Guild History

In the early years of the Guild, members held teas to raise money for hospital equipment. Its volunteers also visited patients to “bring cheer” and gathered to roll bandages. In recent years, the Guild has demonstrated formidable and irreplaceable strength with its funding.

Thomspon GuildIn 1967, it pledged $50,000 to the construction of the hospital on Parrish Street. Recent examples of the Guild’s generosity include the Healing Garden at the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center and a $25,000 contribution to Thompson Hospital’s expansion. The Guild also contributes a $10,000 annual education fund for Thompson Health staff. Of course, these are just a few examples – since 1982 alone, they have contributed more than $1 million to support Thompson Health in our mission to serve the people of our community.

Thomspon GuildIn 2005 the Guild members celebrated their centennial with several events throughout the year, and in typical fashion, many of the events were fundraisers benefiting Thompson Health. Throughout the years, the Guild has been a loyal supporter and true friend to Thompson.