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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 31 Howard Judd found a unique way to say thank you to Dr. Kipling Goh. RobertL.SmithMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Dorothy Schrader Ann and Ken Weigert TarekSousouMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Deal StaffofGardensAvenue M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center Lyle and Beth Prairie MuammerTasbasMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Ms. Rosanna Bates CynthiaE.TeerlinckMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Ms. Carol Cochrane Ms. Susan A. Ferraglio-Genecco Mr. Robert Kasprzak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meade TheStaffatThompson Hospital F.F. Thompson Foundation Annual Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Battoglia RaymondM.ThomasMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. MacKay ThompsonFamily PracticeLima Medical Staff Capital Fund Catherine Schubert AlbertJ.Tricomi Medical Staff Capital Fund Mr. George Schuster KeithP.VanNostrand F.F. Thompson Hospital Anonymous RobertF.WeedenDO Medical Staff Capital Fund Anonymous Ms. Marjorie Boheen Thomas A.WormerMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Ms. Jeannette Hare Guan WuMD Medical Staff Capital Fund Peter and Patty Bruni Gary and Cate Ingalls Karen E.Yax Medical Staff Capital Fund Mrs. Marlene Tears Vincent M.Yavorek Medical Staff Capital Fund Mrs. Shirley S. Wilcox Marc S.Zarfes Medical Staff Capital Fund Gary and Cate Ingalls Susan E.Zumbo Medical Staff Capital Fund Ms. Martha Breiner deceased We have made every effort to print an accurate list. Please contact the F.F. Thompson Foundation at 585-396-6155 with any corrections. Saying Thank You When Howard Judd received an appeal from Thompson Health asking for a donation to honor his physician on National Doctors Day the retired head bus driver at Livonia Central School showed his appreciation with a meaningful gift. Its a nice way to say thank you said Howard who at 74 says hes fit as a fiddle and sees his doctor Kipling Goh MD only once sometimes twice a year. Dr. Goh is more than a doctor. Hes extremely knowledgeable very personable and he takes a genuine interest in his patients lives. I consider him a good friend and Im honored to make a donation in his name. Dr. Goh appreciates the sentiment and the financial gesture. I am flattered and humbled that Mr. Judd made a donation in my name to an institution that I care deeply about said Dr. Goh a member of the Canandaigua Medical Group. Unselfish acts like this reinforce the reason why I enjoy the practice of medicine. Despite the many demands one can still make a difference help people and receive gratitude and recognition in return. To me that makes it all worthwhile.