2018 Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to those who gave and continue to give. We know that your gift, at whatever level, is a significant contribution from you and your family. Thompson values our supporters, and recognition for your gift is a top priority.

Below you will find the F.F. Thompson Foundation’s Donor Honor Roll, which highlights over 2,000 individuals and organizations between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

We have made every effort to print an accurate list. Please contact The F.F. Thompson Foundation with corrections at 585-396-6156

^ denotes George Eastman Circle member

* denotes deceased

  • Ms. Stephanie M. Abbott
  • Ms. Tina M. Acevedo
  • Ms. Ruth S. Adamski
  • Ms. Kathleen Affleck
  • Ms. Maureen Ahern
  • Ms. Darlene Alexander
  • Mrs. Nancy L. Alliet
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Altemus
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Legion Post #1278
  • Ms. Britta Anderson
  • Ms. Karina Anderson
  • Ms. Sarah L. Anderson
  • Anderson-Vanhorne Associates, Inc
  • Mrs. Irmgard K. Angermeier
  • Dr. and Mrs. E. David Appelbaum
  • Ms. Betsy Archibald
  • Mrs. Connie J. Armstrong
  • Ms. Jennifer E. Army
  • Ms. Donna M. Arnold
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Astemborski
  • Ms. Carrie E. Aston
  • Ms. Chelsey Auburn
  • Ms. Christine Ayers
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Bach
  • Mrs. Cheryl A. Baker
  • Ms. Ellen S. Baker
  • Mr. Michael Bakonyi
  • Mrs. Deborah S. Balonek
  • Mr. Nicholas Basile
  • Mr. Donald Baube
  • David E. Baum, MD^
  • Ms. Stephanie L. Bavis
  • Ms. Jean A. Becker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Beechner
  • Ms. Lisa Beeman
  • Ms. Tsega Belete
  • Ms. Susan Bellis
  • Ms. Kathryn Benson
  • Ms. Suzanne Benz
  • Ms. Martha L. Bicknell
  • Mr. Raymond Biddle, Jr.
  • Ms. Becky M. Bigler
  • Mr. Stephen C. Biklen
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. Bingham
  • Ms. E. Laurie Bittner
  • Mr. Charles A. Blake
  • Ms. Wendy A. Blakemore
  • Ms. Suzanne Blatchford
  • Ms. Jody A. Blodgett
  • Ms. Lenore M. Bo
  • Dr. and Mrs. Barrett Bobsein
  • Ms. Linda Boerner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Angel Boev^
  • Boev Medical, PLLC
  • Mrs. Roberta B. Bolger
  • Mr. Richard L. Booth^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Borgeest
  • Mr. Mark Boskow
  • Ms. Anita Bott
  • Ms. Michelle Boylan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brace
  • Drs. Brendan and Mary Brady
  • Mr. David W. Brennessel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
  • Ms. Mildred Brocious
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bronson
  • Ms. Tammy J. Brooks
  • Ms. Martha D. Brown
  • Ms. Grace I. Brown
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Brownell
  • Ms. Jean M. Bucher
  • Ms. Crystal Burke
  • Mrs. Robert Burrill
  • Mrs. Virginia A. Butler
  • Ms. Carol Butler
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Cahn
  • Mrs. Gail M. Calkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Callari, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clint W. Campbell
  • Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
  • Canandaigua Wesleyan Church
  • Mr. Darin Carlin
  • Ms. Nikole B. Carmel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Carrier
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Cartwright
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Case^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Casella
  • Ms. Cathy Catarisano
  • Ms. Judith Celentani
  • Ms. Sally Chapman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Charlton
  • Ms. Michele R. Chiaverini
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. Chittenden
  • Ms. Pamela W. Chiverton
  • Mr. Ronald J. Christensen
  • Ms. Barbara Christoff
  • City School District of Albany
  • Ms. Brenda Clark
  • Ms. Kerry J. Clark
  • Mr. Will Clark
  • Ms. Kenna Colacino
  • Ms. Brandy L. Collett
  • Ms. Melissa Colvin
  • Ms. Heather Condon
  • Ms. Michele Cone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Connors
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Convery
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cook
  • Ms. Jean M. Cook
  • Mrs. Evelyn L. Cooley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Copeland
  • Ms. Mary K. Corey
  • Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Corson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Baird C. Couch
  • Ms. Elaine Crandall
  • Mr. Robert J. Craugh*
  • Ms. Cristine Crawford
  • Dr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Crean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crittenden
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Crofton^
  • Mrs. Lisa Crosswell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Crowley
  • Mr. Donald C. Curtice
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Cushman^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cutri
  • Ms. Thelma Dadson
  • Mr. Christopher Dailey
  • Ms. Amy Daly
  • Mr. George D'Amato
  • Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Davern
  • Mr. and Ms. James S. Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Davis
  • Ms. Dawn M. Davis
  • Mr. Robert H. Day
  • Ms. Kathleen R. DeCaro
  • Mrs. Karen L. Decontie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Deery
  • Mrs. Sharee L. Defayette
  • Ms. Penny L. Delamarter
  • Mrs. Diane DeRoos Bassage
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DeRosa
  • Ms. Lori M. DeRuyter
  • Mrs. Jennifer DeVault
  • Ms. Judith Devlin
  • Mrs. Mary D. Devries
  • Ms. Denise DeVuyst
  • Mr. Gerald Dilgard
  • Ms. Emma J. Doane
  • Mr. Mark Dobbertin
  • Ms. Gertrude Docteur
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Donegan
  • Ms. Jennifer Donley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doran
  • Ms. Melody L. Dowd
  • Mrs. Carol E. Doyle
  • Ms. Barbara M. Doyle
  • Mr. Parker R. Drumm
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ducharme
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leland Durkee
  • Mr. Ludolph Duyssen
  • Ms. Theresa M. Edwards
  • Elementary Sunshine Fund
  • Ms. Karen Eletto
  • Ms. Carol M. Endres
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Engel
  • Erdle Foundation, Inc.
  • Erina Hose Co., Inc.
  • Ms. Vicki S. Erway
  • Ms. Alayne Evans
  • Ms. Suzan Everdyke
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Ewert
  • Mr. George M. Ewing, Jr.
  • F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors, Inc.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fackler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Farnsworth
  • Ms. Judy Farris
  • Ms. Jennifer Feeney
  • Mr. Arthur Fellows*
  • Mrs. Martha Fellows
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Felosky^
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
  • Finger Lakes Dental Care PC
  • Ms. Nancy Finkle
  • Ms. Dawn M. Fisher
  • Ms. Cheryl A. Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fitch
  • Mrs. Gail Flugel
  • Ms. Susan L. Forti
  • Mrs. Margaret Fowler
  • Ms. Kristin Fox
  • Mr. and Mrs. James S. Fralick
  • Mr. John Frame
  • Mr. John A. Francis
  • Ms. Lorrie J. Frear
  • Ms. Tina J. Freelove
  • Ms. Mary E. Freeman
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Frohm
  • Mr. Daniel P. Fuller^
  • Mrs. Kelli G. Furnare
  • Ms. Angela K. Gage
  • Mr. Bruce T. Gage
  • Ms. Denise Galek
  • Ms. Stephanie Galton
  • Mr. Max Gannon
  • Ms. Edythe B. Gansz
  • Ms. Susan E. Gantz
  • Ms. Enya N.B. Garcia
  • Ms. Debra A. Gardner
  • Ms. Nancy Garrison
  • Ms. Laura R. Garrity
  • Mr. John E. Garvey
  • Ms. Audrey A. Gay
  • Mr. Paul Gayhart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerret Geartz
  • Ms. Christy Gebo
  • Ms. Marjorie Geiger
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Geraghty
  • German Brothers Marina, Inc.
  • Ms. Carrie Gersh
  • Mr. James E. Gianforti Sr.
  • Ms. Stacey Gibbs
  • Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel
  • Ms. Rosalind Giroux
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giuliano
  • Ms. Julie A. Glynn
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Goodman
  • Mr. John D. Goodman
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Gosling
  • Mr. and Mrs David Gosper
  • Mr. Lewis J. Gould
  • Mr. David A. Gould
  • Mr. Roy W. Grau
  • Mr. Stephen A. Guida
  • Dr. and Mrs. Benedict Gullo
  • Ms. Sharon P. Haefele
  • Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Hainen
  • Ms. Deborah Haitz
  • Mr. Dudley Hallstead
  • Dr. Ali Hamdan
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Hamilton
  • Mrs. Lynn M. Hamilton
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Hamlin IV
