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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 13 2014 FRIENDS OF THOMPSON F.F. THOMPSON FOUNDATION ANNUAL FUND Aberle Eye Care Ms. Joanne T. Adam Shirley B. Adams William S. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Alford Ms. Dorothy Aliff Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Allen Dr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Alling Ms. Eileen M. Alven Amica Companies Foundation Ms. Britta Anderson Bruce and Anne Andrews Anonymous 105 Dr. and Mrs. E. David Appelbaum Oliver and Alice Appleton Ms. Anne Argus Mr. and Mrs. William Axtell B. Giambrone Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Baart Mr. and Mrs. Graydon A. Bailey Mr. Henry Bair Mr. and Mrs. David Baker Bank of America Mr. Harry E. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Barone Mrs. Eleanor Barry Mr. Don Barton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Battoglia Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Bauer Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Beecher Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Beechner Mr. and Mrs. David Behelfer James and Cheryl Bellinger Ms. Helen L. Bellis Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bemben Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Bennett Mr. Jeffrey W. Berger Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Berley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bernard Mr. William E. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Beusman Suzanne Blatchford Mr. Charles Bliss Bloomfield Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boardman Mary Kay and Mike Bolan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Boudway Mr. and Mrs. David F. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bower Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brahm III Mr. Ronald L. Brand Mr. Richard Brasser Mr. David W. Brennessel Mr. Thomas Brewton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bronson Mr. and Mrs. Ross Brown Dick and Joanne Budynas Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Buonanno Mrs. Robert E. Burrill Ms. Ruth Cahn Ms. Pearlie Cain Charles and Carol Callari Mr. and Mrs. Clint W. Campbell Mr. Dominic T. Cardella Ms. Judith Carey Mr. Anthony R. Carlisi Mr. Lawrence A. Catallo Thomas and JoAnn Charles Mr. Alonzo O. Chase Mr. and Mrs. R. Chipperfield Gail E. Christensen Mr. John E. Clapsadl Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Clarcq Mr. and Mrs. Norris Conklin Jr. Mrs. Joyce Connelly Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Constantino Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Cook Mr. Charles J. Cooley Col. David J. Coons Carl and Laurie Copeland Mr. and Mrs. George Corda Mr. Robert C. Crane Mr. and Mrs. David Croop Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cross Jr. Ms. Adela M. Crowley Crown Jewelers Mrs. Donna J. Crudele Mr. Stephen Curtin Mr. Richard Dana Ms. Barbara A. Davis Mr. James C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis Mr. Norman Deal Mr. and Mrs. Byron H. Delavan Mr. Donald Derleth Mr. Donald DeWitt Mr. Robert Didsbury Ms. Elizabeth Dinehart Mr. David DiRaddo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Donaher Bernard and Linda Donegan Ms. Laura Dorman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Dutchess Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Dutton Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Eddy Sr. Ms. Gertrude Edwards William Eggers and Deborah McLean Ms. Doris B. Eldredge Robert and Saskia Eller Ms. Kathryn Erdle Mr. and Mrs. Harlan D. Everett Ms. Margaret L. Ewing Jon and Marilyn Fair Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farchione Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Faulk III Harold and Dolores Finley Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Fiorentino Mr. Martin Fishbaugh Mrs. Gail R. Flugel Ms. Carol Foote Mr. Adrian Fortuna William and Mary Lou Frohm Ms. Maxine Fullagar Fuller Funeral Home Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fuller II Judith R. Fulmer Mr. Peter Galbo Gardner Plus Architects PLLC Mr. Harold Gardner Jr. Mr. Paul Gefell Ms. Linda Gelder Ms. Carol Genecco Dr. and Mrs. Craig W. George Ms. Eileen E. Gerace Mr. and Mrs. John R. Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gerlock Mr. Philip H. Gerner Jr. Dale and Carol Gilbert Ms. Onalee Gillette Ms. Audrey L. Gleason Ms. Mary Gliewe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goodman Mr. Rudolph Gorsch Mr. Roy W. Grau Ms. Margaret Green Ms. Ann M. Greth Agnes E. Griffith Ph.D. Ms. Sylvia A. Grover Mrs. Dorothy Guilfoil Mr. and Mrs. David W. Haak Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Habecker Dr. Robert J. Haggerty Mr. Richard Hall Bill and Pat Hallett Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hamlin IV Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Hanley Jr. Ms. Virginia N. Harford Hon. and Mrs. James R. Harvey Mr. Raymond J. Hasenauer David and Sandra Hawkes Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Hawkins Jim and Ann Heffron Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Hess Ms. Shirley B. Hess Ms. Paulena Hoffmeier Mr. and Mrs. John Hogestyn Mr. and Mrs. John Hogle Mr. and Mrs. James D. Holland Mr. and Mrs. David Holley Ms. Saralinda Hooker and Mr. Christopher Ragus Mrs. Donna V. Howes Mr. Karl A. Hritz Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Hudson Jeff and Eileen Huff Marjorie Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Hurlbutt Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Ingalsbe Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ingle Jr. Ms. Patricia A. Ingle Mr. Frank Interlichia J. James Wolfe Agency Ms. Gloria Jackson Mr. Rodger Jackson Ms. Joyce Jaquith Bob and Jackie Jones John J. and Carole J. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Kennedy Mr. Robert E. Kesel Mr. Bernard Klug Roger and Carol Kober Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kraft Mr. Marvin Kratzenberg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kubiak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kwarta James and Anne Lake Doug and Gigi Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Tony LaMonica John and Judy Landrigan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lapczenski Carolyn and Michael Lariton Mr. Joseph G. Laskowski Mr. Philip L. Latona R. Wayne and Beverly LeChase Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lechner Don and Jackie Leysath Mr. Richard M. Lieb Sigurd and Ruth Loehr Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Logan Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Luellen Carl and Donna Luger Margaret H. Luley Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lustig Mr. Richard J. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lynd Mr. Richard Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm and Drury MacKenzie Ms. Caroline MacMillen Elaine and Chuck Maginness Dr. and Mrs. John M. Manfred Kathleen H. Mannella Tom and Margaret Marafioti Mr. and Mrs. David B. Marowski Sr. Audrey and Bill Marshall Dayle O. Martin Louis and Mabel Martin Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Martino The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. McCaughey Robert McDonald Mr. William F. McGrath Sr. Ms. Lucile McKay Ms. Elizabeth A. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. McQueen Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Meath Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mehls Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Merkle Mrs. Geraldine L. Mettler Mrs. Marjorie Miller Mary Lou H. Miller Bruce R. Mills MD Ms. E. Sue Mills Mr. Raymond C. Milne Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mincer Mobil Retiree Matching Gifts Program