Athletic Training Corner

Welcome to the Athletic Training Corner. Here you will find information on pertinent topics related to athletic injuries and/or performance. This information is updated monthly by Thompson Health's athletic training staff.

Each month’s topic will be relevant to the types of sports going on at the time.

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

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After enjoying the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi I figured it would be a good time to discuss some Skiing and Snowboarding injuries.Downhill Skiing

Thousands of people ski and snowboard each winter, but very few of them actually spend the time to properly get their body ready for the sport. Many times injuries occur as a result of poor weather conditions, and poor judgment on the part of the participant.

NATA’s Position Statement

Acute Management of the Cervical Spine – Injured Athlete

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Have Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place

This should include clear delineation of people’s roles, location of equipment (spine boards, AEDs, etc), and clear communication between all parties involved. Make sure to introduce yourself to the EMS providers at games.

Lacrosse Injuries

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Lacrosse playerLacrosse is America’s oldest and fastest growing team sport. Due to its combination of speed, change of direction, and contact it makes for a unique set of injury mechanisms and types.

Girls and boys lacrosse differ greatly in equipment, rules, and style of play.

National Athletic Training Month

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National Athletic Training MonthPlease join us in celebrating National Athletic Training Month by taking this opportunity to learn more about the profession.


What does a certified athletic trainer do?


Certified athletic trainers are medical experts in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. Athletic trainers can help you avoid unnecessary medical treatment and disruption of normal daily life. If you’re injured, they can get you on the mend and keep you on the move.


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Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sports and is offered at various levels of competition. Athletes are paired against each other according to their weight class. This decreases the risk for injury. The most common injuries that occur are to the knee, shoulder, skin, and head.

Jumper Knees

(Patellar Tendonitis)

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Jumper’s knee is characterized by pain at base of the patella or kneecap. It is often an overuse injury. This occurs in sports such as basketball which require lots of running cutting, and jumping.
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