2020 Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to those who gave and continue to give. We know that your gift, at whatever level, is a significant contribution from you and your family. Thompson values our supporters, and recognition for your gift is a top priority.


Below you will find the F.F. Thompson Foundation’s Donor Honor Roll, which highlights over 2,000 individuals and organizations between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

We have made every effort to provide an accurate list. Please contact The F.F. Thompson Foundation with corrections at 585-396-6156

^ denotes George Eastman Circle member

* denotes deceased

  • George S. Abawi
  • Aberle Eye Care
  • Marianne Abraham and James R. Abraham
  • Tina M. Acevedo
  • Joanne T. Adam
  • Joyce S. Adams
  • Norene Adams
  • Ann Addante
  • Lois E. Adrian and Charles R. Adrian
  • Advisors Charitable Gift
  • Kathleen M. Affleck
  • Daniel E. Affolter
  • Kathy M. Ahearn
  • Lorne Ainsworth
  • Linda Albanese
  • David R. Albrecht and Patricia A. Albrecht
  • Martin Albright
  • Darell Alexander
  • Darlene Alexander
  • Donna Alexander and Bert W. Alexander
  • Frank Alfieri
  • Victor G. Alford and Jean Alford
  • Allen Lund Company HQ
  • Amy Allen
  • Randolph Allen and Terri Allen
  • Mary L. Allhusen
  • Nancy L. Alliet
  • Dr. R. D. Alling and Sally Alling
  • Paul M. Aloi and Cheryl Aloi
  • Eileen M. Alven
  • Matthew Amalfitano
  • Amazonsmile Foundation
  • American Endowment Foundation
  • American Legion Auxiliary - Canandaigua
  • Britta Anderson
  • Cynthia Andreola
  • Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
  • William A. Andrews and Donna H. Andrews
  • Heather Antonelli
  • August T. Antonelli and Patricia Antonelli
  • Jill S. Antonucci
  • Robert E. Antonucci
  • Connie J. Armstrong
  • Dorla M. Armstrong
  • Jennifer E. Army
  • Irene H. Arner and Fred C. Arner
  • Kimberly Arnold
  • Thaddeus J. Astemborski and Patricia Astemborski
  • Carrie E. Aston
  • Janet Atkins
  • Chelsey Auburn and Luke Auburn
  • Christine Ayers
  • Dr. Jillian Babu and Dr. Mohan Babu ^
  • Jennifer L. Bach
  • Corey S. Baiera
  • Laurie-Anne Bailey and A. Robert Bailey
  • Daniel E. Bailey
  • Marilyn Bair
  • Donna N. Baird
  • Jill S. Bak
  • Cheryl A. Baker
  • Margaret Baker
  • Judith Ballway
  • Sue Banister
  • James D. Barden
  • Laura L. Barone and Russell J. Barone
  • Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone
  • Russell S. Barone
  • James H. Barr and Wendy Barr ^
  • Sheila M. Bartholomay and John D. Bartholomay
  • Jeffrey S. Bartkoski and Margaret Bartkoski
  • Jack L. Bartlett
  • Janet Bartlett and Richard S. Bartlett
  • Nicholas Basile
  • Don Batterby and Evelyn R. Batterby
  • Donald Baube and Frederica G. Baube
  • Jack F. Bauer and Mary Ann Bauer
  • Pamela Bauer
  • Dr. David E. Baum ^
  • Stephanie L. Bavis
  • Barbara Bayly
  • Shirley Beaton
  • Barbara Becker
  • Barry A. Beechner and Sararose Beechner
  • Richard Belding and Kathryn Belding
  • Judson Bell
  • Samantha M. Bell
  • Cheryl I. Bellinger and James C. Bellinger
  • Susan Bellis
  • Sue S. Benedict
  • Geraldine Bennett
  • Larry H. Bennett and Barbara Bennett
  • Richard D. Bennett
  • Thomas R. Bennett
  • Leigh Benzing
  • Janet L. Berg
  • Eric E. Berger
  • David C. Bergner and Carolyn Bergner
  • Dr. Joseph P. Berley and Teresa M. Berley
  • Lynn A. Bernard
  • Audrey K. Bernhard
  • Howard Bernstein and Helaine Bernstein
  • William E. Berry
  • Linda Berson
  • Robert A. Betzler
  • Donald E. Beusman and Susanne C. Beusman
  • Martha L. Bicknell
  • Raymond Biddle Jr.
