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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 27 Mrs. Barbara Johnston Ms. Joanna Kadis Mrs. Jane D. Nohe Mrs. Barbara A. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walters RosaM.Persons Building A Healthy Future Capital Campaign Mr. Alan R. Persons G.EdwardPfenninger F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund Ms. Johanna Snader MartinPierson Sands Cancer Center Mr. and Mrs. William D. Minns HarryS.Pitler F.F. Thompson Hospital Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Bobsein Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol Guy and Nancy Burns Virginia A. Butler Ms. Evelyn A. Carpenter Anna and Brian Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Leo Genecco Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kenyon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kwarta Ms. Janet Lang Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller Mr. David Mitchell Ms. Elizabeth S. Mitchell Mr. Gregory Mitchell Mr. Clinton F. Moore Mr. Clifford E. Murphy Jr. Mrs. Frieda A. OHanlon Mr. Andrew Pitler Mrs. Mareta Pitler MinaPlacito F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund Ms. Dolores M. Placito NickPlacito F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund Ms. Dolores M. Placito David S.Platt Medical Staff Capital Fund Ms. Marilyn L. Platt Joseph Polimeni F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund Ms. Merry Jo Polimeni Lyle A.Prairie M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center Lyle and Beth Prairie Pamela Preston Rehabilitation Services Daniel and Linda Blanchard Judy Price Sands Cancer Center Patient Needs Fund Santa and Matt Abraham Jack and Janice Adams Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Allen Ms. Roberta Allen Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Dean G. Bates Mr. Jack B. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. William Bishop Ms. Ann Blazey Drs. Mark and Karen Blazey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blazey Mr. Scott Blazey Tina and Larry Blazey Ms. Joan Borncamp Gordon and Mary Brink Ms. Carol Butler Ms. Martha Buttaccio Ms. Sara Calcagno Mr. Mark Cazer Mary Ann and Jim Cocola FJ and Meredith Colacino Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Constantino Mr. and Mrs. Dennie S. Cunningham Ms. Marcia DeCamp Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. DeMuzio Ms. Andrea DeSalvo Ms. Mary Lou Driscoll Mark and Vanessa Elia Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Elia Ms. Linda L. Ensman Ms. Hester Fink and Ms. Shannon C. Donahue Jeff and Sue Fitch Mr. and Mrs. James E. Flood Thomas and Barbara Furgeson Ann Louise Blazey had a passion for helping others. Honoring a Request Ann Louise Blazey lived a remarkable life and right up until the end she was doing what she always did thinking of others. My mothers life at Clark Meadows was very comfortable and secure and she enjoyed every part of it said her oldest son Mark noting that Ann developed many close friends among the residents and staff of the enriched living community operated by Thompson Health. One of her last requests just a few hours before she died was to make sure that each of the 75 staff members at Clark Meadows received a box of Christmas chocolates because she wanted to brighten their holidays. It was a request we were happy to honor Mark said of his mother who had lived at Clark Meadows since 2011 and enjoyed serving on the Resident Council. Ann was a talented woman with a passion for helping others. A loving wife mother of four boys Mark Scott Brian and Brent all born at Thompson grandmother great-grandmother and friend she was also a successful entrepreneur airplane pilot auto mechanic Sunday school teacher Cub Scout den mother ski instructor and PTA board member. Ann passed away on Sept. 27 2014 at the age of 86 but her memory lives on within Thompson Health. Undoubtedly Clark Meadows and Thompson Health extended her life Mark said enabling her to see three grandchildren married and one great-granddaughter born. Throughout her life but especially in her later years my mother received excellent care from the physicians nurses and other staff at Thompson Health added Mark who serves on Thompsons Quality and Safety Committee and co-authored a book on quality health care with former Thompson CEO Linda Farchione Hawks. Ann knew Thompson was raising funds to support a new Breast Imaging Center. She and her family wanted to lend their support. Mom was always there to help even in her later years said Mark. She was overjoyed she could help with the Breast Imaging Center.