The Observation Unit at Thompson Health

Thompson Hospital Obwervation Unit

Personalized Care for Patients Needing Evaluation

Thompson Health's Observation Unit is designed to provide high-quality, personalized care for patients who require evaluation and treatment for a period of time between eight and 24 hours. Some conditions that may require observation include chest pain, dehydration, asthma, abdominal pain, kidney stones, and minor infections. Our staff closely monitors the conditions of our patients and streamlines their testing and treatment which may include intravenous fluids, pain medication, and/or antibiotics.
The new Observation Unit is adjacent to, but separate from, the Emergency Department. The rooms are private and each has a television and a phone. Meals are served to patients whose conditions permit them to eat. Patients whose conditions improve or can be managed at home will be discharged, along with a plan for appropriate care. Patients whose conditions fail to improve or worsen will be admitted to the hospital for further care.

Our patient care team includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and patient care technicians.