  • Dr. Sandra H. Bierbrauer and Raymond Mueller
  • Stephen C. Biklen
  • Birch Business Services
  • Helen Bissell
  • E. Laurie Bittner
  • Robert E. Blackman
  • Daniel J. Blanchard
  • Suzanne Blatchford
  • Paige Blazak and Robert S. Blazak
  • John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey
  • Dr. Mark L. Blazey and Dr. Karen Blazey ^
  • Jerry A. Bliss
  • Carl Blood and Dorothy Blood
  • Sharon Bloom
  • Lenore M. Bo
  • Richard Boardman and Jane Boardman
  • Tammy Boglione and Fredrick Boglione
  • Roberta B. Bolger
  • Fern Bomwell
  • The Bonadio Group
  • Bonita Bondgren
  • Elvira Boonstra and John Boonstra
  • Richard L. Booth ^
  • Joan Borgeest
  • Mark Boskow
  • Anita Bott
  • Grace E. Boudway and William Boudway
  • Virginia Bourke and John Bourke
  • Judith Bovet-Egnor
  • David Bowen and Amy H. Bowen
  • Harry G. Bowker and Victoria J. Bowker
  • David G. Bowman
  • Gloria Bowman
  • Michelle Boylan
  • Thomas Brace and Mary S. Brace
  • George D. Braddon Sr. and Kathryn L. Braddon
  • Paul A. Bradler
  • Gary R. Bradley
  • Joyce P. Bradley
  • Richard W. Bradley
  • Katharine H. Brahm
  • Kathleen Brahm and Thomas Brahm
  • Jed K. Brandow
  • Robert H. Brandow
  • John R. Braun
  • Martha Breiner
  • David W. Brennessel and Michele Anthony
  • BRI, LLC ^
  • Nancy Bricker
  • Joseph C. Briggs and Nancy Briggs
  • Bright Funds
  • Bright Funds Foundation
  • Marilyn Brindisi
  • Gordon C. Brink
  • Bristol Mountain
  • Corby Broadwell and John E. Broadwell
  • Mildred Brocious
  • Michael J. Broderick and Mary R. Broderick
  • Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Tammy J. Brooks and Robert E. Brooks
  • Wayne Brotsch and Lisa Brotsch
  • Brown Gruttadaro & Prato PLLC
  • Constance M. Brown and William G. Brown
  • Douglas R. Brown and Cindy J. Brown
  • Julie A. Brown
  • Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell
  • Linda Bruce
  • Sheila Brundage
  • Norma Bruscani
  • Jean M. Bucher
  • Gilbert Buckbee
  • William A. Buckingham
  • Norbert W. Buckley
  • Sandy Bumpus
  • Crystal Burke
  • Betty Burnett
  • Heather Burnett
  • D. Guy Burns
  • Lawrence A. Burt
  • Robert L. Bush
  • Albert Butkas and June M. Butkas
  • Martha C. Buttaccio
  • Phyllis S. Button and Leon W. Button
  • Gerald Bystrak
  • Lewis Caffo Jr. and Rosemary Caffo
  • Lewis P. Caffo
  • William L. Cahn and Ruth P. Cahn
  • Joy D. Callaghan
  • Charles A. Callari Jr. and Carol Callari ^
  • John Caltabiano and Molly Caltabiano
  • Canandaigua City School District
  • Canandaigua Federal Credit Union
  • Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
  • Canandaigua Police Benevolent Assoc.
  • Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell
  • James Capacci and Alice Capacci
  • Joseph Cappadonia
  • Darin Carlin
  • Nan D. Carlson and Dudley M. Carlson
  • Kent Carlton
  • Terrance M. Carney* and Marian M. Carney
  • Dr. Robert M. Carr and Marilyn I. Carr
  • Josephine A. Carra
  • Mona L. Carro
  • Barbara D. Carson
  • David Case and Jane F. Case ^
  • Daniel Catalfamo
  • Cathy Catarisano
  • Judith Celentani
  • Dr. John F. Centonze and Karen Centonze
  • Renee L. Cessna
  • Eleanor Gail Chambers
  • Dr. Wayne S. Chanler
  • Sally Chapman
  • Theresa Charlebois
  • Thomas E. Charles and Joann Charles
  • Ronald W. Charron
  • Joan A. Chase
  • Dr. Robert S. Chavkin
  • Evelyn K. Cheasman
  • John F. Cherock and Betty J. Cherock
  • Dorothy M. Cherry
  • Ronald J. Christensen
  • Ruby Christensen
  • Mickie Christiansen and David Christiansen
  • Christine Ciardi
  • Jack R. Clarcq and Barbara A. Clarcq
  • Brenda Clark
  • Charlotte A. Clark
  • Kenneth M. Clark
  • Kerry J. Clark
  • Mildred M. Clark
  • Mona Clarke
  • Kathleen Claudius
  • Sandra Cleason
  • Deborah Clemenson
  • John C. Clynes and Deborah D. Clynes
  • James Coates
  • CoBank
  • Kenna Colacino
  • Muriel N. Coleman
  • Patrick T. Coleman and Kelly McGee ^
  • Teresa Colf
  • Brandy L. Collett
  • Suzanne M. Colucci
  • Heather Condon
  • Patricia M. Conklin and Edward A. Conklin
  • Charles L. Conley Jr.
  • Dennis E. Conley
  • Fay Connelly and David Connelly
  • Dr. Richard S. Constantino and Jane M. Constantino
  • Constellation Brands, Inc.
  • Elaine M. Cook and Donald Cook
  • Jean M. Cook
  • Larry G. Cook and Florence M. Cook
  • Laura Cook and Todd D. Cook
  • Alice M. Cooksey
  • Evelyn L. Cooley
  • Paulette M. Cooper
  • Virginia R. Cooper and Jeffrey Cooper
  • Mary K. Corey
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County
  • Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.
  • Jo Cornish
  • Peter Costa and Mary Jane Costa
  • William G. Costigan and Laura B. Costigan
  • Donald Coston and Julie Hanley
  • Neal Cotton and Susan M. Cotton
  • Marcia A. Couch and Baird Couch
  • William L. Courtney and Sylvia Courtney
  • Verna Cowley
  • Nancy S. Cramer and Ronald R. Cramer
  • Elaine Crandall
  • Jacqueline Crane
  • Joseph Crane
  • Robert C. Crane
  • Cristine Crawford
  • Christy Croft-Driscoll
  • Albert C. Crofton * and Deirdre Crofton^
  • Martha Croop
  • Cathleen Crosby
  • Jane E. Crosby
  • James R. Cross Jr.