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamlin
  • Ms. Mary E. Hann
  • Mrs. Arline Hanna
  • Ms. Joyce A. Hanselman
  • Mrs. Doris Hapke
  • Mr. Stephen R. Harrington
  • Ms. Yvonne Harris
  • Ms. Debra L. Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harter^
  • Ms. Shirley S. Harvey
  • Mr. Raymond J. Hasenauer Jr.
  • Mr. Jeffrey L. Hathorn
  • Mr. James D. Havalack
  • Mrs. Dolores S. Hawkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hawks, Jr.
  • Ms. Sheri J. Hayes
  • Mr. Bruce Heacock
  • Ms. Courtney A. Healy
  • Ms. Sharon Hegeman
  • Mr. Scott Helfer
  • Mrs. Jerilyn A. Heller
  • Ms. Kathleen Hendrix
  • Ms. Gina M. Hendrix
  • Ms. Kathleen J. Henning
  • Mr. James M. Herd, III
  • Mr. Robert J. Herman
  • Ms. Eleanor M. Hernandez
  • Mr. George Herren
  • Mr. L. J. Herrington
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hess
  • Ms. Dana Heusler
  • Ms. Rene W. Hicks
  • Dr. Holly Hindman and Mr. Spencer Cook
  • Mr. Robert S. Hine, II
  • Mr. Thomas Hoertz
  • Mrs. Anna V. Hogan
  • Ms. Susan Holliday
  • Ms. Saralinda Hooker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hoover
  • Mr. Dennis E. Hopkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hortop
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hosenfeld
  • Mrs. Carolyn C. Hotchkiss
  • Mr. Roger Hotel
  • Mrs. Gale A. Hribar
  • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hudson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Huff
  • Ms. Geraldine Hughes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hume
  • Ms. Elizabeth P. Hummel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt^
  • Ms. Rosemary Hunt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hurlbutt
  • Mrs. Kimberly A. Hyde
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ingalls
  • Ms. Jean Jackson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jackson^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene James
  • Ms. Deanna O. Jan Patterson
  • Mr. Matt Janczak
  • Ms. Lori Jansen
  • Mrs. Amber E. Janson
  • Ms. Ayesha Javed
  • Mrs. Kathleen M. Johnson
  • Mrs. Connie Johnson
  • Ms. Susan D. Johnson
  • Ms. Anne Johnston
  • Ms. Deborah Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jones^
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Jones
  • Ms. Elaine H. Joseph
  • Mr. David K. Judge
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rufus M. Judson
  • Mr. Thomas Judson & Mrs. Elisabeth Judson
  • Ms. Linda K. Jung
  • Dr. Carla R. Jungquist
  • Dr. Srinivas Kaza and Dr. Lesley James^
  • Ms. Tamara J. Keese
  • Mr. and Mrs. David C. Keller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kelly
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kennedy
  • Ms. Regina M. Kesel
  • Ms. Yvonne Kilian
  • Ms. Summer L. Killian
  • Ms. Theresa S. Kip
  • Ms. Andrea G. Knaak
  • Mrs. Nancy Kobylenski
  • Ms. Gretchen J. Koch
  • Dr. Gary Kochersberger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Koczent
  • Ms. Anne M. Kohler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kolb^
  • Ms. Eleanor Kosakowski
  • Ms. Claire Floyd Kremer
  • Ms. Laurie Krise
  • Ms. Chris Kubli
  • Ms. Amanda Kuhn
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kulzer
  • Ms. Suzanne M. Kymble
  • Mr. Robert A. Labore
  • Mr. Gregory J. Ladow
  • Ms. Joyce Lafler
  • Ms. Jean K. Laitenberger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lamb^
  • Mr. Johnny A. Landers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landholm
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Landrigan
  • Ms. Leanna M. Landsmann and Mr. Milton Block
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lang
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lange
  • Ms. Carmella Zaffora Laurer
  • Mrs. Hollis K. Lawler
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Lawrence
  • Mr. William Lawton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lazarus
  • LeCesse Construction Co.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lechner
  • Ms. Ann M. Lee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rodney LeFrois
  • Mrs. Samantha LeGrett
  • Mrs. Judith Lenhard-Lawler
  • Mr. Richard D. Lentz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Lenz
  • Mr. Ronald E. Lesko, Jr.
  • Mr. Walter Lester
  • Ms. Patricia Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lijewski
  • Mrs. Frances Loeper
  • Ms. Donna G. Loiacono
  • Ms. Linda Longwell
  • Ms. Catherine Loury
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Luellen Jr.
  • Mrs. Margaret H. Luley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Lupton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lutz
  • Ms. Tracy Lyman
  • Ms. Anna E. Lynch Esq.
  • Lyons National Bank
  • Mr. Robert A. MacDonald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. MacKay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marshall MacKenzie
  • Ms. Gladys H. Maconeghy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Madera
  • Mr. Ronald Magde
  • Ms. Deborah L. Maggio
  • Henry Maglente, MD
  • Mr. Christopher B. Mahan and Ms. Anne Ruflin^
  • Ms. Jennifer Mahoney
  • Dr. Mary E. Maida and Dr. David Felten
  • Ms. Melisa K. Maier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Malley
  • Ms. Debra Mallula
  • Ms. Laurie F. Malotte
  • Ms. Kathleen H. Mannella
  • Ms. Barbara Manning
  • Ms. Dawn M. Marion
  • Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martin
  • Mr. Kenneth E. Mathis
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Matthews
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Matyjas
  • Mr. Gary S. Maybee
  • Mr. William L. Mayo, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. William McAdoo
  • Ms. Mandy McCann
  • Rev. and Mrs. Richard McCaughey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCausland
  • Ms. Holly C. McClain
  • Ms. Tammy L. McClenaghan
  • Ms. Hilary McDonald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGavern ^
  • Ms. Siobhan P. McGuire
  • Dr. and Mrs. John F. McGuire^
  • Ms. Sadie McKee
  • Dr. and Mrs. William McKenzie
  • Mr. David McLaughlin
  • Ms. Stephanie R. McLoud
  • Ms. Lynette L. McLoud
  • Ms. Kim McMahon
  • Ms. Erin M. McNeil-Szostak
  • Ms. Collene K. McPike
  • Ms. Eileen McWilliams
  • Ms. Janice A. Medve Adams
  • Mrs. Kathleen Meeh
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Meisch^
  • Ms. Lorie Mellini
  • Members Of The Albany Board of Education
  • Ms. Ann S. Menendez
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Michalko
  • Ms. Laura Michatek
  • Ms. Donna P. Miller
  • Mrs. Shirley P. Miller
  • Ms. Kalyn E. Miller
  • Mr. Vincent Milliken
  • Dr. Bruce R. Mills
  • Mr. Raymond C. Milne, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mincer
  • Mr. Frank M. Miner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Minges
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Minges^
  • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Mirsky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Montcrieff
  • Ms. Patricia Moon
  • Ms. Marron K. Mooney
  • Ms. Geraldine E. Moose
  • Mrs. Jayne B. Morga
  • Ms. Christine F. Morich
  • Ms. Carrie Morris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morse
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mount
  • Mrs. Wendy A. Mulholland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mull, Sr.
  • Ms. Patricia Mullally
  • Rev. and Mrs. Don Muller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Munn, Jr.
  • Mr. Richard P. Murray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Musfeldt
  • Mrs. Denise Naberezny
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Nagel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Natapow
  • Ms. Joanne Neary
  • Mr. Kenneth R. Nesbitt
  • New York Kitchen
  • Mrs. Waneta E. Nielsen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chad Nisbet
  • Ms. Christina Noone
  • Mr. John P. North Jr.
  • LTC and Mrs. John E. Norvell
  • Ms. Gail D. O'Brien*
  • Ms. Patty L. O'Brien
  • Ms. Joanne D. O'Brien
  • Dr. and Mrs. William B. O'Connell
  • Ms. Carol Olean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Onze
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Osgood
  • Ms. Holly Ottney
  • Ms. Beverly A. Owens
  • Ms. Lori L. Paddock
  • Dr. and Mrs. W. Jeffrey Page
  • Ms. Margaret S. Page
  • Mrs. Marian Pagnattaro
  • Ms. Ashley Pajk
  • Mrs. Elaine Palumbo
  • Ms. Jean A. Parker
  • Ms. Rhonda Parrish
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Parrish
  • Ms. Kristi L. Parsons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dilip K. Patel
  • Ms. Lisa Pearsall
  • Ms. Anne Peck
  • Ms. Marianne Peck
