Going Home

Discharges from the hospital usually occur in the morning, by 11:00am. Plan to be dressed, have your things packed and have transportation arrangements made with a family member or close friend. Please ask your nurse if you need help with any of these things.

Discharge Planning

Your medical team starts to plan for your discharge almost as soon as you arrive. You and your family will meet with a social worker who will help you plan for your transition from Hospital to home, or to other facilities as needed.

Our team will put in place a thorough plan for your care after you leave the Hospital. If you are going home, your nurse will give you written instructions and talk with you about how to take care of yourself after you leave the hospital.

Make sure you or your caregiver understand: 
  • Any special instructions about eating and drinking. 
  • Activity guidelines (an exercise program or any restrictions on movement or activity). 
  • Medications (what to take, when to take it, for how long). 
  • How you can expect to feel and how long recovery could take. 
  • Pain control. 
  • How to care for any incisions, drains or tubes or medical equipment. 
  • When to call your doctor.

If you are leaving to go to another health care facility, our team will make all the necessary arrangements for transfer and will make sure all medical information is forwarded to the new facility so you may continue your care without interruption.


Upon discharge from the hospital, you may receive prescriptions written by your doctor to take to a pharmacy of choice, or you may have your prescriptions conveniently filled at our pharmacy prior to leaving.

Thompson’s Pharmacy is located on the ground floor, just off the elevators, and is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 6:30pm, and Saturday 9am to 1pm.  A Pharmacist is always on hand to answer any medication questions you might have.


All patients are discharged through the Main Lobby Entrance. It is our policy to escort patients when leaving the hospital.

Our Transport Aides or trained volunteers will help take you and your belongings to the hospital entrance to meet your transportation. If you need to arrange special transportation to your home, please let your nurse know.