  • Lois G. Cross
  • Adela M. Crowley
  • Donna Crudele
  • Michael A. Cuciti
  • Robert M. Curran and Mary F. Curran ^
  • Marcus Curtis
  • George W. Cushman and Marilyn H. Cushman ^
  • Richard J. Cutri and Cyndee J. Cutri ^
  • Deborah A. Cutter
  • Christina M. Dailey
  • Jean Damore
  • Dr. John J. D'Amore and Dr. Kimberly J. D'Amore
  • Paul S. Danielson and Cathy Danielson
  • Amalia Dannenbrink
  • Theresa Daum and Christopher P. Daum
  • Cynthia Davies
  • Robert J. Davies
  • Barbara A. Davis
  • Dawn M. Davis
  • Diane Davis
  • James S. Davis and Jean B. Davis
  • Jeffery A. Davis and Patricia Davis
  • Karen L. Davis
  • Day Automation Systems Inc
  • Robert H. Day and Julianne M. Day
  • James T. Dayton
  • Ruth P. De Brock
  • Shirley J. Dean and Donald R. Dean
  • Judith Deatherage and Gary Deatherage
  • Mary H. Decker
  • Karen L. Decontie
  • Jeanne DeCourcey
  • Ruth M. Deery and Harry Deery
  • Dawn M. DeFisher
  • Leonard M. DeFrancesco and Shirley Defrancesco
  • Doreen E. Deisenroth and Thomas Deisenroth
  • Edward DeJaeger and Debra E. DeJaeger
  • Gail L. DeKramer and Don DeKramer
  • del Lago Resort and Casino
  • Melissa Delforte and Joseph L. Delforte
  • Richard J. DelVecchio
  • Richard Dement
  • Dawn M. DeMott and Steven DeMott
  • Mary J. Derkovitz
  • Diane DeRoos Bassage
  • Lori M. DeRuyter
  • Edward F. Derycke and Diane C. Derycke
  • Judy DeSalvo and Sam A. Desalvo
  • Christine DesChamps
  • Jennifer DeVault and Michael DeVault
  • Denise DeVuyst
  • Sarah Deys
  • Gerald Dilgard and Corinne Dilgard
  • Carol DiMarzo and Anthony M. DiMarzo
  • Robert A. Dinieri
  • David M. DiRaddo
  • Dixon Schwabl Advertising
  • Sarah Dobrzynski, MD
  • Thomas Donaher
  • Rosemary S. Donatello and Daniel Donatello
  • Bernard P. Donegan and Linda B. Donegan
  • Franklin Donk
  • Jennifer Donley
  • Alan F. Donnelly and Patricia M. Donnelly
  • Michael N. Donovan
  • Paul H. Donovan and Linda L. Donovan
  • Cheryl Dony and Eugene A. Marrapese
  • Edward G. Dooley
  • Pamela Doran and Christopher Doran
  • Patricia Doran
  • Daniel E. Dorscheid and Therese M. Dorscheid
  • Richard J. Dorschel and Nancy J. Dorschel
  • David M. Dowdle
  • Sylvia M. Doyle and Bernard J. Doyle Sr.
  • Charles M. Drake and Cheryl Drake
  • Gerald Ducharme and Susan Ducharme
  • Kathy E. Dudash
  • The Reverend Michael Dudley
  • Carol W. Duerr
  • Laurence Dunn*
  • Rebecca A. Dunn
  • Michael Dunphy
  • James Durkin
  • Geraldine A. Durso
  • Melanie E. Dutton and Rodney L. Dutton
  • Ludolph Duyssen
  • Paul V. Dwyer II and Sharon Dwyer
  • Kathleen S. Eckert
  • Randy S. Eddinger and Patricia H. Eddinger
  • Dr. Philip B. Edgerton
  • Kathleen M. Edwards and Larry L. Edwards
  • Theresa M. Edwards
  • Thomas Edwards and Laura L. Edwards
  • Allen A. Efraimson
  • William D. Eggers and Deborah J. McLean
  • R. K. Egnor and Judith Bovet
  • Melanie Eisenberg and Robert A. Eisenberg
  • Elks Lodge No. 1844
  • Robert J. Eller
  • Leland W. Elliott
  • Elmer W. Davis, Inc.
  • Robert E. Emmons and Verena Emmons
  • Ralph A. Endres Jr. and Carol M. Endres
  • Robert J. Enright and Renee L. Enright
  • Erdle Foundation, Inc.
  • Kathryn J. Erdle
  • Sarah Erdle
  • Mary Erhardt and Richard J. Erhardt Jr.
  • Eriah, Inc
  • Erina Hose Co., Inc.
  • Filomena Ernst
  • ESL Federal Credit Union
  • James F. Eve
  • William C. Ewert and Carol Ann Ewert
  • Thomas Ewing and Burrnita M. Ewing
  • F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors, Inc.
  • Ruth M. Fabry
  • Anthony Fanizzi
  • Farm Credit East
  • Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc.
  • Randy Farnsworth and Margaret Farnsworth ^
  • Nancy M. Fedick and Andrew Fedick
  • Gregory Felosky and Janet Felosky ^
  • Linda B. Fenlason and James E. Fenlason
  • Michele L. Fernaays
  • Raymond Ferran
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • William C. Fine and Leslie S. Blake
  • Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
  • Finger Lakes Ophthalmology, P.C.
