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14 F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund continued Mr. Clinton F. Moore Ms. Carol Moran-Bowerman Karen and Peter Mount Mr. Jack Moyer Rev. Thomas P. Mull Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mullally Pastor Don and Roxann Muller Mrs. Barbara Murphy Mr. Clifford E. Murphy Jr. Ms. Albina Myers Mr. Charles Nagy Jr. New Mens Group Mr. Daniel Nolt Mr. John P. North Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. North Lt. Col. and Mrs. John E. Norvell Mr. and Mrs. William B. OConnell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Ogden Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Ortiz Mr. Robert A. OShea Mr. and Mrs. William Outhouse Margaret Page Ms. Nancy Palmer Dottie and Dan Parke Mr. Peter Parker Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Partington Mr. Lynn C. Paulson George and Avis Payne Mr. and Mrs. John Peltier David and Nancy Penney Mrs. Shirley J. Peters Mr. Scott L. Philley Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Philley Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Pipa Robert and Mabelle Pizzutiello Ms. Merry Jo Polimeni Dr. and Mrs. John A. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Marlin B. Potter III Mr. Scott Price Mr. Richard S. Randall Mr. Carl Rapp Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Rapp Ms. Joyce P. Rayburn Mr. William B. Rayburn Mr. and Mrs. George Reineke Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Reynders Don and Jan Reynolds Miss Donna H. Reynolds Judith K. Rickey and Samuel Edwards Mr. Donald J. Rider Mr. Rudy Rincon Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Risser Mrs. Alice Rivers Ms. Gay Robbins Mr. John W. Roberts Jr. Mrs. V. Lee Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. C James Roman Nicholas Romanyshyn Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roth Ms. Jean Rothfuss Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rowley Ms. Alice Russell Mr. Charles W. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Greg Russell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Ryan III Jim and Joan Ryan Mr. James H. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salotto Mr. Michael J. Salter Ms. Agnes Sandman Mr. Robert Saturno Mr. and Mrs. L. Henry Savage Stevan and Mary Sayre Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schaertl Josephine A. Schilbe Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schirmer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Schneider Mr. Elliott F. Schocken and Ms. Roxann Washburn Dan and Mary Ellen Schreher James and Eleanor Schreiber Ms. Elisabeth Schroeder Catherine Schubert Schuler-Haas Corp. Mr. David C. Schwaner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Scribner Seneca Foods Foundation Mrs. Shirley J. Senglaub Ms. Mary Shelley Shepard Bros. Inc. Mr. Donald Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Shipley Mr. Don Shultz Michael and Mary Ann Shumway Mr. Thomas F. Siebert Mr. and Mrs. William J. Simmons Jr. Patty and Jim Skolny Mr. Gregory Slisz Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand J. Smith III Ms. Genevieve H. Smith Ms. Johanna Snader Mrs. Jill F. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Sommer Mr. Willard J. Sproule Rick and Karen Spurr Mr. Frederick A. Stahl Chet and Jan Starowitz Dr. and Mrs. James Sterling Elizabeth Stewart Ms. Linda E. Stiefel Susan E. Storke Ms. Margaret A. Strite Mr. and Mrs. James Stryker Mrs. Dorothy H. Stubbings Keith and Kathy Stumbo Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Styer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Sulkes Sullivan Trail LLC Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Swartout Mr. Robert F. Sykes Peg and Bob Symonds Ms. Elinor Taeth Joseph A. Talarico MD Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Talke Stanley and Nancy Taylor Tony and Corrine Tepedino Mr. and Mrs. Peter Testan M. James and Sandra A. Thunberg Mr. Earl A. Tieppo Mrs. Marsha Tillson Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Tobin Ms. Gail Tompkins Mr. Thomas Tortora Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Tricamo Mr. Carl Trubio Mrs. Frances Trubio Ms. Hollis K. Trude Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ungar Ms. Elizabeth K. Updaw Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Utter Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Vahue Vince and Dee Valvano Ms. Lisa H. Van Sickle Mr. and Mrs. John Van Vechten Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanas Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. VanCassele Ms. Magdalene Vanden Bout David and Ruth VanderLinden Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Vanderwall Ms. Elvira Velasquez Mr. James Verstringhe Ms. Margaret B. Vienna Susan and Patrick Vitek Mr. and Mrs. David C. Vogel Ms. Diana Wade Mrs. Jane A. Wade Mr. Richard G. Wade Mr. Arthur A. Waite Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Scott Warnshouse Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Waters Mr. and Mrs. David Webster Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wegemann Ms. Kathryn A. Wegman Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang K. Weichenthal Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Weinstein Mr. Kenneth Weir Dean and Anne Wells Mr. Stephen Werenski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Werner Edward and Diane West Ms. Patricia A. West Ervin Lincourt and Jill M. Wheat Mary L. White Mr. B. Leighton Wiant Don and Bev Wickham Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Widmer Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wilder Mr. Henry Williams Jr. Russell and Sandra Williams Mr. Herbert E. Winkelmann Mr. Kenneth Winkler Mr. and Mrs. David L. Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Wulff Gary and Joan Wyffels Jeff and Carol Young Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Young DC Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Younger BREAST IMAGING CENTER CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Mr. and Mrs. George S. Abawi Ms. Norene Adams Ms. Eileen M. Alven Anonymous 20 Dick and Marylou Appel Ms. Virginia R. Avery Bob and Laurie-Ann Bailey Bank of America Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Barker Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barr Ms. Rosanna Bates Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bauman Samantha Bedford Ms. Virginia H. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Beusman Mr. and Mrs. John Blaho Suzanne Blatchford Mr. Brent Blazey Mr. Brian Blazey Mr. and Mrs. John Blazey Drs. Mark and Karen Blazey Mr. Scott Blazey Mary Kay and Mike Bolan Ms. Joan Borncamp Drs. Brendan and Mary Brady Guy and Nancy Burns Mrs. Robert E. Burrill Virginia A. Butler CA Class of 1966 CanandaiguaNationalBank Trust Co. Ms. Virginia S. Carpenter Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Carr Mr. and Mrs. David Case Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Ceravolo Ms. Lou Jo Chappelle Amanda and Michael Choria Constellation Brands Inc. Don and Elaine Cook Mr. and Mrs. Todd Cook Cornerstone Institutional Investors Inc. Anthony and Elaine Costello Mr. and Mrs. Baird C. Couch Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Crofton Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cross Jr. Crown Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. James Curley Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cutri Kimberly J. DAmore MD Mrs. Bobbe Dannenbrink Ms. Patricia A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Deal Ms. Marjorie DeMallie Ms. Jennifer S. DeVault Ms. Betty Dibble Ms. Elizabeth Dinehart 2014 FRIENDS OF THOMPSON