Thompson Guild Tree of LightsA beacon of love and remembrance.

The Thompson Health Guild offers this special opportunity to recognize and celebrate loved ones this holiday season with a glowing light on the...

Tree of Lights

This year – more than ever – it is important to connect with the special people in our lives. And with a minimum tax-deductible donation of $5 per name, you can sponsor a tree light in honor or in memory of someone you care about. 

For each light purchased, a written notice will be sent so that the person honored – or the family of a person memorialized – will know of your kindness. The donation amount will not be listed. 

The tree is located just outside the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center on Parrish Street in Canandaigua and will be visible to patients, residents, staff and our community throughout the holiday season 

When your contribution is received, a special notification will be mailed to the recipient of your kindness (amount of gift omitted).

Lights may be added to the tree throughout the holiday season. May this wonderful season of sharing and giving warm your life with memories that will last through the New Year.


Current COVID restrictions mean we will not have a live ceremony this year, but for those who may be unable to drive by and see our tree first-hand, we will post photos to the Thompson Health Guild and Thompson Health Facebook pages, as well as on this page. 

Please consider joining us in bringing forth the light we all need this holiday season. 

Please use the form below (or mail-in form) to designate your lights. 

A minimum of $5.00 per light is suggested.

Tree of Lights Form


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