  • Morris R. Finley
  • Jeffrey P. Fitch and Sue Fitch
  • Richard Fitzgerald
  • Five Star Bank
  • Veronica A. Flanders
  • Vernon T. Flint
  • Gail Flugel
  • Carol M. Fogg
  • Patricia R. Font
  • Lawrence E. Ford and Suzanne S. Ford
  • Shirley Ford
  • Edward W. Forman Jr.
  • Susan L. Forti
  • Steven D. Foster and Gloria J. Foster
  • Stephanie M. Fowler
  • Dr. Henry P. Fox
  • David E. Fox
  • Elaine M. Fox
  • Thomas H. Fox
  • Gary A. Francis
  • John A. Francis
  • Lorrie J. Frear
  • Geraldine J. Frederick
  • James E. Frederick
  • John E. Fredericks and Sharon A. Fredericks
  • Dr. Eric E. Fredericksen and Mercedes P. Fredericksen
  • Mary E. Freeman
  • Friends of CMAC
  • Mary Lou Frohm and William Frohm
  • Edward L. Frost and Kathleen J. Frost
  • Barbara W. Fuge and Karl W. Fuge Jr.
  • Mary E. Fulkrod
  • Fuller Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Daniel P. Fuller ^
  • Judith R. Fulmer
  • Dr. Susan Fulmer and Dr. Adam Cardina ^
  • Kelli G. Furnare
  • Bruce T. Gage
  • Peter Galbo
  • Kara C. Gallagher and Timothy Gallagher
  • Sarah A. Gallagher
  • Brian Gambill and Julie Gambill
  • Edythe B. Gansz
  • Jeanette D. Ganz
  • Deborah F. Gardner and Bruce Gardner
  • Donald G. Gardner and Jean M. Gardner
  • Nancy Garrison
  • Kathleen Garvey and John E. Garvey
  • Audrey A. Gay
  • Paul Gayhart
  • Melinda S. Geartz and Gerrett Geartz
  • Maurice H. Geer
  • Barbara Gefell
  • Lawrence P. Geiger and Marjorie S. Geiger
  • Marjorie Geiger
  • Marisa E. Geitner ^
  • Genesee Construction Service, Inc.
  • Geneva Coach, Inc.
  • Deborah Geng
  • Gail J. George
  • Kathryn Gephart
  • Eileen Gerace
  • John R. Geraghty and Bonnie L. Geraghty
  • Suzanne Gettings and John J. Gettings
  • James E. Gianforti Sr.
  • Julie Gibson
  • Susan Gibson
  • Julia C. Giessler
  • William E. Gifford
  • John J. Gilbert
  • David M. Gill
  • Onalee Gillette
  • Rosalind Giroux
  • Thomas Giuliano and Doris Giuliano
  • Robert J. Gleason and Mary W. Gleason
  • Julie A. Glynn and Thomas A. Glynn
  • Lynne M. Gochenaur
  • Clark Goetzmann
  • Yvonne Goh
  • Gold Badge Club
  • Ira L. Goldman and Sherry M. Goldman
  • Helene Goodberlet and Charles Goodberlet
  • Edwin Gordon and Kathleen Gordon
  • Sally L. Gordon
  • Frank P. Gorgonzola
  • Rudolph Gorsch
  • David E. Gosling and Penelope D. Gosling
  • David A. Gould
  • Lewis J. Gould
  • Mary Grace
  • Pam J. Granger
  • Roy W. Grau
  • Anne Gray
  • Dr. David C. Grimm and Jeanie C. Grimm
  • Linda L. Grinnell
  • Karen Groot
  • Richard Groot and Martha Groot
  • Sylvia A. Grover
  • Stephen A. Guida
  • Beverly Guntrum
  • Stuart A. Gwilt and Lucy R. Gwilt
  • Sandra M. Habberfield
  • Stephen H. Habecker and Sandra Habecker
  • Barbara J. Hackel
  • Betty J. Hagen
  • Elizabeth A. Hagen
  • Cynthia S. Hale and Judson D. Hale Jr.
  • Carol A. Hall and Larry A. Hall
  • Linda J. Hall
  • Patricia R. Hallett and E. William Hallett Jr.
  • Rosarie Hallinan
  • Dale Hallings and Karen Hallings
  • Hallpine Farms
  • Dr. Geoffry E. Hallstead
  • Dudley Hallstead and Yvonne M. Hallstead
  • Dr. Ali Hamdan
  • Lynn M. Hamilton
  • Norma Hamilton and John M. Hamilton
  • Frank Hamlin and Debra Hamlin
  • George W. Hamlin IV and Mary Hamlin
  • William H. Hammond and Roberta E. Hammond
  • Gideon Hanggi and Barbara J. Hanggi
  • Mary E. Hann
  • Joseph R. Hanna and Linda H. Hanna
  • Michael C. Hanna and Hazel H. Hanna
  • Margaret Hanover
  • Edward Hansen and Helen Hansen
  • Kelvin Harbun and Diane Harbun
  • Laura S. Harkness
  • Constance Harrington
  • Gloria G. Harrington
  • Stephen R. Harrington
  • Debra L. Harris
  • Julie Hart
  • Keith W. Harter and Jan Harter ^
  • Todd E. Hartman
  • Dr. Paul E. Harvey
  • Steven E. Harvey
  • Michael R. Hasenauer
  • Raymond J. Hasenauer Jr.
