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F. F. T H O M P S O N F O U N DAT I O N R E P O R T O N G I V I N G 2 014 77 them thanks to its affiliation with UR Medicine. Ive worked with some very fine institutions some of the best in world and the fact that Thompson Health is part of one of them puts it on a par with the top hospitals in the United States if not the world said Dr. Haggerty who became internationally known through his work in academe national and international organizations public policy forums and foundation management. The affiliation with UR Medicine is part of the strength of Thompson Health and it makes people confident that they are getting the best care possible. Dr. Haggerty and his wife Muriel were major Thompson donors for many years before Muriel passed away in May of 2014. Dr. Haggerty continues his generosity in memory of Muriel who was an obstetrics nurse and worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Rochester. We owe much to the Sands Cancer Center said Dr. Haggerty The level of care was exceptional and we were only minutes away from home. Instead of spending a full day up at Strong wed be done in an hour at Thompson. Time is a valuable commodity. Dr. Haggerty is similarly impressed with Thompsons senior living services. The continuum of care is designed to meet a seniors needs at every age and every stage he said. And having the full spectrum of care and the sequence-of-aging facilities right in our geographic area is an integration of services rarely seen at community hospitals. The continuum of care within UR Medicines Thompson Health is designed to meet a seniors needs at every age and every stage. RECOGNIZING EXCEPTIONAL CARE Robert J. Haggerty MD one of the nations top pediatricians before his retirement in 1992 has been affiliated with some of the finest medical facilities in the world Boston Childrens Hospital and its teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School St. Marys Hospital in London Strong Memorial Hospital and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Now a resident at Thompson Healths independent living community of Ferris Hills at West Lake Dr. Haggerty ranks Thompson right up there with the best of