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pellerite
  • Penn Yan Education Association
  • Dr. and Mrs. A. David Peter^
  • Ms. Suzanne E. Petix
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Pettinger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Philley
  • Ms. Courtney Phillips
  • Ms. Susan Picchi
  • Dr. Robert Allyn Pierce
  • Ms. Anita Pietropaolo
  • Ms. Nancy L. Pisanzio
  • Mr. Steven P. Pitler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pizzutiello
  • Ms. Raya L. Plate
  • Mr. Charles Plyter, Jr.
  • Ms. Merry Jo Polimeni
  • Mr. Michael Postilli
  • Rev. and Mrs. P. Okke Postma
  • Ms. Beth Ann Potter
  • Ms. Elizabeth M. Potter
  • Ms. Bonnie S. Potter
  • Mr. James D. Potter
  • Mr. John Powell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Preston
  • Mr. Scott Price
  • Ms. Deborah A. Price^
  • Mrs. Lindsay Principe
  • Ms. Amanda Proctor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Prunoske^
  • Haoming Qiu, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Quigley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rader
  • Ms. Sue W. Raner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rashleigh
  • Ms. Judith Ratcliffe
  • Ms. Susan Rathman
  • Mrs. Renata M. Reber
  • Ms. Alona H. Redden
  • Barbara Reed
  • Ms. Jan Reetz
  • Ms. Laura J. Reifsteck
  • Ms. Sara Rexford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reynolds
  • Ms. Michelle A. Rhoda
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Riccio
  • Mr. Daniel T. Rice
  • Mrs. Jean Rice
  • Mrs. Heather L. Rickett
  • Mrs. Jean Ridley
  • Riedman Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Risser
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robbins
  • Mrs. Elda M. Robbins
  • Mr. Michael Zanghi & Ms. Hazel Robertshaw^
  • Mr. John M. Robortella
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Dr. Susan V. Rockwell
  • Mrs. Kathleen E. Roeland
  • Ms. Liselotte Roesner
  • Rolling Hills Consulting, Inc.
  • Ms. Kristi Romero
  • Ms. Bonnie Sue Ross and Mr. Richard Brocklebank
  • Ms. Natalie Ross*
  • Mr. Thomas Ross
  • Rotary Club of Canandaigua
  • Ms. Jean Rowley
  • Ms. Linda M. Rowsick Mitchell
  • Rubery Advised Fund
  • Ms. Deborah Ruggles
  • Mr. Marie Rusaw
  • Mr. H. Bruce Russell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Craig V. Russell
  • Mr. Antonio Russo
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan
  • Mrs. Rebecca L. Ryan
  • Mrs. Walajean Saglett
  • Drs. Carl P. and Olle Jane Z. Sahler
  • Ms. Lori Sanders
  • Bryan Sandler, MD
  • Ms. Yvonne Saner
  • Ms. Erin G. Santonastaso
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wade Sarkis^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Saucke
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Saunders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Savage
  • Ms. Anne Savage
  • Ms. Debra Saxby
  • Mrs. Karen Schantz
  • Mr. Anthony J. Scheele
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schenck
  • Ms. Kelly A. Schiefen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schildwaster
  • Ms. Nancy Schildwaster
  • Mrs. Mary Ann Schlesing
  • Mr. Neil W. Schmitt
  • Ms. Catherine G. Schott
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schottland^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schriener
  • Ms. Beverly A. Schroeder
  • Ms. Ashley M. Schultz
  • Ms. Dolores L. Schwenn
  • Mrs. Ann Scoville
  • David R. Segal, MBA, MS^
  • Ms. Shirley Senglaub
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Buckingham
  • Ms. Wendy S. Sexton
  • Ms. Linda M. Shanks
  • Ms. Catherine A. Shannon
  • Ms. Sharry Shekell
  • Ms. Melissa S. Shelley
  • Shepard Bros., Inc.
  • Mr. Donald L. Sherman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sherman
  • Mr. John Shinay
  • Mrs. Caroline Shipley
  • Ms. Susan Shively
  • Ms. June S. Shone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shortino^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Siewert^
  • Mr. James W. Simmons
  • Dr. and Mrs. Adam C. Simning
  • Mr. Gregory Slisz
  • Ms. Robin M. Smith
  • Ms. Nina Smith
  • Ms. Kathryn E. Smith
  • Mrs. Angela M. Smith
  • Mr. George W. Smith
  • Ms. Patricia A. Smith
  • Dr. Marsha Snyder
  • Ms. Denise Snyder
  • Mrs. Kimberley G. Snyder
  • Ms. Margaret Somerset and Mr. Richard McCarthy^
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Sorce
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Spalding
  • Ms. Roberta Spezzano
  • Mr. Richard Spiehler
  • Ms. Deanna Spitz
  • Ms. Patricia D. Sprentall
  • Mr. Wilfred Squirrell
  • Mr. Bruce Stanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Stapleton, Jr.^
  • Ms. Rona Stein
  • Ms. Arlene B. Stell
  • Dr. and Mrs. James Sterling
  • Ms. Ragan L. Stevens
  • Mr. Ricky C. Stevens
  • Mr. Glen R. Stevenson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stolt^
  • Ms. Kelly Stone
  • Ms. Tara N. Stone
  • Mr. Michael Stonewell
  • Sturdy Memorial Hospital
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Styer, Jr.
  • Ms. Elizabeth J. Sullivan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sutter
  • Ms. Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson
  • Ms. Katherine M. Sydor
  • Mrs. Bonita Sykes
  • Dr. Joseph A. Talarico^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Talke
  • Mr. James R. Taylor
  • Cynthia E. Teerlinck, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tepedino
  • The Pike Company, Inc.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas
  • Mrs. Renee B. Thomas
  • Thompson Health Guild
  • Mr. and Mrs. M. James Thunberg
  • Ms. Paula A. Tibbitts
  • Mrs. Margaret A. Tiffany
  • Ms. Gerilee Tiffany
  • Ms. Kasie J. Tomion
  • Ms. Kimberly Tonovitz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Tourje
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Trainer
  • Ms. Teresa A. Trank
  • Mr.and Mrs. David Tudman
  • Ms. Susan E. Tufts
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh Turner
  • Mrs. Madeleine A. Tutty
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Twombly^
  • Ms. Donna Tyler
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Uebbing
  • United Way of Greater Rochester
  • Ms. Carol Urbaitis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Urso
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Utter
  • Mrs. Judy B. Valachovic
  • Ms. Kayli Valerio
  • Mr. Ronald Boillat & Ms. Lori Van Dusen
  • Ms. Sheila A. Van Laeken
  • Vance Metal Fabricators, Inc.
  • Ms. Samantha M. VanDeMortel
  • Ms. Pierrette Vanderkamp
  • Mr. and Mrs. David VanDerLinden
  • Ms. Mary Ann VanHanehan
  • Mrs. Susan E. VanTroost
  • Ms. Traci A. Vanwie
  • Ms. Mary A. Vaughn
  • Ms. Elvira Velasquez
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Venezia
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Vitalone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto Vitullo
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Vogel
  • Mr. Ryan D. Wagner
  • Mrs. Farley A. Wagner
  • Ms. Rebecca Wallace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walsh
  • Ms. Lynn M. Walsh
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Walters
  • Ms. Barbara E. Warren
  • Ms. Sara L. Weaver
  • Ms. Dorothy E. Weeks
  • Ms. Barbara Weinhart
  • Drs. Justin and Emily Weis^
  • Ms. June L. Weisseg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ardean L. Wells
  • Ms. Kristine West
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. West
  • Mr. Doug Westerdahl
  • Mr. Roy A. Weymouth
  • Mrs. Kathleen S. Wheeler
  • Mrs. Margaret K. White
  • Mrs. Carole L. Whittaker
  • Wickham Farms
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Widmer
  • Mr. Noel T. Wido
  • Mr. Michael L. Wilder*
  • Mrs. Patricia Wilder
  • Ms. Miriam F. Wilkerson
  • Mr. Michael Wilkins
  • Ms. Erin R. Williamee
  • Ms. Shirley G. Williams
  • Mrs. Mary Jane Wilson
  • Mr. Howard O. Wilson
  • Ms. Nancy L. Wilson
  • Ms. Cecily L. Wilson- Turner
  • Ms. Karen Wingate
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Winslow
  • Ms. Claire B. Withers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Wood
  • Mr. Neil E. Woodhams
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wormer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wright
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Yanklowski
  • Dr. Max Yarowsky
  • Dr. Jay Yates^
  • Ms. Karen E. Yax
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yeaple
  • Mr. Bill Youhass
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Young
  • Ms. Marcia D. Young
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zegarelli
  • Mr. and Mrs. Detler Zoeke
  • R. Douglas Alling, MD
     Mrs. Joyce A. Barnard
     David and Gail Wyffels