  • Ruth A. Haubert and Harry M. Haubert
  • Dolores S. Hawkins
  • Ron Hawkins and Marlese Hawkins
  • Barbara L. Hawks
  • Dr. George H. Hawks III
  • Richard H. Hawks Jr. and Linda Hawks
  • Dr. Joanne Hawrylczak Sasse and Franz J. Sasse
  • Nancy T. Hayden
  • Sheri J. Hayes
  • Mildred E. Hayton
  • Bruce Heacock
  • Courtney A. Healy
  • Jane E. Heath
  • John M. Hedges III
  • The Reverend David Hefling
  • Sharon Hegeman
  • Scott Helfer
  • William H. Heltzel
  • Dr. Mark Hemlick and Kathryn Hemlick
  • Phyllis Henderson
  • Gina M. Hendrix
  • Roger A. Henning
  • Dr. Bryan A. Henry and Julie Henry ^
  • James M. Herd III
  • Brian A. Herman
  • Peter L. Hermann and Susan K. Hermann
  • Shirley B. Hess
  • Barbara Hildreth
  • Raymond H. Hill and Louise R. Hill
  • Max R. Hillring
  • Dr. Holly Hindman and Spencer J. Cook Jr.
  • Kenneth C. Hinett and Sandra Hinett
  • Ronald L. Hinman
  • Carla J. Hobart
  • Robin H. Hoder
  • Thomas Hoertz
  • Kelly Hoffman
  • Paulena Hoffmeier and Rollo Hoffmeier
  • John E. Hogle and Marilyn J. Hogle
  • Susanne S. Holland and James D. Holland
  • Cheryl Holleran
  • David Holley
  • Sandra Holley and Dennis Holley
  • Hollis Hair Design
  • Honeoye Teacher's Association
  • Honeoye-Hemlock American Legion
  • Lawrence Hood
  • Diane Horning and Robert Horning
  • Carolyn C. Hotchkiss and Robert G. Hotchkiss
  • Pamela Hotelling
  • Frederick J. Hottinger
  • Kevin House
  • Elizabeth Hoven
  • Sandra A. Howland
  • Thelma Howland
  • Gale A. Hribar
  • Edna Hsu
  • Richard Huang
  • Priscilla J. Hudson
  • Jefferson F. Huff and Eileen Huff
  • Geraldine Hughes
  • Margot Hughes
  • John M. Hultz
  • Dale L. Hunt and Patricia Hunt ^
  • Marjorie J. Hunt
  • Rosemary Hunt
  • Grace A. Hurlbutt and Peter E. Hurlbutt
  • Gregory S. Hurley
  • Kimberly A. Hyde
  • Catherine E. Ingalls and Gary Ingalls
  • Vickie C. Ingalls and Ronald A. Ingalls
  • David A. Ingle and Carol Ingle
  • Josephine F. Ingle and John W. Ingle
  • Interlakes Oncology Hematology, P.C.
  • William T. Ireland
  • Susan Irish
  • Gary Irvine and Susan J. Irvine
  • J.B. and Sons Management Corp.
  • Beverly L. Jacklin
  • Elaine M. Jackson
  • Krista Jackson and Gil Jackson ^
  • Matt Janczak
  • Ayesha Javed and Tabassam Javed
  • Jean Henderson Ginkel Fund
  • Florence Jimerson
  • Alfred D. Johnson
  • Anson B. Johnson and Nancy M. Johnson
  • Barry R. Johnson
  • Connie Johnson and Kenneth F. Johnson
  • James C. Johnson and Jeannine Johnson
  • Kathleen M. Johnson and Robert G. Johnson
  • Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
  • Sandra E. Johnson and Ronal Johnson
  • Susan D. Johnson
  • Johnson-Kennedy Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Adrienne Johnston
  • Anne Johnston
  • Lois Johnston
  • Jo-Nel Farms
  • Jennifer Jones and Gordon Jones ^
  • June C. Jones
  • Linda D. Jones and Barry R. Jones
  • Patricia M. Jones and Donald C. Jones
  • Rebecca F. Jones
  • Vann M. Jones
  • Elaine H. Joseph
  • Carole J. Joyce and John J. Joyce
  • Howard L. Judd
  • Joseph Juhasz
  • Karen V. Kamfjord and Erik Kamfjord
  • Donna G. Kamholtz and Kevin Kamholtz
  • Jean Kane
  • Cindy R. Kaufman and Martin J. Kaufman
  • Joan K. Kautz-Herbek
  • Dr. Srinivas Kaza and Dr. Lesley James ^
  • David Keefe and Patricia Lewis
  • Joyce A. Keeney and Howard Keeney
  • Tamara J. Keese
  • Lasota J. Keith
  • Amelia Keller and David C. Keller
  • Catherine Kelley
  • Raymond Kemler
  • Mary E. Kendall
  • Kennedy Mechanical Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
  • Bruce M. Kennedy and Anne C. Kennedy
  • Cathy A. Kernaghan
  • Esther Kerwin and Frank Kerwin
  • Robert E. Kesel
  • Shirley G. Ketcham
  • Key Bank National Association
  • KeyBank
  • Thomas C. Keyes and Deborah Keyes
  • Edward Kieda
  • Yvonne Kilian
  • Kurt O. Killebrew
