Workplace Safety

A business imperative It's often said that employees are a company's most important asset. They are certainly one of its biggest investments. Your business probably spends a significant amount to recruit, train and retain good workers. It makes sense, then, to protect that investment by keeping employees healthy, safe and on the job.

Finding the right workers and keeping them healthy isn't as easy as it sounds. Consider:

  • How can you be sure a job applicant can perform the physical tasks required for the job - before you invest the time and money in iring them?
  • Where can you find a reliable provider of drug and alcohol screening?
  • How can you spot potential workplace health risks - and correct them?
  • How can you keep up with complex, ever-changing regulatory issues related to workplace safety?
  • If workplace injuries do occur, how can you minimize costs associated with worker downtime and workers' compensation issues?
  • How can you educate employees on workplace safety and wellness?

Not knowing the answers to questions like these can cost you. A lost work day costs an organization up to $1,000 of profit due to increased direct and indirect expenses like overtime, contracted labor, employer-paid medical treatment, loss of product quality and loss of sales.

Long-term disability cases, like those caused by repetitive-motion injuries, are another expense. The average cost per case for carpal tunnel syndrome is $14,000 in direct expenses.

A smart business investment
HealthWorks helps companies like yours minimize the costs of workplace health problems, and improve profitability by helping workers stay healthy and productive.

A trusted source for workplace wellness
HealthWorks has helped hundreds of businesses in our region reduce costs and maximize productivity. Our programs work because we develop strong partnerships among our health professionals, the employer and employees to achieve a common goal: employee safety and wellness.

Benefits of partnering with HealthWorks:
  • Regulatory compliance: HealthWorks can help your business keep pace with regulatory requirements and implement changes as needed.
  • Reduced employee turnover: HealthWorks' pre-employment screenings help you determine if a candidate can perform the physical tasks required for a job - and ensure the applicant understands what's expected of him or her. As a result, you'll lose fewer employees to turnover
  • Reduced workers' compensation expenses: HealthWorks can assess workplace health risks and recommend changes. For example, our ergonomics assessments can spot potential repetitive-motion risks, as well as unsafe work practices. Correcting these problems proactively can reduce injuries. When injuries do occur, HealthWorks professionals provide case management of workers' compensation cases, as well as recommend a course of therapy and rehabilitation to get workers back on the job as quickly as possible.
  • Reduced absences: Reducing workplace injuries and promoting workers' health is the best way to reduce the costs associated with employee downtime.
  • Improved employee satisfaction: By making employee health and safety a priority, your business sends the message that employees are valued and their needs are being met.