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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 15 Creative Contributions As the owners of The Medicine Shoppe in Canandaigua Kim and Janet Tenreiro developed close business and personal relationships with nearby Thompson Health and in retirement have remained enthusiastic benefactors of the health system. Theyre also creative with their giving. The couple donated use of their timeshare property for the Thompson Galas silent auction and in December Kim put on a one-man performance of A Christmas Carol to raise money for Thompsons Breast Health Patient Navigation Program. Kim has been performing A Christmas Carol for the past six years in the Canandaigua area said Janet an ATHENA Award recipient and active Rotarian. After seeing Patrick Stewart perform it on Broadway in 1991 we bought the CD and made it a Thanksgiving tradition to listen to it on the way to visit family. Every time we listened to it Kim would say I could do that. So he finally spent six months memorizing it and began with a performance at Wood Library. Now six years later with a few props a costume and a supportive spouse he donates every performance to whichever charity is hosting him. Kim and Janet appreciate the importance of having quality health care close to home but their special connection to Thompson stems from a trip many years ago with Janets parents and family friend Dr. Nancy Brown Thompsons chief of anesthesiology. We were all in New York City for a play opening when my father had a health incident and ended up in a hospital Janet said. Thank goodness Nancy was with us. She acted as his advocate at the hospital and then drove my mom and dad home all the way back to Utica because my folks had taken the train and we had flown Thompson is full of great people like Nancy added Kim. Its reassuring to know that we have a quality health facility with such a highly- trained and dedicated staff so readily accessible. Kim and Janet Tenreiro have a special connection to Thompson Health. Mrs. Lauren Dixon and Mr. Michael J. Schwabl Dixon Schwabl Ms. Sue Dobreski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dorschel Dougherty Funeral Homes Livonia-Honeoye Mrs. Marilyn Duvall ELF Foundation Ms. Holly K. Elwell F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fackler Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Fafinski Ms. June Fargo Mr. and Mrs. Greg Felosky Mr. and Mrs. John Ford Mr. and Mrs. David Fraser Mrs. Elizabeth P. Freese William and Mary Lou Frohm Helen and Nick Fudo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gaiek Mr. Peter Galbo Mr. and Mrs. Lyell G. Galbraith Ms. Mary Gamble and Mr. John Kondrotas Geneva Coach Inc. Mr. Brian Gibbs Ms. Beverly T. Gillette Ms. Marguerite Gillette Mr. Louis Goldsman Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Graham Ms. Luanne Graulich Greater Rochester Health Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griswold Paul and Janice Grizzell Mr. Alfred Gruenauer Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hainen Mr. Frank H. Hamlin III Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hamlin IV Ms.Virginia N. Harford Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Harter Mr. Brion Havert Mr. Richard H. Hawks and Ms. Linda M. Farchione Hawks Ms. Shirley S. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Heine Ms. Isabelle Henninger Frederic T. and Gayle Henry Mr. and Mrs. George M. Herendeen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hilton Ms. Susan R. Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Hunt Mrs. Rosemary J. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Keeney Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. William Kenyon Ms. Marlyn P. Knetzer Ms. Linda Knickerbocker-Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Koczent Mr. Richard A. Kolb Mrs. Gunter Kronenberger Mr. Gunter Kronenberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kubiak Doug and Gigi Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lamberson Ms. Rita Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Landholm Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Laneri Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Lazarus Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Lenz Mrs. Janice Lewis Don and Jackie Leysath Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lijewski Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Locke Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Love Mrs. Evelyn Lucey Mrs. Lorraine S. Lundy Dr. and Mrs. Martin Lustick Lyons National Bank Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm and Drury MacKenzie Mrs. Dorothy E. Maffin Mr. Christopher B. Mahan and Ms. Anne M. Ruflin Mr. and Mrs. John W. Martin Ms. Leslie Mauro Mrs. Norma Mauro Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McGavern Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. McQueen Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Meath Mr. and Mrs. John H. Meisch Mr. and Mrs. David A. Merkel Mr. A. John Merola Ms. E. Sue Mills Mr. and Mrs. James C. Minges Ms. Geraldine E. Moose Mrs. Jayne B. Morga Mrs. Barbara Murphy Mr. Clifford E. Murphy