena Fiorentino
     Filomena Ernst
  • Ms. Evelyn P. Fisher
     Carole Fisher
  • Ms. Carol Fleischman
     Stephen Guattery and Teri MacBride
  • Lois Forman
     Kevin C. Griffith
  • Mr. William Frame
     Marlene A. Bartlett and Stanley G. Bartlett
     Jean E. Batte
     Steven F. Bishop and Pamela S. Bishop
     Darlene G. Butler and John M. Butler
     Conesus Lake Sportsmen's Club Inc
     Teresa Cullen
     Sarah Dumrese
     John Frame
     Enya N. Garcia
     Tammy Gurowski and Michael G. Gurowski
     Judith Lenhard-Lawler and Timothy Lawler
     Sandra J. Maloney
     Catherine C. McCann
     Paul Road Social Club
     Barbara Rehberg
     Edward Vitek and Barbara J. Vitek
     Lora Winghart
  • Ms. Helen B. Francis
     Edythe B. Gansz
     Kimberly Gardner
     Sandra J. Herrington and John V. Herrington
  • James and Myrtle Gisleson
     Carol Rodas and John Rodas
  • Mr. Paul L. Gordon
     Sally L. Gordon
  • Mrs. Miriam G. Gould
     Sharon Bloom
     David A. Gould
     Lewis J. Gould
     Michael Gould and Susan Gould
  • Mrs. Elsie K. Green
     Robert H. Brandow
  • Mr. John Hill
     Betty A. Hill
  • Eunice Hoffend
     Daniel E. Affolter
  • Ms. Sheila Huntone
     Raymond Huntone
  • Mr. Allen L. Ingalls
     Patrick M. Crowley and Kristina K. Crowley
     Carlton W. Eddy and Marilyn Eddy
     Karen R. Lewis and Raymond F. Lewis
     Bonnie Magin and John L. Magin
     Barbara Morsheimer
  • Mr. James Thomas Ingalls
     Catherine E. Ingalls and Gary Ingalls
  • Beatrice Irene Jones
     Jeanne B. Smith and George K. Smith
  • Mr. Gordon Joseph
     Elaine H. Joseph
  • Mrs. Sharon J. Kester
     Roderick Potter and Karen Potter
  • Mr. Russell Kimble
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
     Nancy P. Mancuso
     Gail D. O'Brien*
  • Ms. Thelma T. Knetzer
     Colleen E. Emblidge and Douglas N. Emblidge
     Richard L. Spurr and Karen M. Spurr
  • Ms. Julia Lentz
     Richard D. Lentz
  • Mrs. Carolyn A. Lester
     Walter Lester
  • Gertrude Litz, RN
     Sally Schaertl and George Schaertl
  • Mr. John D. Luley
     Margaret H. Luley
  • Mrs. Frances M. Magill
     Denice M. Greene
     Michael J. Osborne and Ann M. Osborne
     Dr. Margaret L. Rockefeller
     Diane M. Ventresca and Joseph T. Ventresca
     Mary Chest
     Frank Goodrow
     Eileen Camillone
     Peter Camillone
     Jennifer Janson
     Joseph M. Sidoti
     Allis C. Dunlavey and Thomas G. Dunlavey
     Mary Chest
     Betty Le Roy
     Phelps-Clifton Springs Retired Teachers Assoc
     Susan E. Boerjan
     Midlakes Intermediate School
  • Ms. Vittoria Malvaso
     Farmington Chamber of Commerce
  • Jean McCann
     Shirley B. Hess
  • Mrs. Anne McDonald
     Robert A. McDonald
  • Gerald McMullen
     Marjorie Geiger
  • Mr. Hugh A. McQueen
     Betty Lou McQueen
  • Mr. James C. Meehan
     Elizabeth M. Meehan
  • Ms. Wendy L. Miller
     Barbara Reed
  • Mr. Paul D. Millhausen
     Finger Lakes Sam's Good Sam Chapter
     Pamela Hotelling
     Eileen McWilliams
     Karen M. Morse and Peter L. Morse
  • Ms. Judy M. Mills
     Karen K. Conner
     Linda J. D'Onofrio
     Frederick H. Dunham and Gladys Dunham
     Barbara A. Elliott
     Charles Lane and Ruth Lane
     Joanne Schmeelk
  • Mr. Willis C. Mitchell
     Elizabeth S. Mitchell
  • Freda and Erwin Moranda
     Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson
  • Thomas M. Newton
     Jennifer Peabody
     Deborah and Donald Tomes
     Jacqueline F. Ranieri
  • Ms. Gail D. O'Brien
     Suzanne Buchholz
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
  • Lois Mae Olsen
     Carol Ann Welch and Richard Allyn Welch
  • Ms. Patricia Otero
     Joyce P. Rayburn
     Peter Rayburn
  • Mr. William Outhouse
  • Mr. Roy N. Parrish
     Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish
  • Robert G. Pease, Sr.
