Breastfeeding Support

Each new mother and baby is unique, deserving special attention to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience. The nursing and medical staff at F.F. Thompson Hospital’s Birthing Center have years of experience in maternal/infant nursing and breastfeeding education. Our certified lactation consultant is available seven days a week while you are in the hospital and by phone or appointment after you return home.

The Birthing Center supports each woman's decision to breastfeed. Their goal is to assist breastfeeding moms by providing education about breastfeeding's many benefits, initiating and maintaining the breastfeeding process and infant nutrition.
A certified lactation consultant is available to provide breastfeeding support services upon request from patients, nursing and medical staff. You may make as many lactation appointments with us as needed. In addition, you do not have to deliver your baby at Thompson Hospital in order to meet with our lactation consultant; all mothers are welcome to use our services.


To make an appointment to see a lactation consultant, call (585) 396-6295.