  • Lorne Ainsworth
     Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Donegan

  • Teofilo Arazi, MD
     Ms. Elizabeth Y. Combs

  • Jillian J. Babu, MD
     Mrs. Joyce A. Keeney

  • Lisa Beckwith
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walters

  • Ross M. Beecher
     Ms. Jean E. Middlebrook

  • Dirk M. Bernold, MD
     Adrienne O'Brien, Ph.D.

  • Deborah Bradford
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walters

  • Ralph Brasacchio, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ostrander

  • Kurt and Elizabeth Brownell
     Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Brownell

  • Catherine J. Cantwell, MD
     Ms. Gloria Bowman
     Lewis and Rosemary Caffo

  • John J. D'Amore, MD
     Mrs. Anne Erdle
     Mr. and Mrs. George E. Herren
     Ms. Elizabeth S. Mitchell
     Ms. Nancy Quigley

  • Christopher D'Angelo, MD
     Ms. Marilyn L. Platt

  • Harry A. Deery
     Harry and Ruth Deery

  • David DiLoreto
     Mr. Franklin Donk

  • Joseph Duba, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Durbano
     Mr. Walter E. VanCaeseele

  • Katherine Exter
     Patricia A. Wells

  • James P. Fennelly, MD
     Ms. Barbara A. Lyke
     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Miles
     Ms. Jill Sheedy

  • James V. Fetten, MD
     Mrs. Gerald E. Deal

  • Michael M. Foote, MD
     Ms. Thelma Mix
     Ms. Pamella Osinski

  • James and Ellen Fralick
     Ms. Leanna Landsmann and Mr. Milton Block

  • Susan L. Fulmer, MD
     Mr. Howard O. Wilson

  • Ann M. Galbo
     Mr. Peter N. Galbo

  • Kipling B. Goh, MD
     Ms. Linda J. Albanese
     Mrs. Nancy Alliet
     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barr
     Ms. Martha Breiner
     Lewis and Rosemary Caffo
     Howard L. Judd
     Ms. Leanna Landsmann and Mr. Milton J. Block
     Robert McDonald
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yates

  • Kerry P. Graff, MD
     Bob Gordon
     Mr. Donald N. Pett

  • David A. Graham, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Criss

  • David C. Grimm, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Hill
     Ms. Dawn Martinez
     Ron and Chick Sherman

  • Bryan A. Henry, MD
     Mrs. Mary L. Allhusen
     Charles and Carol Callari
     Ms. June A. Daggs
     Mr. David DiRaddo
     Ms. Suzanne Stone

  • Bob Hoffman
     Mrs. Kathleen S. Wheeler & Mr. R. E. Wheeler, Jr.

