Summer 2023

Ferris Hills Redefines Fine Dining

With an average of 140 patrons each night and a slew of rave reviews, the kitchen at Ferris Hills at West Lake/Clark Meadows consistently serves up incredible dishes even for the most discerning palate.

Surgical Team Adds Vascular Technique at Thompson

Earlier this year, Dr. Karina A. Newhall performed the first TCAR (transcarotid revascularization) at Thompson Hospital. Now, the hospital’s Surgical Care Center has several patients undergoing the procedure each month.

Be Proactive, Be Protected

Screening Saves Lives!

Many women understand that screenings are an important way to detect breast cancer early and reduce your chances of dying from it. But the details of when to start and how often to be screened have been heavily debated in recent decades as various organizations recommend different ages and intervals.


Guild Invests in the Healthcare Professionals of Tomorrow

Through several generations, dedicated members of our community have given their time, talent, creativity and hard work to raise funds for Thompson Health.

Growing up on a farm in a multi-generational household, Diane Hayton and her five siblings did without a number of things as the family worked to make ends meet. The childrens’ college education seemed out of the question.