     Jack L. Kellogg and Virginia F. Kellogg
  • Mr. Robert W. Pepper
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
  • Pete and Laura Philley
     Scott and Cheryl Philley
  • Mr. Martin D. Pierson
     Donald Allen and Sandra Allen
  • Dr. Harry S. Pitler
     Steven P. Pitler
  • Ms. Mareta Pitler
     Steven P. Pitler
  • Mrs. Mina Placito
     Dolores M. Placito
  • Mr. Nick Placito
     Dolores M. Placito
  • Harold Platt
     Ultrafab, Inc.
  • Mr. Joseph Polimeni
     Merry Jo Polimeni
  • Mary Polimeni
     Merry Jo Polimeni
  • Dr. James C. Powers
     Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
     Robert Symonds and Margaret E. Symonds
  • Ms. Judy Price
     John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey
     Jeffrey P. Fitch and Sue Fitch
  • John Prinzivali
     William H. Sutherland and Delores D. Sutherland
  • Mr. Douglas S. Reber
     Renata M. Reber
  • Dr. David Reed
     Charles R. Gordon and Sally J. Gordon
  • Ms. Cornelia Rettie
     Judith Donohue
     Linda Simmons and Dean Simmons
     Susan Wormer Chippero
     Elinor Wormer
  • Ms. Margaret Ann Reynolds
     Donald J. Reynolds and Janet A. Reynolds
  • Mr. Donald J. Rider
     Gay Robbins
  • Mr. Michael A. Roberti
     Claire B. Withers
  • Mr. Robbie Robertson
     Verna L. Robertson
  • Ms. Kellner Rodemerk
     Sara Rexford
  • Mrs. Monica Romeiser
     Richard Boardman and Jane Boardman
  • Susan F. Russell
  • Richard Ryan
     Amy Mull and James P. Mull
     Shanks Enterprises, Inc.
  • Sylvia Ryan
     Randy S. Eddinger and Patricia H. Eddinger
  • Mrs. Eleanor Savastano
     LTJG William C. Jennings
     Tri-Star Chapter 209, Order of the Eastern Star
  • Ms. Virginia Schlossnagle
     Denise L. Schlossnagle and George E. Schlossnagle
  • Mr. Herman Schwabl
     Richard W. Appel and Marylou L. Appel
     Clarice C. Barnes
     Dawn Borgeest
     Muriel N. Coleman
     Allen L. Harter and Kathleen Harter
     Joel J. Hochman and Kathy Hochman
     Jacqueline R. Lyttle and David Lyttle
     Robert J. Muto and Joan P. Muto
     David Pera
     Matthew E. Vahue and Courtney Vahue
     Your Cause
  • Gerald Segal, MD
     David R. Segal
  • Ms. Genevieve Siciliano
     Antonio C. Siciliano and Louis S. Siciliano
  • Mrs. Carol Simmons
     Harvey D. Simmons
  • Mr. Dennis D. Smith
     R. James Greer and Reta Greer
     Mary Jane Ritzenthaler
     Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Ms. Laura Spring
     Karen L. Sutter and Allan J. Sutter
  • Mrs. Christina M. Squirrell
     Wilfred Squirrell
  • Mr. Lee B. Starr
     Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
     Nancy L. Anton
     Howard Bernstein and Helaine Bernstein
     Heather Constanza and Daniel W. Constanza
     Henrietta Diamond
     Robert E. Dobbin
     Erie-Niagara Chapter NYCUA
     Elizabeth L. Garman
     Janet Garman and Harold Garman
     Dr. Eric Greenfield
     Ann Hynes
     Kenmore Teachers Federal Credit Union
     Linda's New York Pizzeria Inc.
     Alan Mack
     Marsha Mack
     Sharon Marang and Charles J. Marang
     Janet Mauro and Joseph Mauro
     Michael J. Merriman and Tracey A. Merriman
     Parsons & Associates
     Bill Paton
     Kimberly Perkins
     Nancy A. Reals
     Shelly S. Roberts
     Gary Smith and Karen A. Smith
     Andrew C. Strauss
     Margaret Vadala and Michael Vadala
     Michael Vincent
     David Weaver and Carrie Weaver
  • Mr. James R. Tice
     Louis Sicilano and Mary Sicilano
  • Mutsuo Tomita, Grand Master
     James Brophy
  • Mrs. Dee Valvano
     Vincent Valvano
  • Ms. Maureen Van Brooker
     Judy Millhausen
     Anne Perron
  • Edward J. VanDeVelde
     Judith VanDeVelde
  • Ms. Eleanor Van De Weert
     Sandra Dykshoorn
  • Ms. Anne H. Van Dusen
     Nancy Patz
  • Ms. Margaret Vienna
  •  James Cookssey and Alice Cooksey
  • Mr. Paul Wegemann
     Janet K. Wegemann
  • Ms. Genevieve Y. Weinhart
     Barbara Weinhart
  • Ms. Janet Wilcox
     A.H. Wilcox & Son, Inc.
  • Mr. Robert A. Wilcox
     A.H. Wilcox & Son, Inc.
  • Mrs. Katharine Wilkin
     Jeremy Wilkin
  • Mr. Ralph A. Wulff
     Gail M. Wulff