Nursing Clinical & Professional Development

Nursing Professional Advancement System
The Professional Advancement System is based on Patricia Benner’s theoretical model that encompasses experiential learning as the primary component of the development of expertise in nursing practice. Utilizing this model, practice is evaluated at the novice, competent, proficient and expert levels. The advancement system serves to develop and define practice levels according to Benner as well as provides a mechanism for enhancing the development of professional nursing endeavors.

The four (4) levels of the advancement system – novice, competent, proficient, and expert – are attained based on clinical experiences and delineated leadership competencies. A minimum number of years of practice are critical to the model, as according to Benner, it takes approximately the following: Novice (Level 1): 0-2 years Competent (level 2): 2-5 years Proficient (level 3): greater than 5 years Expert (level 4): greater than 8 years.