Medical Nutrition Therapy Accessible Online

F.F. Thompson Hospital’s Medical Nutrition Therapy Center is among the hospital departments offering some services via telehealth at this time.

With a team of registered dietitians, the center provides self-management education to those with diabetes, as well as nutrition information to anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and stay healthy.

Thompson’s Medical Nutrition Therapy Center offers support groups as well, for people who are preparing for – or have experienced – bariatric surgery and for people with diabetes.

For more information about the center’s services, please contact Lauren Maynard

Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Nutrition Therapy Center at F.F. Thompson Hospital provides self management education to those with diabetes, as well as nutrition information for anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and stay healthy.  Our team of Registered Dietitians provides individualized assessments and educational information. 

Our Mission
The Outpatient Nutrition Therapy Center at Thompson Health is dedicated to providing exceptional quality, interdisciplinary care and education for medical nutrition therapy, to promote and support the health and well-being of the community.

Our Registered Dietitians provide expert guidance and lifestyle changing strategies to assist people with managing many
nutrition related problems like:

  • High blood cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Cancer

Behavioral goal-setting is incorporated in the education process for maximum success.

Please note that the Nutrition Therapy Center requires a prescription from your doctor.

To schedule your group classes and/or individual appointments, please have your primary care physician fax a referral to 585-396-6915 and call 585-396-6433 to schedule your care.

For more information, please contact us:

Programs and Services: (585) 396-6734

Appointment Scheduling: (585) 396-6433 


Scheduling an Appointment


  • Please contact insurance provider to verify coverage of medical nutrition therapy counseling. 
  • Contact the Priceline at 585-396-6194 for any questions on fees or assistance with insurance coverage. 
  • If there is not insurance coverage, an application via the Priceline can be made for sliding fee scale. 
  • Referrals must be faxed to: 585-396-6915, and should include the reason for Medical Nutrition Therapy nutrition counseling, the most recent office visit notes, pertinent blood work, and special needs of patient- for ex. Spanish speaking
  • To schedule an appointment call: 585-396-6433

Diabetes and Chronic Renal Failure Management

Individuals with diabetes may be referred for Medical Nutrition Therapy nutrition consultation. 

  • Medicare and most insurances will cover 3 hours when initially (first year) diagnosed with DM 
  • One year after diagnosis, Medicare and most insurances will cover 2 hours per year for follow up visits 

Patients with renal failure

  • Medicare and most insurances will cover Medical Nutrition Therapy for patients with a GFR of 13-50, when not on dialysis. 
Nutrition Referral Form
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