  • Gerald M. Killigrew and Carolyn C. Killigrew
  • Roger Kimball and Linda I. Kimball
  • Jill King
  • Shannon Kirbis
  • Margaret G. Kirch
  • Paul Kirsch
  • Karen Kleinhans
  • Paul Kleinstuber
  • Dr. Gary Kochersberger
  • Kurt Koczent and Kristen Koczent ^
  • Anne M. Kohler
  • Jean Kohler
  • John C. Kohler
  • Brian Kolb and Lauren Kolb ^
  • Eleanor Kosakowski and Francis E. Kosakowski
  • Nancy J. Kraft
  • Marvin Kratzenberg
  • COL Albert J. Kraus and Jean E. Kraus
  • Laurie Krise
  • Wilhelmine Kronenberger
  • John J. Krueger ^
  • Thomas Kubiak and Elizabeth A. Kubiak ^
  • Chris Kubli and Kurt Kubli
  • David Kudla and Marie N. Kudla
  • Robert A. Kuehl
  • Amanda Kuhn
  • Donna T. Kula
  • Mark R. Kulzer and Lynn Kulzer
  • Joan Kurtz and Dr. Clark N. Kurtz
  • Anne Kusnetzky
  • Dan Kusnetzky
  • Daniel J. Kwarta and Judy S. Kwarta
  • Suzanne M. Kymble and John D. Kymble
  • Okhui LaBarr
  • Robert A. Labore
  • Patricia C. LaCourse and William C. LaCourse
  • Gregory J. Ladow
  • Joyce Lafler
  • Laverne Lafler
  • Mary J. Laird
  • Jeanette LaMar and Paul LaMar
  • Georgia T. Lamb and Douglas P. Lamb ^
  • Nancy C. Lamberson and David E. Lamberson
  • Robert E. Lamberson
  • Donna Landers
  • Susan H. Landholm and Richard A. Landholm
  • John M. Landrigan and Judy Landrigan
  • Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
  • Lantek Communications, NY Inc.
  • Joseph Lapczenski
  • Craig E. Larson and Susan M. Larson
  • Keith J. Lasota
  • Deborah Lauber and Robert D. Lauber Jr.
  • Donna Laundry
  • David Lawson
  • Mary Lazarus and Gerald Lazarus
  • Nita S. Leavitt
  • Elizabeth A. Lebar
  • Charles LeBlanc
  • Linda M. Lechner and Robert Lechner
  • Matthew Legge and Leslie K. Legge
  • Samantha LeGrett and Thomas F. LeGrett
  • Richard D. Lentz
  • Karen B. Lenz and Theodore G. Lenz
  • Richard Leschhorn and Roxanne M. Leschhorn
  • Theodore K. Levy and Shirley Levy
  • Peter F. Lijewski and Suzanne Lijewski
  • J. Lloyd Lill
  • Bernard F. Lillis III and Jamie S. Lillis
  • Carole K. Lillis and Robert Lillis
  • Barbara A. Lipari
  • Local Union 276
  • Barbara Loucks
  • Evelyn B. Lovejoy
  • Maurice Lowe
  • Loyal Order of Moose 2030
  • Frederick W. Ludwig and Lois M. Ludwig
  • Beverly B. Luger
  • Margaret H. Luley
  • Rebecca J. Lund
  • Regina Lunkenheimer and Peter J. Lunkenheimer
  • Alan M. Lupton and Brooke Lupton
  • Karen Lustick and Dr. Martin R. Lustick ^
  • Anna E. Lynch
  • Kathleen C. Lynch
  • James F. Lynd and Karen Lynd
  • David A. Lyon and Patricia R. Lyon
  • Lyons National Bank
  • Richard J. Lyons
  • Gregory S. MacKay and Jean MacKay
  • Malcolm MacKenzie and Drury MacKenzie
  • Gladys H. Maconeghy
  • Brian Madera and Karen Madera
  • Ronald Magde
  • John R. Magin
  • Alice E. Maher
  • Jennifer Mahoney and Thomas R. Mahoney
  • Joanne B. Mahoney
  • Dr. Mary E. Maida and Dr. David L. Felten
  • David H. Maine
  • Drusilla Malavase
  • Patricia A. Malinowski and Leonard T. Malinowski
  • Theodore Malley and Judith A. Malley
  • Dr. James F. Malone
  • William J. Maloney
  • Laurie F. Malotte
  • Michael J. Mangan and Victoria J. Mangan
  • Barbara Manning
  • Donald L. Manning
  • William E. Mapes
  • Mary M. Marcellus
  • Julie A. Marks
  • Roy Marriott
  • Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
  • Robert Marshall
  • Robert L. Martens and Maxine Martens
  • David P. Martin
  • Earl B. Martin
  • Mary Z. Martin
  • Stanley Martin and Kay Martin
  • Janet Martone
  • Von R. Martt
  • Joanne K. Maslyn
  • Masonic Service Bureau of Greater Rochester, NY Inc.
  • Nicholas P. Massa
  • Gary Mastroleo
  • Vicky Mastroleo
  • Donna C. Mathis and Kenneth E. Mathis
  • Robert J. Maves and Elisabeth O. Maves
  • Gayle Maxon-Edgerton
  • Hannelore A. May
  • Kathie O. May and Michael J. May
  • Theodore W. Mayhood and Nancy E. Mayhood
  • William L. Mayo Jr.
