General Surgery

General Surgery

General surgeons perform operations involving the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, colon and other major parts of the human body. Many of these surgeries are minimally invasive and are performed using laparoscopic methods or using daVinci® robotic-assisted technology. Some of the most common surgical operations performed include the following:

  • Appendectomy An appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix, a small tube that branches off the large intestine, to treat acute appendicitis. Appendicitis is the acute inflammation of this tube due to infection.
  • Cholecystectomy A cholecystectomy is surgery to remove the gallbladder (a pear-shaped sac that holds bile, located near the right side of the liver). A gallbladder may need to be removed if it is prone to gallstones, if it is infected or if it becomes cancerous.
  • Debridement of wound, burn or infection debridement involves the surgical removal of foreign material and/or dead, damaged or infected tissue from a wound or burn. By removing the diseased or dead tissue, healthy tissue is exposed to allow for more effective healing.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy A hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, distended veins in the rectum or anus.
  • Inguinal hernia repair Inguinal hernias are protrusions of part of the intestine into the muscles of the groin. Surgical repair pulls the intestine back to its original location. View our hernia video
  • Tonsillectomy The surgical removal of one or both tonsils. Tonsils are located at the back of the mouth and help fight infections.

General Surgeons

A. David Peter, MD

Joseph Talarico, MD

Thomas Wormer, MD

For a complete listing of general surgeons on the F.F. Thompson Medical Staff, please visit Find a Doctor.

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