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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 1 Dale L. Hunt Vice ChairmanTreasurer Board of Directors F.F. Thompson Foundation Inc. Michael F. Stapleton Jr. FACHE PresidentCEO Thompson Health From left Dale L. Hunt Thomas Kubiak Michael F. Stapleton Jr. FACHE and Lauren M. Dixon. Thomas Kubiak Chairman Board of Directors F.F. Thompson Foundation Inc. Lauren M. Dixon Secretary Board of Directors F.F. Thompson Foundation Inc. CELEBRATING STORIES OF GENEROSITY The inspiring personal stories we share with you in this report are each incredibly unique. As you will find there are so many ways in which to support UR Medicines Thompson Health and so many reasons to do so. Whether its gratitude for the exceptional care given to a loved one a commitment to community or a desire to ensure access to the latest advancements in healthcare technology each story has a driving force spurring it on. And although they are indeed unique each story highlighted here has something in common No matter how the men and women featured in this report have shown their support for Thompson each of them can be secure in the knowledge that 100 percent of their gift will stay right here within our own health system. After all the 2012 affiliation with UR Medicine has resulted in many exciting developments for Thompson such as the addition of a number of specialties and yet it was crafted in such a way that Thompson maintains a great deal of autonomy and a great deal of responsibility for its own destiny. Just as it has since it was founded more than a century ago by a benefactress whose compassion and vision are legendary Thompson Health must still raise its own funds manage its own debt and support its own growth. This is why we rely - as much as ever - on the generosity of those who believe in the value of a hometown health system offering a personal touch and a genuine devotion to the well- being of those it serves. In this life each of us has unique talents ideas and gifts to give. We are honored that the families and individuals celebrated through the stories contained in these pages have chosen to share theirs with Thompson. Our sincere hope is that in the coming year and in years to come you will do so as well writing Thompson into the story of your life and celebrating the incredible things we can accomplish together.