F.F. Thompson Hospital Stroke Center

When Stroke Happens, Minutes Matter

Stroke is a medical emergency as serious as a heart attack. Receiving medical attention as early as possible within the first three hours of a stroke can be the difference between life and death—a complete recovery or a lifetime of disability. 

That's why we've set up an emergency fast track system to diagnose stroke and begin treatment quickly. Our "stroke code response team" can research patient history, perform neurological exams, blood tests, and CT scans and interpret them after a patient's arrival in the Emergency Department. And their expertise is just as impressive as their timing.

Individualized Care—From Diagnosis to Treatment and Recovery

Stroke comes in many forms and affects many systems of the body. Complete stroke treatment requires a comprehensive approach. We provide a range of services with the quality and expertise necessary to help increase the chances of successful outcomes. We offer: 

  • A dedicated stroke code response team headed by one of our board-certified neurologists in collaboration with our board-certified Emergency Physicians and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Sophisticated brain imaging and monitoring equipment, including computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)
  • A specialized stroke inpatient unit
  • Outpatient services that range from risk assessment to strategies for preventing stroke recurrence 
  • Acute and ongoing rehabilitation programs including physical, occupational, and speech therapy 
  • Outreach programs such as community education, stroke screenings, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel events
Get With the Guidelines Gold Plus for Stroke

2018 Get With The Guidelines Gold Plus for StrokeGet With the Guidelines® Gold Plus for Stroke

American Heart/American Stroke Association   

F.F. Thompson Hospital has once again received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award.

Thompson is a New York State Department of Health-designated Stroke Center and this award recognizes its commitment to ensuring stroke patients receive the most appropriate treatment according to nationally recognized, research-based guidelines following the latest scientific evidence. In order to earn the award, the hospital had to meet specific quality achievement measures relating to a number of things including the proper use of medications and other treatments, the education provided prior to discharge and other care-transition interventions.

“Thompson is dedicated to improving the quality of care for our stroke patients by implementing the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines-Stroke initiative,” said Stroke Coordinator Sarah Gallagher. “The tools and resources provided help us track and measure our success in meeting evidence-based clinical guidelines developed to improve patient outcomes.”

Thompson additionally received the Association’s Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll Award. To qualify for this recognition, hospitals must – for at least 12 months – meet quality measures developed with more than 90 percent of compliance for the “Overall Diabetes Cardiovascular Initiative Composite Score.”


NYS Designated Stroke Center
NYS Designated Stroke CenterDesignated Stroke Center
NYS Department of Health (DOH)

The New York State DOH has developed criteria for hospitals to be named a New York State designated primary stroke center. Thompson Hospital has met stringent requirements including: 

  • The establishment of a qualified acute stroke team available to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Round-the-clock capacity to perform CT scans with qualified physician interpretations 
  • Round-the-clock laboratory services 
  • A protocol where patients are seen by a physician within 15 minutes of arriving in the emergency room, have imaging within 25 minutes of arrival, and interpretation within 45 minutes of arrival 
  • The ability to provide neurosurgical procedures and evaluation quickly if deemed necessary 
  • A unit setting designated for the care of stroke patients beyond the acute treatment period 
  • An experienced staff that undergoes regular continuing medical education 
  • A quality assurance committee that meets regularly 
  • Progress reports about specific benchmarks, quality improvement goals that are incorporated into the hospital's quality assurance process

Designated Stroke Center

Stroke Center

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