  • Sungjun J. Hwang, MD
     Mrs. Ann Amico
     Ms. Claire Kremer

  • Michael Kallay, MD
     Ms. Sherelene J. Furano

  • Srinivas R. Kaza, MD
     Mr. James L. Baker

  • William Kingston, MD
     Ms. Suzanne Stone

  • Bruce P. Klein, MD
     Ms. Sally Lara Gordon
     Ms. Sharon Hegeman
     Ms. Mary Shelley

  • Barbara Koczent
     Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Koczent

  • Susan M. Landgraf, MD
     Ms. Judi A. Cummins
     Mr. and Mrs. David VanDerLinden
     Mr. Joseph A. Vitalone
     Ms. Sherrie Winters

  • Jonathan Logan, MD
     Mrs. Mary-Martha Harvey

  • Jeffrey C. Long, MD
     Ms. June A. Daggs
     Mr. Martin Dodge
     Bill and Mary Anne Kramp
     Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Rex

  • Zbigniew Lukawski, MD
     Doug and Cindy Brown
     Ms. Gladys Maconeghy

  • Laurie Lynn
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kraemer

  • John F. McGuire, MD
     Ms. Elizabeth A. Chittenden

  • Mary Lou McMillen
     Ms. Gladys H. Maconeghy

  • Phillip S. Meaker, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. William McCann

  • Robert W. Meyer, MD
     Ms. June A. Daggs
     Ms. Mary M. Joseph
     Mr. Michael Melfi
     Adrienne O'Brien, Ph.D.
     Mr. Hollis A. Robinson

  • Charles Michalko, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook

  • Michael J. Mitchko, MD
     Ms. Linda Bruce
     Mr. Joseph T. D'Agostino
     Ms. Sherelene J. Furano
     Ms. Jane E. Heath
     Ms. Barbara Hildreth
     Mrs. Nancy Whiteman

  • James and Marcia Minges
     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Minges

  • MM Ewing CCC Front Desk
     Ms. Dorothy Steiner

  • Geoffrey Ostrander, MD
     Mrs. Nancy Whiteman

  • Robert J. Ostrander, MD
     Ms. Janet F. Bordwell
     Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bronson
     Sandra V. Button
     Mr. and Mrs. John H. Meisch
     Mrs. Nancy Whiteman

  • Bradley K. Peck, MD
     Mr. Thomas Binnert
     Mary L. White

  • A. David Peter, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barr
     Lewis and Rosemary Caffo
     Howard and Joyce Keeney
     Linda M. Starr

  • Physicians at Thompson Hospital
     Mr. Gerald P. Pisapia

  • Heidi C. Piper, MD
     Ms. Jeanne DeCourcey
     Adrienne O'Brien, Ph.D.

  • Timothy D. Pitler, MD

  • Jill K. Potts, MD
     Lewis and Rosemary Caffo
     Mr. Donald A. Coston
     Mr. and Mrs. Brian Madera
     Ms. Nancy F Nudd
     Mr. Lewis Stoffel

  • Susan V. Rockwell, MD
     Mr. Ron Lesko, Sr.*

  • Carl P. Sahler, MD
     Rayman and Sally Bounds
     Lucy and Gordon Cook
     Mr. David DiRaddo
     Ms. Carolyn Hatfield
     Ms. Patricia Liberatore
     Mr. James H. Moore
     Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Oskamp
     Earl and Olivia Thomas
     Diana Wade
     Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Wood

  • Bryan Sandler, MD
     Mr. John Robortella
     Ms. Suzanne Stone

  • Sands Cancer Center
     Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Walsh

  • Donna J. Schue, MD
     Rev. P. Okke and Kathy Postma

  • Christopher Scibelli, MD
     Ted and Judy Malley

  • Robert W. Scott, MD
     Adrienne O'Brien, Ph.D.

  • Paul A. Shapiro, MD
     Raymond and Alice Barone
     Donald and Betty Cummings

  • John J. Sharza, MD
     Mr. James L. Baker
     Mr. Michael J. Schwabl and Ms. Lauren Dixon
     Ms. Patricia Walker

  • Ted Shepard
     Mike and Kathie May

  • Richard Shone
     June S. Shone

  • George A. Sirotenko, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. C James Roman

  • Robert L. Smith, MD
     Ms. Adela M Crowley
     Rev. David Hefling and Rev. Michael Dudley
     Mr. Don McWilliams*
     Mrs. Emily McWilliams

  • John Sullivan, MD

  • Joseph A. Talarico, MD
     Mr. John Robortella

  • Cynthia E. Teerlinck, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barr
     Mrs. Hollis K. Lawler
     Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Rex
     Alan and Nancy Wilcox
     Ms. Barbara Wohlschlegel

  • Raymond M. Thomas, MD
     Lewis and Rosemary Caffo

  • Albert J. Tricomi, MD
     Ms. Bonita Bondgren

  • Hugo Valencia, MD
     Mr. Franklin Donk

  • Roger K. Vince, MD
     Ms. Sandra Ross

  • David C. Walters
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walters

  • Ben C. Wandtke, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barr

  • Justin M. Weis, MD
     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Weis

  • Paul S. Whitehead, MD
     Mrs. Constance M. Hagadorn

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Widmer
     Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Widmer

  • Leslie M. Wong, DO
     Mr. Lynn Bernard

  • Thomas A. Wormer, MD

  • Guan Wu, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Bauer, Sr.

  • Max Yarowsky, MD

  • Jay A. Yates, MD
     Ms. Nancy Herendeen

  • Vincent M. Yavorek, MD
     Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Alford
     Mrs. Marilyn Eddy

  • Marc S. Zarfes
     Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Schlegel

  • Susan E. Zumbo
     Earl and Olivia Thomas

  • Bev Adams
     Mr. Richard A. Simpson

  • Gilbert Adams

  • M. Evelyn Adams
     Mr. Bernard Adams

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen
     Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Allen

  • Theodore Appleton
     Ms. Elizabeth Anker
     Canandaigua Middle School

  • Joyce Ayers
     Kunda Family

  • Bill F. Bavineau
     Ms. Jean A. Becker
     Ms. Dianne E. Russell & Mr. Craig V. Russell
     Ms. Donna M. Arnold & Mr. Jimmie J. Arnold
     Ms. Nancy L. Wilson & Mr. John Dickinson
     Ms. Lynn C. Rashleigh & Mr. Gary D. Rashleigh
     Ms. Jean K. Laitenberger
     Ms. Carol Butler & Mr. Michael Butler
     Ms. June L. Weisseg & Ms. Carol Butler
     Mr. Gary Rader & Mrs. Sheila Rader

  • James H. Bell
     Ms. Dorothy A. Boucher
     Rayman and Sally Bounds
     Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Casella
     Ms. Rhonda Cook
     Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W. Eddy
     Ms. Michele Morrisey DeMarte
     Ontario County Town & Village Highway Superintendents Assoc.
     Parrish & Brassie, LLP
     Mr. and Mrs. H. Carl Stewart, Jr.
     Ms. Helen J. White

