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18 2014 FRIENDS OF THOMPSON Other Programs and Funds continued M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center Palliative Care Program M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center Recreation Therapy Program M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center The Fralick Cardiac Rehabilitation and Fitness Center The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Santa and Matt Abraham Bernard and Evelyn Adams Mrs. Helen C. Adams and Mrs. Laurie Choroszylow Jack and Janice Adams Mr. Mark H. Adelson Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Allen Ms. Roberta Allen Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Mrs. Lugene Ambrose American Heritage Girls Troop 0024 Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews Anonymous 9 Ms. Paula Avery Mr. James L. Baker Ms. Mary Baltensperger Barbara Murphys Luncheon Group Marialena and Larry Batz Baxter Healthcare Corporation Jean Beckley Ms. Nadine Bender Mr. Jack B. Bennett Mrs. Jeanne Berry Ms. Ann Blazey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blazey Tina and Larry Blazey Anne Boardman Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Bobsein Ms. Marjorie Boheen Ms. Barbara A. Bouter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bovay Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Bovenzi Sandra Bovenzi Ms. Jacena B. Brahm Alan and Kristie Braun Ms. Martha Breiner Ms. Lorrie Brickner Margaret and Paul Bringewatt Bristol Mountain Ski Patrol Ms. Jean G. Brown Ms. Norberta Brown Pat and Brad Brownell Ms. Linda Bruce Peter and Patty Bruni Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Bruno Ms. Deborah Bullock Ms. Carol Butler Ms. Martha Buttaccio CA Class of 67 Ms. Sara Calcagno Ms. Eufemia Campagna and Family Canandaigua Garden Club Canandaigua Scientific Association Canandaigua USBC Association Canandaigua Wesleyan Church Ms. Sharyn Canham Cardiac Rehabilitation Staff Ms. Catherine Carlson Ms. Judy Carlson Ms. Mary C. Cartwright Ms. Jeanne K. Casey Ms. Jean E. Castania Mr. Mark Cazer Central NY Classic Cruisers Ms. Judith Cermak Casey Chaney Mr. Robert Chavkin Mrs. Dorothy Cherry Coach Equipment Manufacturing Corp. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cochol IV Ms. Carol Cochrane Mary Ann and Jim Cocola Ms. Kathleen A. Cokely FJ and Meredith Colacino Ms. Margaret Colombo Mr. and Mrs. Francis Colquhoun Judith A. Conlin Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Conlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Connors Carole A. Cooper Ms. June K. Cope Mrs. Marcia A. Couch Mr. and Mrs. Scott Craig Ms. Rose Ann Crisci Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Crough Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Crowley Mr. Roy Crowley Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department T.L. Cuddy Mr. and Mrs. Dennie S. Cunningham Richard and Francine Cuykendall Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cuykendall Ms. June A. Daggs Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. DAgostino Mrs. Helen Darling Mr. Douglas J. Davis Ms. Jan Davis Cosmo and Loretta DeBartolo Mrs. Gladys DeBruyne Ms. Marcia DeCamp Mr. and Mrs. Gary DelDuca Anna and Brian Dennis Ms. Andrea DeSalvo Mr. Victor DeSantis Ms. Carol A. Dobbins Ms. Bonnie Doell Mrs. Janet Doell David and Ethel Drasnin Mr. Scott Drasnin Ms. Linda M. Dreier Ms. Mary Lou Driscoll Mr. Darryl G. Duffy Ms. Mary Dunn Ms. Janet Durbano Mr. R. Keith Egnor Mark and Vanessa Elia Mr. and Mrs. Dale Elliott Ms. Judith A. Emler Endless Mountain Quiltworks Ms. Julia Eng Ms. Carol Ennis Ms. Linda L. Ensman Mr. Roger Fair Sr. Ms. Susan A. Ferraglio-Genecco FFTH Medical Staff Ms. Kathleen J. Fiedler Ms. Eileen Finestone Finger Lakes ENT Ms. Hester Fink and Ms. Shannon C. Donahue Nancy and Neal Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fish Mr. and Mrs. Kent Fisher Jeff and Sue Fitch Mrs. Barbara Forshay Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foss Ms. Colleen W. Fraser Mr. David Fraser Pauline Frederico Ms. Beverly French Friends of the Constellation Brands Marvin Sands PAC Inc. Helen and Nick Fudo Jerome and Elaine Fuell Ms. Candice Gage Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Gamba Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gambill Ms. Norma K. Gardner Ms. Deborah Garland Charles and Michele Gauss Robert E. Geise MD Ms. Patricia P. Genovese Jet Gentile Genundewah Uniforms Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gerstner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gienow Ms. Diane Giles and Ms. Deborah Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Gilmore Girl Scout Cadette Troop 877 Ms. Alice Gordon Ms. Donna Gore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray Ms. Patricia J. Green Philip and Joan Green Ms. Eileen Grosso Ms. Toni Gruber Mr. Samuel Hall Ms. Laura Schieck Harkness Mrs. Donnalyn Havens Ms. Bonnie L. Hawkins Barbara Heagney Mr. Cressler Heasley Ms. Kathleen Hendrix Roger and Rosemary Herendeen Earl and Sue Herrington Ms. Debby Herrmann Ms. Diane C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Hill Mr. Michael Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hislop Mrs. Anna V. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. John Holst Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hooper Ms. Sheila M. Hudson Ms. Mary Humphreys Shirley and Bob Hunt Image Audio Imagine It Gary and Cate Ingalls Ms. Mary Jansen Ms. Donna Jerome Mrs. Barbara J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Leon Johnson Robert and Judith Johnson Mrs. Barbara Johnston Jonathan B. Angelone Foundation Inc. Just Right Carbines Ms. Joanna Kadis Ms. Donna Kalman Ms. Adrienne Kantz Mr. Robert Kasprzak William and Mary Kay Kelley Ms. Madeline Kent Mr. and Mrs. Dennis King Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua Mr. David Knipper Mr. James Knipper Mr. Paul Knipper Mr. Walter J. Knipper Konar Properties Lou and Joanne Krause Lake Country Decorative Painters Ms. Helen Lambert Ms. Janet Lang Mr. Christopher Leahy Mr. Robert Lillis Lima High School Alumni Association Lincare Ms. Kathleen A. Linehan Michele and Martin Lumet Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lundberg Ms. Marlene Madia Mr. J. Robert Maney Donald and Dorothy Manning Ms. Paula Marchitello Marcus Whitman Brownie Troop 40652 Mrs. Eileen Maresca and Mr. James Maresca Mr. Daniel Marshall Mr. David P. Martin Mrs. Mary M. Martin Miss Madison Martinez Ms. Shirley J. Maslyn Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Mazzenga Ms. Sandra E. McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Marc McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McIntyre Mr. Eugene McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meade Ms. Stefanie Meaders Mr. Geoffrey Mealey Lew and Pat Mender Ms. Elaine Metlin Joseph and Marianne Michaud Ms. Marlene Milton Mr. and Mrs. William D. Minns Mr. David Mitchell