Cardiac Rehabilitation

Dealing with a cardiac event or surgery can be a challenge, both physically and emotionally, for patients and their families. Thompson Health offers a range of cardiac rehabilitation programs designed to help patients regain their physical health, self-confidence and sense of well-being. Our programs help patients and their families learn how to manage diet, physical activity and stress levels for optimum health and happiness. Thompson Health’s cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help patients return to normal activities as soon as possible after a cardiac event or surgery. Our trained cardiac rehabilitation staff offers a medically-planned program of exercise, education and counseling to help reduce the risk of a future cardiac event, and help patients feel in control, confident and ready to resume their activities.

Who We Help

Cardiac Rehabilitation Benefits Individuals Who Have Had:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart surgery / angioplasty / atherectomy
  • Angina
  • Known heart disease (with low exercise tolerance)  

What We Offer

  • Group and individualized exercise programs
  • Exercise program using specialized equipment
  • Educational instruction for a healthier lifestyle
  • A medically-supervised, supportive environment
  • An increased sense of well-being and physical confidence
  • Optimal heart strength conditioning
  • Support group (Mended Hearts)

Where We Are

Our cardiac rehabilitation programs are located in the Fralick Cardiac Rehabilitation and Fitness Center at F.F. Thompson Hospital.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

Thompson Health has a multi-disciplinary staff to cover all of the needs of our cardiac rehab patients. Our staff includes cardiologists, registered nurses, professionals from physical therapy, exercise physiology, dietary, medical social work, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, spiritual care, and pharmacy to ensure every detail of your care is addressed.

How Our Program Works

Thompson Health offers a phased approach to cardiac rehabilitation. We work with patients at each step of their journey back to optimum health – starting with Phase I, immediately after surgery or a cardiac event.

Phase I: In the Beginning 

Phase I begins during your first days of hospitalization. Thompson Health staff provides patient information on heart health and exercise instruction, and answers any questions you may have about diet and physical activity.
Phase I prepares you for your return home, and the beginning of the cardiac rehabilitation activity in Phase II.

Phase II: A Program Tailored Just for You

Phase II can begin within three to six weeks of your discharge from the hospital. After referral from your physician, the cardiac rehabilitation staff will prescribe an individualized, medically-appropriate program of exercise.

During this phase, you will exercise on specialized equipment while Thompson Health staff continuously monitor your heart. This allows medical management of your progress toward a total recovery.

Program Schedule and Cost:

Three exercise sessions every week for up to 36 sessions 

The cost is covered by most medical insurances 

Thompson Health will determine your individual exercise coverage before starting the program. Scholarships are available. 

For more information contact:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

(585) 396-6253


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