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2 CATALYST FOR HOPE different ways Laurie made a profound impact on our family and everyone who knew her including the medical community of the greater Rochester area and the Finger Lakes region. As an ardent patient advocate Dr. Sands would no doubt be proud of her familys generous support of a breast imaging center which promises to bring the highest level of care technology and service to everyone in the region. The Sands family and Constellation Brands have been a driving philanthropic force for many of Thompson Healths most ambitious initiatives and this spirit of charitable giving leads directly back to Marvin and Marilyn Sands and the children they raised. The Sands familys charitable legacy started with Marvin and when it came to community development his first commitment was always to Thompson where he served as president and chairman of the board for 30 years. Marvin really started the philanthropic aspect of what we do son Rob explained. His steadfast support of Thompson made a tremendous impact on me and my brother Richard. He shared his passion for Thompson with us and taught us how philanthropy impacts our community. Since Marvins passing in 1999 both Constellation Brands and the Sands family have continued the legacy of generosity by making lead gifts in 2002 to expand emergency diagnostic ambulatory and rehabilitation services and again in 2009 to build the Constellation Center for Health and Healing. With a matching gift of up to 375000 the new Breast Imaging Center is the latest beneficiary of their generosity. The center will be named for Dr. Laurie Sands and will provide patients with access to cutting-edge services like 3-D breast imaging to detect cancer early same-day test results to eliminate the emotional strain of waiting days for the outcome of a service and a Breast Health Patient Navigation Team to provide personalized managed care throughout treatment. The oldest child of Marvin and Marilyn Dr. Sands was a noted internist and mother of two wonderful children Abby and Zach. She died of ovarian cancer in 1995 at the age of 47. Laurie found her calling in medicine and became a very successful internist said her brother Richard who described his older sister as tiny brilliant and fiercely independent. In many