  • Barbara M. Bernard
     Mr. Lynn Bernard

  • Anne C. Blanchard
     Daniel J. Blanchard

  • Alice Blazey
     Mr. and Mrs. John T. Blazey

  • Arline Bobsein
     Sturdy Memorial Hospital
     Dr. Barrett Richard Bobsein & Ms. Victoria Bobsein

  • Darryl A. Braun
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Dr. Lois E. Brennan
     Mr. Jefferson F. Huff & Mrs. Eileen Huff

  • Dorothy Brown
     Ms. Beverly E. Boxley

  • Mary-Alva Brown
     Walter and Barbara Szkapi

  • Mary S. Burlingham
     Ms. Ellen S. Baker

  • Harold Burnett

  • Nancy G. Burns
     Ms. Ruth S. Adamski
     Mr. and Mrs. Donn Branton
     Doug and Cindy Brown
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burns
     Mr. D. Guy Burns
     Ms. Marjorie W. Case
     Mr. Ronald J. Christensen
     Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ely, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harradine
     Mrs. Barbara A. Lipari
     Ms. Elizabeth L. Lyon
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Marlin
     Mr. Clinton F. Moore
     NYSDOH - Central New York Office
     Mrs. Tarry Shipley
     Ms. Deanna Spitz & Mr. Joseph Spitz
     Ms. Lynda H. Spalding & Mr. Eric Spalding
     Ms. Betsey Stout
     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Warnshouse
     Ms. Kathleen A. Welch
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whalen

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Butler
     Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Allen

  • Wade R. Button
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Vincenzia Cardella
     Mr. Dominic T. Cardella

  • Sophie Carmichael
     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Lamb

  • John Carrier
     Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Carrier

  • Rita M. Carrier
     Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Carrier

  • Ben Cassarino
     Ms. Beverley Brown
     Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel L. Evans
     Barbara and Michael Heagney
     Hueber-Breuer Construction Co., Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kester
     Ms. Patricia O'Donnell
     Ms. Deborah A. Price
     Ms. Alice-Ann Schuster
     Mrs. Tarry Shipley
     Ms. Joann Toscano
     Ms. Linda E. Williams
     Pam and Larry Woods
     David and Gail Wyffels

  • Dave Champoux
     Ms. Jacqueline O'Neil

  • Helene Charron
     Mr. Ronald W. Charron

  • Ron Colacino
     Ms. Suzanne Colacino

  • Earl Coleates
     Mr. Darryl Kramer

  • Linda Colf
     Mrs. Mary W. Semans

  • Marilyn Conklin
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Conklin

  • Paul M. Conley
     Mrs. Elsa Conley

  • David E. Cook
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Charles F. Cooper
     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Montcrieff

  • Janet Cornick
     Mr. Kenneth Cornick

  • Ronald Craig
     Valerie and Robert Brechko
     Jennifer and Freeman Housel

  • Danielle M. Crean
     Dr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Crean

  • William D. Crudele
     Mrs. Donna J. Crudele

  • Elaine Cutri
     Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Bobsein
     Ms. Tammy Boglione
     Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Cutri
     ELF Foundation
     Ms. Edythe B. Gansz
     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Graham
     Ms. June G. Herman
     Mr. and Mrs. Kent L Johnson
     Mrs. Kathleen M. Jones
     Tom and Margaret Marafioti
     Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pierce, Jr.
     Mrs. Wanda Polisseni
     Ms. Kathleen Rayburn
     Ms. Patricia Shelton
     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vitalone

  • Mike Cutri
     Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Cutri

  • James J. D'Agostino
     Mrs. Elaine M. D'Agostino

  • W.C. "Corky" Dannenbrink
     Mrs. Bobbe Dannenbrink

  • Philip J. D'Arduini
     Mrs. Patricia J. D'Arduini

  • John DeBrock
     Ms. Ruth DeBrock

  • Leona Donk
     Mr. Franklin Donk

  • James W. Doran
     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Doran

  • Murray A. Doyle
     Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Doyle, Sr.

  • Virginia Dubler
     Ms. Barbara D. Carson

  • David Ehmann
     Ms. Deborah A. Price

  • Olney Exton
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Marion Fladd
     Mrs. Suzanne N. Winslow

  • Laura Flynn
     Mr. Charles Plyter, Jr.

  • Mary K. Foster
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.
     Mr. Walter J. Matyjas

  • William Frame
     Ms. Enya N.B. Garcia
     Mr. John Frame
     Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lawler
     Mrs. Lindsay Principe

  • Ralph Francisco
     Mrs. Arlene B. Stell

  • Michael Frohm
     William and Mary Lou Frohm

  • Miriam G. Gould
     Mr. Lewis J. Gould, Esq.

  • John R. Grabski, III
     Ms. Martha D. Brown

  • Margaret Green
     Mr. George Green

  • George F. Grube
     Edward and Sally Morrow

  • Barbara J. Haines
     Ms. Suzanne M. Colucci

  • Kathleen Harwood
     Kathleen H. Mannella

  • Theodore I. Harwood
     Kathleen H. Mannella

  • Gary D. Hatton
     Smith Lumber & Hardware Center
     Ms. Sandra Witkowski

  • Debra R. Hawks
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Speziale

  • Shirley Heacock
     Mr. Bruce Heacock

  • Jo-Anne M. Healy
     Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fredericks

  • Frederic T. Henry, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Mary Herd
     Mr. James M. Herd, III

  • Galen Herren
     Mr. and Mrs. George E. Herren

  • Joan Herrington
     Marilyn and Brent Davis
     Ms. Anne R. Johnston
     Mrs. Carolyn Lariton

  • John D. Hill
     Ms. Therese M. Dorscheid
     Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hovey
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rader
     Ms. Mary Jane Ritzenthaler
     Mr. John Schumacher

  • Donald A. Hine
     Ms. Pamela Chiverton

  • Edward Hogan
     Mrs. Anna V. Hogan

  • Jennifer Hubble
     Mr. Harold Barnard

  • Gary Hudson
     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kielar
     The Hudson Family
     Mr. and Mrs. James Tiffany

  • Linda Hultzapple
     Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Allen

  • Leonard O. Hunt
     Mrs. Rosemary Hunt

  • James Thomas Ingalls
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ingalls

  • June and Robert Ingram
     Mrs. Sharon Randall

  • Gordon L. Joseph
     Mrs. Elaine H. Joseph

  • Stella Kayson
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartlett

  • Elaine Kennedy
     Ms. Marilyn O'Brien

  • Helen Kneut
     Mrs. Kathleen E. Roeland

  • Mary E. Kolb
     Mr. Richard A. Kolb

  • Bruce A. Krobusek
     Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Allison
     Mrs. Carol H. Anderson
     Ms. Charie Babcock and Mr. William Sinkins
     Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bacher
     Paul and Carolyn Belfiore
     Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Amico
     Mr. and Mrs. David Evans
     Ms. Laura Schieck Harkness
     Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Jacobs
     Mr. and Mrs. Philip Keith
     Ms. Carol Krobusek
     Mr. and Mrs. Lee McCombs
     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paris
     Mr. and Mrs. William Rampe
     Todd and Pam Roadman
     Sonnenberg Garden Club
     Ms. Dorothy Talone
     Mr. Christopher A. Williams

