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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 19 Gerry and Barb Mitrano Ms. Thelma Mix Sharon and Mitchell Moore Stephen and Linda Mros Richard and Cindy Mullen John and Joann Munn Ms. Patricia Murphy Ms. Kathleen L. Murray Mr. Ralph Nelson Shirley Niedbala Mr. and Mrs. David Nieskes Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Niezgoda Mr. William Norton Ms. Geri Noto and Mr. Dave Cress NRG Global Giving Adrienne OBrien Ph.D. Fred and Carolyn Odell Marty and Mary ODonnell Ms. Patricia OHanlon Rush Ms. Staci Olsen Ms. Anna M. Ordway Mr. Charles G. Osborne Ms. Elaine Ostrowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Panek Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pape Parkridge Adult and Senior Life Campus Ms. Gretchen Parsells Mr. and Mrs. George A. Payne Peachs Frozen Yogurt Mr. and Mrs. William E. Pearce Mr. Robert L. Pelko Penn Yan Academy Class of 74 Perinton Senior Citizen Knitters Judy and Russ Perre Ms. Constance Perrin Ms. Victoria Perrin Pauline E. Pestle Ms. Cynthia Pierce Mr. Andrew Pitler Dr. Harry Pitler Mrs. Mareta Pitler Mrs. Wanda Polisseni Lyle and Beth Prairie Preserve 10 Investment Club of Chapel Hill NC Ms. Patricia A. Pulver Mr. George Purdy Dr. and Mrs. William Puttmann Susan and Anthony Quainton Ms. Dayle Quarfot Ms. Nancy Quigley Mrs. Josephine Raguso Ms. Beverly Rawlings Ms. Karen M. Reabuck Mr. James F. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Reed Ms. Kathleen M. Reiss Mr. Jeffrey Renelt and Ms. Jonna Martin Ms. Margaret Rex Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ricks Barbara and Larry Ritzenthaler Ms. Mary J. Ritzenthaler Ms. Ruth B. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Jamie S. Robinson Rochester Lumber Company Ms. Joann L. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rohr Mr. and Mrs. John Romano Ms. Maude Root Rushville United Methodist Church Ms. Jennifer Russell Ms. Barbara Saar Mrs. Lois Saeger Ms. Linda Sandburg Ms. Marilyn Sands Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sanford Hans and Renate Schmitt Dorothy Schrader Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schrader Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schramm Mr. George Schuster Carl and Shirley Schwind Mr. and Mrs. John Sciarratta Ms. Ann Scoville Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shaffer Mrs. Wilma F. Shaner Ms. Evalyn Shaw Ms. Mary Lou Sheridan Ms. Antonia Shiffman Mr. Edward Sidler Mr. Robert Siersma and Ms. Maureen Kenney Carol and Harvey Simmons Cathy and Laura Simmons Mr. and Mrs. William F. Simmons Mr. Daniel Smith Ms. Christine Snyder Ms. Laura Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sobey Southco Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Spitz Staff of Clark Meadows Mr. and Mrs. David Stainbrook Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Statt Ms. Susan O. Steinwachs Mrs. Arlene B. Stell Lynne Stewart Ms. Hilda I. Stoioff Storybook Farm Veterinary Hospital Creative Support Carole Lillis is a breast cancer survivor with a message for patients at Thompson Healths new Breast Imaging Center Youre in good hands. What I came to understand about Thompson is that its 100 percent all the way no matter what said Carole the director of Academic Success and an assistant professor of English at Keuka College who was diagnosed in 2010. You dont feel as though youre a number. You feel like you are in the best possible hands. They got me through the darkest period of my life. Carole was particularly impressed with the Breast Health Patient Navigation Team at Thompson. I had a lot of support wonderful family and good friends. But some patients have nobody. To have a Breast Health Navigator someone whos going to walk you through the process it just makes such a difference because youre anxious to begin with. Youre scared to death she said. Carole and her husband Rob have found some creative ways to support the navigation program. In December for example they hosted a fundraising reception at a performance of Kim Tenreiros one-man rendition of A Christmas Carol. Held at Finger Lakes Gallery Frame in downtown Canandaigua and featuring Dickensian delights the event brought several merchants together for the cause raising nearly 2000. Said Rob a psychologist who provides research and evaluation consulting to substance abuse and education programs through his company Evalumetrics Research We strive to be involved in events that benefit important organizations like Thompson Health by marshaling the resources of the generous local businesses and individuals in the community. And the timing of their fundraising reception couldnt have been better as it qualified for a dollar-for-dollar match though the Sands family Constellation Brands matching gift challenge increasing the value of their gift to nearly 4000. Carole and Rob Lillis hosted a fundraising reception in December.