  • Mandy McCann
  • James R. McCarthy and Paula I. McCarthy
  • Rev. Dr. Richard McCaughey and Meredith W. McCaughey
  • Charles McCausland and Gwendolyn McCausland
  • Alice McConnell
  • Robert A. McDonald
  • Sandra M. McDonald
  • Laura McFall
  • Richard D. McGavern and Sandra R. McGavern ^
  • David McGee
  • Sandra E. McGovern
  • Dr. John F. McGuire and Portia McGuire
  • Siobhan P. McGuire and Frank Meyer Jr.
  • Maureen McHugh and Michael R. McHugh
  • Sadie McKee
  • Dr. William D. McKenzie and Denise E. McKenzie
  • David McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth A. McLaughlin
  • Betty M. McMahon
  • Brian P. Meath and Kelly D. Meath ^
  • Barbara J. Medler
  • E. Jeffrey Medler
  • Gene T. Mehlenbacher
  • Lorraine M. Mehlenbacher
  • John H. Meisch and Katherene L. Meisch ^
  • Lorie Mellini
  • Alan G. Merklinger and Patricia A. Merklinger
  • Larry Merle
  • Margaret A. Merli
  • Messner Flooring Re:Source
  • William Messner
  • Jacquelyn L. Metz
  • Ronald J. Metzger
  • Sharon S. Meyer and Charles F. Meyer
  • Janice J. Mibaum
  • Michael C. Michalko and Kristine M. Michalko
  • Jennifer Michaud
  • Angelina M. Midiri
  • Alfred W. Miles and Gloria A. Miles
  • Ellen H. Milko
  • Donna A. Miller
  • John E. Miller and Barbara B. Miller
  • JR Miller
  • Martha A. Miller
  • Thomas J. Miller
  • Virginia M. Miller
  • Ronald Milton
  • Frank M. Miner
  • James Minges and Marcia Minges ^
  • Mary V. Minges and Chris Minges
  • Anthony M. Minute and Debra R. Minute
  • Elizabeth S. Mitchell
  • Edwin L. Moberg
  • Monica's Pies, LLC
  • Raymond C. Montcrieff and Virginia C. Montcrieff
  • John Montgomery and Lois Montgomery
  • Nancy A. Montgomery
  • Marron K. Mooney
  • James H. Moore
  • Barbara Moore and James R. Moore
  • Geraldine E. Moose
  • Donald T. Mordue
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
  • Christine F. Morich
  • Margaret Morrell*
  • Carrie Morris
  • Deborah W. Morris
  • Ernst Motz
  • Michael Motz
  • Karen Mount and Peter V. Mount
  • Linda L. Moyer and Jack Moyer
  • Richard A. Moyle and J. Lynne Shoemaker
  • William F. Mueller
  • Wendy A. Mulholland
  • Frances M. Mull and Richard J. Mull Sr.
  • Rev. Thomas P. Mull
  • Patricia Mullally
  • Donald M. Muller and Roxann Muller
  • Thomas H. Mulligan
  • Rose Mumerow and Philip Mumerow
  • David M. Munding and Ellen Munding
  • David E. Munt and Wanda Munt
  • Augustine Murphy
  • Dr. Dennis K. Murphy
  • Mark Murphy
  • Mary E. Murphy and Robert H. Murphy
  • Richard P. Murray
  • Donald W. Musfeldt and Charlene L. Musfeldt
  • MVP Health Care
  • Barry Nagel and Nancy J. Nagel
  • Naples Central School District
  • Naples Rotary Club
  • Naples Valley Chiropractic
  • Robert E. Naracong
  • Stephen D. Natapow and Lynn Natapow
  • National Philanthropic Trust
  • Joanne Neary
  • Ralph Nelson
  • Network for Good
  • Philip Nevin and Katherine Nevin
  • New Mens Group
  • Marie H. Nicosia
  • Matthew A. Nielsen
  • Waneta E. Nielsen
  • Douglas L. Nieman
  • Nolan Construction, LLC
  • Nancy A. Nolan and Robert Hadsell
  • Robert Nolan
  • Christina Noone
  • Terry Norsen and Dorothy Norsen
  • Marian Norton
  • Nancy F. Nudd
  • Rhonda M. Nyerges and Michael S. Nyerges
  • Marie L. Oakleaf and Donald A. Oakleaf
  • Grant W. Oberdorf
  • Dr. Peter O'Brien
  • Dr. Adrienne O'Brien
  • Donald W. O'Brien Jr. and Jo Ann R. O'Brien
  • Marilyn O'Brien
  • Patty L. O'Brien
  • Dr. William B. O'Connell Jr. and Elinor B. O'Connell
  • William R. O'Dea and Margaret A. O'Dea
  • Mary A. Odell
  • Bedrettin Oezalpay
  • Amy C. Ogden
  • Frieda O'Hanlon
  • Margie O'Jea and Kevin M. Bain
  • Carol Olean
  • John B. Oliphant and Joan P. Oliphant
  • Nancy J. Olsen
  • Kevin Olvany
  • Robert Omeal
  • Sandra L. O'Neil
  • Dianna B. Orlando
  • Janet L. Osgood and Richard N. Osgood
  • George E. Oswald Jr. and Carol J. Oswald
  • George E. Oswald
  • Deborah Overholt and Gerald Overholt
  • Beverly A. Owens
  • Lori L. Paddock