  • Gunter Kronenberger
     Mrs. Wilhelmine Kronenberger

  • Lawrence and Valeta Lafler
     Mr. Laverne Lafler

  • Edith A. Laursen
     Mrs. Brenda L. Englin
     Mr. Jeffrey Hathorn

  • Julia Lentz
     Mr. Richard D. Lentz

  • Carol S. Lester
     Mr. Walter Lester

  • Mr. Ronald E. Lesko, Sr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Crowley
     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DeRosa
     Mr. and Mrs. William McAdoo
     Mr. David K. Judge
     Ms. Dolores Schwenn
     Mr. James W. Simmons
     Mr. John Powell
     Ms. Ann Savage and Members of the Albany Board of Education
     Mrs. Denise Naberezny
     Ms. Paula A. Tibbitts
     Ms. Cecily L Wilson-Turner
     City School District of Albany
     Dr. Susan V. Rockwell
     Mr. James D. Havalack
     Mr. and Mrs. James Tiffany
     Mr. Ronald E. Lesko, Jr.

  • John Lipari
     Mrs. Barbara A. Lipari

  • Bernice Lonecke
     Town Of Farmington

  • Guy H. Love
     Ms. Rebecca Holder

  • John D. Luley
     Margaret H. Luley

  • Roland Lyle
     Ms. Victoria Bush
     Ms. Naomi DeCamp
     Mr. Andrew Desmann
     Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Desmann
     Ms. Dorothy Graves
     Mr. and Mrs. David Kudla
     Ms. Judy M. Lewis
     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lustig
     Mr. James Lyle
     Ms. Judy Schroeder
     Ms. Noreen Vadakin

  • Dorothy M. MacKay
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Rocco Maio
     Ms. Tina M. Acevedo
     Ms. Sandy J. Bumpus
     Sandra V. Button
     Ms. Judith Celentani
     Education Success Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.
     HB Cornerstone
     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mugnola
     Ms. Anne C. Perron
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sands

  • Eleanor Mancuso
     Ms. Della R. Mancuso

  • Lewis J. Martz
     Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Hosenfeld

  • Clyde W. Marvel
     Mrs. Elizabeth M. Marvel

  • Anne McDonald
     Robert McDonald

  • Gerald McMullen
     Ms. Marjorie Geiger

  • Hugh A. McQueen
     Ms. Betty Lou McQueen

  • Carl Meacham, Jr.
     Mrs. Robert Burrill

  • James C. Meehan
     Mrs. Elizabeth Meehan

  • Bonnie J. Miller

  • Thomas Miller
     Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stewart

  • Wendy L. Miller
     Barbara Reed
     Mr. William Corson & Mrs. Suzanne Corson
     Vance Metal Fabricators, Inc.
     Ms. Donna P. Miller
     Ms. Carol S. Preston & Mr. Mark E. Preston
     Ms. Linda Longwell
     Mrs. Shirley P. Miller
     Ms. Lori Jansen

  • Paul D. Millhausen
     Ms. Karen M. Morse
     Ms. Eileen McWilliams
     Mrs. Roberta B. Bolger
     Mrs. Kathleen E. Roeland & Mr. Steven C. Roeland
     Mrs. Carol C. Engel & Mr. John L. Engel
     Mr. Bradley D. Lang & Ms. Carrie Gersh
     Ms. Patricia Mincer & Mr. Robert C. Mincer
     Ms. Siobhan P. McGuire & Mr. Frank Meyer, Jr.

  • Bruce Edward Mills
     Mrs. Shirley K. Adams

  • John Moffat
     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Natapow

  • Bessie Moore
     Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Bobsein
     Boylan Code LLP
     Mr. and Mrs. David Hagadorn
     Ms. Jill Halaby
     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Ingalls
     Ms. Barbara Unell

  • Freda and Erwin Moranda
     Ms. Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson

  • Sharlene Morrow
     Edward and Sally Morrow

  • Col. Charles F. Moyer
     Mr. John P. North, Jr.

  • My Family
     Mrs. Marjorie Miller

  • Milton and Caroline Neeb
     Ms. Edith Zimmerman

  • Douglas "Bud" Nesbitt
     Mrs. Evelyn Batterby

  • Richard M. Neufang
     Ms. Jill King

  • Jean P. Newton
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. West

  • Laura J. North
     American Legion Auxiliary Unit #256

  • Joyce Northup
     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Saucke

  • Michael L. O'Brien
     Ms. Tracy Lyman & Mr. Michael Lyman
     Ms. Joanne D. O'Brien & Mr. Will Clark
     Mrs. Lisa Crosswell
     Ms. Jacquelyn B. Davern & Mr. James Davern

  • Eileen Oseroff
     Bernard J. Oseroff, M.D.

  • Greg Otterbein
     Mrs. Henrietta Otterbein

  • Helen P. Pardington
     Garlock Sealing Technologies

  • Robert A. Park
     Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rockmaker

  • Laura F. Philley
     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Philley

  • Gordon Pickering
     Ms. Ruth DeBrock

  • Frances Pickert
     Ms. Suzanne Debs

  • Bernard Pierce
     Ms. Bernice Anania
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Antinelli
     Mr. Richard Babiarz
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bell
     Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bognaski
     Mr. and Mrs. David F. Brown
     Clifton Springs Country Club
     Mr. and Mrs. John D'Agostino
     Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dhalle
     Ms. Kathryn J. Erdle
     Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gardner
     Ms. Kathryn Haers
     Mr. and Mrs. David Hagadorn
     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hart
     Mrs. Krista J. Jackson
     Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johns
     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Miles
     Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pearles, Jr.
     Ms. Gwen Pesce
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pitifer, Jr.
     Mr. Charles Plyter, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Reres
     Mrs. Sally S. Seeber
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. St. James
     Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Van Deusen
     Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Wager

  • Martin Pierson
     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Minns

  • Harry and Mareta Pitler
     Stephen Pitler

  • Mina Placito
     Ms. Dolores M. Placito

  • Nick Placito
     Ms. Dolores M. Placito

  • Mary Polimeni
     Ms. Merry Jo Polimeni

  • Marion S. Potter

  • Madison Sophia Powell
     Ms. Jo Anne VanBuren

  • Judy Price
     Ms. Amy Hamlin

  • Douglas S. Reber
     Mrs. Renata M. Reber

  • Margaret Ann Reynolds
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Reynolds

  • Donald J. Rider
     Mrs. Sandra Schildwaster & Mr. Mark Schildwaster
     Mr. Neil L. Schildwaster & Ms. Nancy Schildwaster
     Ms. Collene K. Mcpike
     Mr. Gary S. Maybee
     Mr. David B. Mirsky
     Mrs. Elda M. Robbins & Mr. Micheal J. Robbins

