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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 9 A WISH COME TRUE The Thompson Gala cash call is a unique event during which gala attendees make spontaneous cash donations to help acquire a hospital wish list item. This years cash call raised an incredible 12000 to purchase a much-needed infant warmer for The Birthing Center. Thompsons Director of Obstetrics Deborah Jones set the stage for the cash call with a dramatic description of how the new Panda Infant Warmer would help the most vulnerable newborns. The sellout crowd of more than 300 Thompson supporters listened intently as Deborah explained that about 10 percent of newborns require some assistance in making the transition after delivery. When these babies are born we become their life support she said asking those in the crowd to imagine being an OB nurse caring for a baby called Vivian born six weeks premature. Vivian does not breathe and requires manual ventilation. As you resuscitate you move her quickly into the nursery. You put her on the scale because we need an accurate weight to dose her antibiotics. This takes precious seconds and exposes her to the cold. Once she is on the warmer the doctor inserts a breathing tube and ventilation continues. The portable x-ray machine arrives and you have to lift Vivian off the mattress to put the x-ray cassette under her making sure you dont dislodge the breathing tube. The respiratory therapist has to rearrange the air and oxygen tubing to prevent the baby from receiving too much oxygen Deborah continued. Youre standing under the heating unit trying to start an IV in a hand the size of your thumb while sweat is dripping down your neck and the heater alarm is blaring because you cant silence it without stopping the procedure. Heres the same scenario with the Panda she said. Vivian comes to the nursery and is weighed right on the warmer which has a built-in scale. The therapist regulates the oxygen concentration with a simple turn of a dial. The x-ray cassette slides into a drawer under the mattress so you dont need to move Vivian for her chest x-ray. And the radiant heater directs warmth to the mattress not the top of your head. The heater alarm sounds and you swipe your hand in front of a sensor to temporarily silence it without interrupting your care. As soon as Deborah finished her story the cash calls rang out 100 200 500 Within a few short minutes 12000 had been raised and thats in addition to the 50000 the gala raised for the new Breast Imaging Center. The generosity shown by our supporters at the gala was simply astounding said Deborah. The new Panda is already paying dividends in The Birthing Center and I want our donors to know what a huge difference they have made in the lives of these at-risk newborns. Registered nurses like Deborah Jones left and Alexandra Coggi say a new Panda Infant Warmer helps the most vulnerable newborns.