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22 2014 FRIENDS OF THOMPSON Special Events continued Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kost Ms. Sarah LaCarte Lakeside ENT Allergy LLC Mr. and Mrs. Tony LaMonica Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Landholm Ms. Nancy Lane Eve Lannon Mr. Michael Laub Mr. Thomas Lay Leader Sustainable Solutions Inc. LeCesse Construction Company LeChase Construction Services LLC Ms. Kimberley Lee Leonards Express Ms. Geraldine S. Lesniak Ms. Deborah Licata Lifetime Care Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lijewski Lilac Hill Nursery Inc Ms. Mary Locke Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Locke Mr. James Loughlin Robert L. Lowenthal Jr. Lowes Home Improvement Mrs. Cricket Luellen Dr. and Mrs. Martin Lustick Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lynd Lyons National Bank Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lyttle ME Engineering P.C. Mr. Carl Mabie Ms. Christine M. MacDuff Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. MacKay Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mahoney Mr. Richard M. Malehorn and Ms. Nancy A. Sax Ms. Laurie F. Malotte Mr. Eric Mann Mr. Bob Marciano Mark M.E. Salon Mr. Edward B. Marr Mr. and Mrs. John F. Marren Mr. Sean Marren Ms. Karly Marshall Mr. Edward M. Martin Virginia Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Von R. Martt Ms. Carol A. Marx Mr. Rick Matter Mayflower Gardens Ltd. Ms. Joyce McBride Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCagg Molly McCarthy Mrs. Jane McComb Mrs. and Mr. Marie A. McDowell Mr. Brian A. McFetridge Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McGavern Mr. James McMaster Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. McNamara Ms. Patricia McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Meath Ms. Gayle Meegan Mr. and Mrs. John H. Meisch Mercer Metamorphisis too Robert W. Meyer MD Mr. Duane E. Michielsen Jr. Mickey Finns Ms. Jacqueline Midlam Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Miles Ms. Jane Miller Mr. and Mrs. JR Miller Ms. Theresa Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Millhausen Mr. and Mrs. James C. Minges Ms. Lila Minute Mr. William J. Mitchell Jr. Ms. Amy Molina Monicas Pies LLC Monroe Wheelchair Nidia Montalvo Moore Printing Co. Inc. Morning Mist Farms Ms. Sharon Morrisey Edward and Sally Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Ken Motsenbacher Ellen B. Mulgrew Pastor Don and Roxann Muller Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Multer Ms. Barbara Murante Mr. Clifford E. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Muscato MVP Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nairn Ms. Nancy A. Norman Ms. Anne Norris Mr. Dan Novak Mr. David Novak Ms. Colleen OBrien Peter OBrien MD Avice M. OConnell MD Ms. Gretchen ODea Mr. and Mrs. William R. ODea Amy Ogden Mrs. Frieda A. OHanlon Olive Garden Mrs. Roberta Olmstead Ms. Cheryl Olson On-Scene Tags Mr. Ray Orosz Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Ortiz Mr. Matthew Pacella Mr. Jeff Padlick Ms. Natalie Panaro Park West Hair Design Spa Dottie and Dan Parke Partnership for Ontario County Mr. Thomas D. Pawluk Dr. and Mrs. Bradley K. Peck Mr. Charles Perfetti Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ernisse Ms. Liz Pfaff Ms. Dawn Phelps Mr. Douglas W. Phillips Ms. Sharon L. Phillips Mr. Preston E. Pierce Pierrepont Visual Graphics Inc. Pioneer Registration Services LLC Dr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Pitler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Place Ms. Tracy Polidori Ellen M. Polimeni Ms. Ann Pontius Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Povero Power Management Company LLC. PPI Consulting Group Mary Pratt Ms. Sarah Presby Ms. Deborah A. Price Ms. Beryl Ann Pronti Darcy Prunoske Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Prunoske RADEC Corporation Ms. Lorraine Ralston Randall Buick GMC Cadillac Randall Farnsworth Auto Group Ravenwood Golf Club Ravines Wine Cellars Mr. William B. Rayburn Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reichenbach Mr. and Mrs. George Reineke Renaissance Goodie II Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ricci Ms. Stacey Rice Mr. Mike Richmeyer Mrs. Elizabeth Ridgway Mr. David Riedman Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rioch Bonnie Ritts Mr. and Mrs. James Ritts Ms. Leonor Rivera Mr. Ruben Rivera Mildred Rivera-Rau RL Kistler Inc. Ms. Hazel P. Robertshaw and Mr. Michael N. Zanghi Ms. Dawn Robinson Mrs. Kathryn A. Robinson Rochester City Ballet Rochester Davis-Fetch Corp Rochester Theatre Management Inc. Rockcastle Florist Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Rodenhouse Mr. Craig Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Roeland Ms. Pamela Rogers Rooster Hill Vineyards Mr. Dick Rosenbloom Ms. Janice Ross Mrs. Deborah Rought Ms. Anne Roxburgh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rugg Ms. Marie A. Rusaw Rushville Lions Club Ruston Paving Co. Inc. RVE Bike and Skate Ms. Dawn Ryan Ryans Wine Spirits Ms. Jana Sacks Mr. Jonathan Sacks Drs. Carl P. and Olle Jane Z. Sahler Ms. Joanne Salmon Mr. Robert Sands Mrs. Barbara Sarkis Sandy Schencke Ms. Liana Schenk Mr. Eric Schiesser Mr. Christopher Schiffner Mr. and Mrs. James W. Schley Karen Schmidtmann Mr. Christopher Schreck Mr. Chris Schuler and Ms. Amanda Lane Bettye and Rick Scoda SDC Contractors Seager Marine Inc. Ms. Deanna Semple Seneca Foods Foundation Mr. Michael B. Sheedy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sheffield Linda Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Shepardson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shortino Mr. and Mrs. David Shuler Ms. Kimberly D. Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Siewert W. Bradley Simmons MD Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Sinopoli Ms. Kelley Smeal Mr. Andrew P. Smith Christian Smith Ms. Heidi Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith Mrs. Margaret M. Smith SMP Inc. Mr. Kurt J. Sommer Sonnenberg Gardens Mansion State Historic Park Spectrum Foodservice Assoc. Inc. Ms. Melanie A. Spencer Ms. Lisa Sprague Ms. Linda Stanard Janet Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Stapleton Jr. Mr. Christopher J. States Mr. and Mrs. Mike Steingass Ms. Patricia A. Stell John Storer Ms. Renee Strong Stuart J. Mitchell Agencies Inc. Pam Sud Sutherland Global Services Sutters Canandaigua Marina Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Swartout Mr. Andrew Swarts SWBR Architects Engineers P.C. Ms. Diane Szczerbacki Mr. Miklos Szoczei and Ms. Laura Evans-Scoczei Joseph A. Talarico MD Ms. Elizabeth Talia Tambe Electric Inc. Ms. Jackie Tanner Tantalo Photography Ms. Lynn Tavernese Taylor The Builders Mr. and Mrs. Kim A. Tenreiro Mr. Dale Tepas