  • Michael A. Roberti
     Ms. Claire Withers

  • Robbie Robertson
     Mrs. V. Lee Robertson

  • Kellner Rodemerk
     Ms. Sara Rexford
     Mrs. Louann Lange & Mr. Daniel Lange
     Ms. Linda Yanklowski
     Ms. Karen Eletto
     Ms. Fay L. Schreiner & Mr. Stephen P. Schreiner
     Mr. Doug Westerdahl
     Ms. Betsy Archibald
     Ms. Janice A. Medve Adams
     Mrs. Linda Urso & Mr. Mario P. Urso
     Mrs. Kathleen Meeh & Mr. Dennis Meeh
     Mrs. Maureene E. Lechner
     Mr. John Shinay

  • Monica Romeiser
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boardman

  • Gordon Rowley
     Mrs. Jean Rowley

  • Susan Fine Russell
     Mr. H. Bruce Russell

  • Anne Sadove Frederick
     Ms. Elizabeth Sadove and Mr. Ken Scallete

  • John E. Saglett
     Mrs. Walajean Saglett

  • Robert Saglett
     Mrs. Walajean Saglett

  • Antoinette Santevecchi
     Mr. Daniel Santevecchi

  • Eleanor Savastano
     Mrs. Nancy Kobylenski
     Ms. Suzanne Benz
     Ms. Kathleen J. Henning & Mr. William P. Henning
     Mr. Barry Balonek & Mrs. Deborah S. Balonek
     Ms. Rona Stein
     Mrs. Mary D. Devries
     Ms. Kim McMahon & American Cancer Society
     Ms. Theresa S. Kip
     Ms. Barbara M. Doyle
     Ms. Cheryl A. Fisher & Anonymous Check Donors
     Ms. Laura Michatek
     Anderson-Vanhorne Associates, Inc

  • Howard I. Schenker
     Ms. Dianne R. Carcich

  • Daniel D. Schneider
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Frances Schroeder
     Mr. and Mrs. William C. Abbey
     John and Mary Conlon
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connelly
     Pyragon, Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schroeder

  • Alton M. Schumacher
     Ms. Jean M. Bucher

  • Jeffrey B. Schwartz
     Ms. Ginna Benham
     Drs. Mark and Karen Blazey
     Dr. Brendan C. Brady and Dr. Mary Brady
     Ms. Patricia R. Budz
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Coe
     Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Duncan
     ELF Foundation
     Mr. Thomas Hamlin
     Mr. and Mrs. James C. Minges
     Mr. William J. Mitchell, Jr.
     Karen and Peter Mount
     Dr. and Mrs. Richard Munschauer
     Ms. Hollis A. Noble
     Ms. Dianne Polvino
     Mr. John Robortella
     Steve and Alice Russell
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Savage
     Mr. and Mrs. David R. White
     Mrs. Suzanne N. Winslow

  • Bill Semans
     Mrs. Mary W. Semans

  • James R. Senglaub

  • Karin Seuthe
     Mr. Michael Bakonyi & Ms. Deanna O. Jan Patterson
     Ms. Carmella Zaffora Laurer & Mr. Robert Laurer
     Mrs. Arline Hanna
     Mr. Patrick Romero & Ms. Kristi Romero
     Mr. Detlef H. Zoeke & Mrs. Inge D. Zoeke
     Ms. Linda K. Jung
     Ms. Liselotte Roesner & Mr. Gerhard Roesner

  • Genevieve Siciliano
     Mr. and Mrs. Louis Siciliano

  • Carol Simmons
     Mr. Harvey D. Simmons

  • Rita Simpson
     Mr. Richard A. Simpson

  • Jewel K. Smelzer
     Mrs. Barbara A. Lipari

  • Lucile Smith
     Ms. Karla Kummer
     Liz and Wendell Oppewall
     Pemetic Teachers Association
     Mr. Jonathan Schweitzer

  • Paul Smith
     Rayman and Sally Bounds
     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooley
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dean
     Mr. and Mrs. Kent L Johnson
     James and Anne Lake
     Maxfield Hose Co.
     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Meyer
     Ms. J. Rosalie Nudd
     Ms. Dawn Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Yaeger, Jr.

  • Thomas D. Smith
     Mrs. Diana L. Smith

  • Henry Snyder
     Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Hudson

  • Irene Soltys
     Mr. Norbert Soltys

  • Sue Spall
     Mike and Kathie May

  • Laura Spring
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Sutter

  • Christina Squirrell

  • Michael Stapleton, Sr.
     Mrs. Janet Stapleton

  • Carl L. Stell
     Mrs. Arlene B. Stell

  • Ronald Stiggins
     Ms. Pierrette Vanderkamp
     Mr. and Mrs. George B. Weaver

  • Andrea Taft
     Dalai Java

  • The Martin Family
     Mrs. Barbara A. Rogers

  • Carl S. Tomion
     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Minns

  • William T. Uhlen, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Virginia E. Van Loo
     Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer Davis
     Ms. Betty Holmes
     Mrs. Sue Anne S. Loughlin
     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Partridge
     Mrs. Walajean Saglett
     Mr. and Mrs. James Shafer
     Mr. and Mrs. David Stanchus
     David and Patricia Van Slyke
     Mrs. Barbara W. Wilson

  • Margaret B. Vienna
     Mr. and Mrs. James Cooksey
     Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Vienna

  • John W. Wade
     Mrs. Jane A. Wade

  • Frances M. Walton
     Ms. Jean A. Parker

  • Harold Watts
     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Bell
     Mr. Howard Watts

  • Shirley H. Weeks
     Mr. David C. Weeks

  • Paul E. Wegemann
     Mrs. Janet K. Wegemann
     Mr. and Mrs. William R Wegemann

  • Genevieve Y. Weinhart

  • Mary and Thomas Welch
     Ms. Kathleen A. Welch

  • Frances Wenderlich
     Mr. Paul M. Wenderlich

  • Albert W. White, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hawks, Jr.

  • Duane Whitney
     Ms. Jeanne M. Whitney

  • Bert Whittaker
     Mr. Roy L. Whittaker

  • Beverly K. Wickham
     Alnye Trucking
     Mrs. Eleanor Barry
     Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Benson
     Mr. and Mrs. Leon Berthiaume
     Lee and Doug Boyd
     Dairy Farmers of America - Mideast Area
     Mr. and Mrs. Sam Deeb
     Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dueppengiesser
     Mark and Colleen Enzien
     Ms. Judy Farris
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fayette
     Ms. Jennifer Feeney
     Ms. Tracy Frank
     Mr. Max Gannon
     Ed and Helen Hansen
     Hansen Farms, LLC
     Mr. and Mrs. George Harris
     Mr. Jeffrey Hathorn
     Ms. Janet Hill
     Mr. Brad Keating
     Mr. James Kelleher
     Kludt Brothers, Inc.
     Ralph and Shirley Lott
     Marcus Whitman Central School District
     Meyer Farms
     Mr. Roger Murray
     Stephanie and Bill Page
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Pedersen, Jr.
     Ms. Theodora M. Petersen
     Krista and Jerry Piper
     Tom and Ann Shepard
     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sprague
     Mr. Kevin Strathman
     Town of Naples
     Ms. Donna Tyo
     Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc.
     Ms. Judy B. Valachovic & Wickham Farms
     Mr. Brian Western
     Mrs. Nancy Whiteman

  • Dr. Donald Wormer
     Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wormer

  • Theresa Yerves
     Ms. Dianne Polvino