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16 2014 FRIENDS OF THOMPSON Breast Imaging Center Capital Campaign continued Dr. Dennis K. Murphy Ms. Marjorie Myers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Natapow Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. North Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Oakleaf Ontario Honda Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Onze Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Ortiz Bernard J. Oseroff MD Margaret Page Dr. and Mrs. W. Jeffery Page Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Palmeri Mr. Alan R. Persons Mr. and Mrs. James Pietropaolo Mr. Salvatore Pitti Ms. Deborah A. Price Mr. Scott Price Ms. Patricia C. Reece Mrs. Stacey Ruisi Ms. Elizabeth Sadove Stephen and Karin Sadove Ms. Agnes Sandman Sanford Industrial Contractors Inc. Ann and Jeff Scheetz Dan and Mary Ellen Schreher Mr. David C. Schwaner Sedgwick Business Interiors Mrs. Mary W. Semans Seneca Foods Foundation Mrs. Shirley J. Senglaub Mr. and Mrs. Donald Seward Mr. Marshall Shear Mr. Scott Shear Shepard Bros. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Siewert Ms. Genevieve H. Smith Ms. Sheila C. Smith Mr. Richard McCarthy and Ms. Margaret E. Somerset Ms. Sandra Sommers Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Stapleton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Stark Mr. Dale C. Stell Ms. Patricia A. Stell Ms. Claudia F. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Wade Sarkis Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Swartout Ms. Judith A. Swikehardt Dr. James P. Terwilliger and Ms. Ellen Coyne The Country Ewe LTD The Karen Carson Crane Foundation The Sands Family Foundation Earl and Olivia Thomas Thompson Health Guild Mr. and Mrs. John P. Thompson Mr. Earl A. Tieppo Mrs. Rose P. Tills Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Trost Duncan and Constance Trott Mrs. Kathleen Turner Andy and Pam Tyman Ms. Lori Van Dusen and Mr. Ron Boillat Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Inc. Ms. Margaret B. Vienna Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Vienna Mr. Joseph Vitalone Susan and Patrick Vitek Mrs. Jane A. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walters Dr. and Mrs. Ben C. Wandtke Mrs. Edith M. Webb Kathy and Michael Weber May Weinberg Paul and Harriet Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Weis Dean and Anne Wells Mrs. Margaret G. White Mr. and Mrs. David L. Winslow Mr. and Mrs. James Wright Jeff and Carol Young BUILDING A HEALTHY FUTURE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Ms. Marianne Abraham Ms. Joyce S. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alden Ms. Elizabeth C. Alexander Mrs. Cheryl Allen Mr. and Mrs. John Allhusen Anonymous 17 Ms. Jennifer E. Army Mrs. Carrie E. Aston Ms. Amanda Austin Mr. Donald W. Babcock Ms. Holly Bailey Mr. Kevin Bain and Ms. Margie OJea Ms. Tracy Barber Ms. Theresa A. Barnhart Little Anne AED Training System will help associates save lives according to from left Julie Snyder Randy Farnsworth and Jennifer DeVault. A Partnership with Heart Part of Julie Snyders role as the American Heart Association Training Center coordinator at Thompson Health is to keep equipment up-to- date. With technological advances happening so quickly this can be a daunting and expensive mission. Thanks to local car dealer and staunch Thompson supporter Randy Farnsworth as well as the National Automobile Dealers Association NADA Julies job was made a little bit easier when a NADA grant provided the training center with a Little Anne AED Training System. Saving lives while spreading good will is what this program is all about and I was honored to help out said Randy. The training system includes a Little Anne mannequin and an AED trainer. It will see use in many of the training centers classes including Basic Life Support for Thompson Health associates and Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the hospital team that responds when a code is called. We train about 450 Thompson associates a year and several of our instructors train in the community as well so this will definitely help update our current lineup of AED training systems said Julie a licensed practical nurse who took over as training coordinator in January of 2014. I offer my deepest gratitude to Randy and the NADA for such a life-saving gift. Jennifer DeVault Thompson Health Vice President of Associate Services and Wellness offered her appreciation as well. Obtaining state-of-the-art equipment through grants is never an easy task and I commend Julie Randy and the National Automobile Dealers Association for their efforts she said. As Julie noted the American Heart Association trains hundreds of Thompson associates each year so this will pay big dividends down the road.