  • Kenneth E. Page and Christine A. Page
  • Margaret S. Page
  • Dr. W. Jeffrey Page and Kathryn A. Page
  • Marian Pagnattaro
  • Geraldine Palella
  • Kirsten Palmeri and Chris Palmeri
  • William Panipinto
  • Dominic Paparone
  • Nardine L. Paquin
  • Lori Parish
  • Catherine H. Parker
  • Jean A. Parker
  • Mildred Parks
  • Charles Parlato
  • Rhonda Parrish
  • Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish
  • Jillian Parshall
  • Donna M. Pastore
  • Dr. Eileen Paterson Williams and Malcolm Williams
  • Nancy Patz
  • Lynn C. Paulson
  • Timothy Pawlowitz and Lynn Pawlowitz
  • Thomas D. Pawluk
  • George A. Payne
  • Rose M. Pearsall
  • Donald Pease
  • Nancy Pease
  • Anne Peck and Robert J. Peck
  • Dr. Bradley K. Peck and Sharon D. Peck
  • Ronald H. Peck and Joan L. Peck
  • Ruth E. Peifer
  • Mary H. Pelc
  • Richard J. Pelc
  • Joseph R. Pellerite and Florence M. Pellerite
  • G. S. Pellett and Ronald Pellett
  • Charles M. Pelton
  • Robert Pelz
  • Sandra S. Pelz
  • June Pendleton
  • Linda R. Perkins
  • Anne Perron
  • John Perry and Mary Ann Perry
  • Alan R. Persons
  • Carol A. Peters and Claude R. Peters
  • Donald E. Peters and Shirley J. Peters
  • Donald N. Pett
  • Carole A. Pettinger and John F. Pettinger
  • Tam Pham and Diane Pham
  • Scott Philley and Cheryl Philley
  • Debra Phillips
  • Susan Picchi and Brian Picchi
  • Deirdre Pierce
  • Dr. Robert A. Pierce and Rita Izzo ^
  • Ronald F. Pierce
  • Anita Pietropaolo and Salvatore Pietropaolo
  • John E. Pilecki and JoAnn Pilecki
  • Steven P. Pitler
  • Wesley Pittenger
  • Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr. and Mabelle B. Pizzutiello
  • Dolores M. Placito
  • Susan C. Plumb
  • Susanne Pluretti
  • Charles Plyter Jr.
  • Perry Plyter and Judy Plyter
  • PMA Companies
  • Eric W. Pohlman
  • Anna M. Polimeni and Brian D. Dennis
  • Wanda Polisseni
  • Dianne Polvino
  • Jean E. Poppoon and John J. Poppoon
  • Terri Port
  • The Reverend P. Okke Postma and Kathy S. Postma
  • Beth A. Potter
  • Elizabeth M. Potter
  • James D. Potter
  • Louise M. Potter
  • Marlin B. Potter III
  • Jenny A. Pratt
  • Deborah A. Price
  • Scott Price
  • Rodger Prizel
  • Amanda Proctor
  • Jacqueline C. Protano and Charles Protano
  • Charlotte M. Prunoske
  • Darcy Prunoske
  • Mark F. Prunoske
  • Robert E. Purvis and Rebecca L. Purvis
  • Dr. Cynthia L. Wong and Dr. Hoaming Qiu
  • James F. Quigley and Beverly Quigley
  • Nancy Quigley
  • Mary Ellen Quinlan and Patrick J. Quinlan
  • Carolyn B. Raab and Leo Raab
  • Nancy Race
  • Thompson Hospital Rad/Onc Staff
  • Mary Kay Rahmlow and James W. Rahmlow
  • Randall Buick GMC Cadillac
  • Richard S. Randall
  • Rosemary A. Randazzo
  • Sue W. Raner
  • Louis Rapini and Bonita A. Rapini
  • Susan Rathman
  • Floyd Rayburn
  • Kathleen Rayburn
  • Susan E. Read
  • Renata M. Reber
  • Phyllis H. Rechtin and James L. Rechtin
  • Red Jacket Junior Hoops
  • Alona H. Redden
  • James F. Redmond
  • Timothy J. Reed and Sandra L. Reed
  • Shirley M. Reed
  • The Honorable Tom Reed
  • Jan Reetz
  • Brian D. Reh and Gayle M. Reh
  • William Reigelsperger and Barbara Reigelsperger
  • Paul G. Reiter
  • Robert F. Reitmeier and Jane M. Reitmeier
  • Nora A. Relyea
  • Robert G. Relyea
  • Nancy-Jo Rembaum
  • Beverly B. Revitzky and Dennis Revitzky
  • Christine M. Reyes
  • Henry W. Reynders and Marcia W. Reynders
  • Donald J. Reynolds and Janet A. Reynolds
  • Michelle A. Rhoda
  • Mike Riccio and Kimberly J. Riccio
  • Jean Rice
  • Jean Ridley
  • David Riedman and Betsy H. Riedman ^
  • Rudolph Rinas
  • Rudy Rincon
  • Anne M. Rine
  • Barbara G. Risser and Fred E. Risser
  • Cynthia M. Robbins and Robert K. Robbins
  • Verna L. Robertson
  • Don L. Robinson
  • Jennifer A. Robinson
  • John M. Robortella
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Dr. Susan V. Rockwell
  • Dorothy Rockwell
  • Lloyd E. Rockwell and Teresa A. Rockwell
  • Kathleen E. Roeland and Steven C. Roeland
  • Valerie Roeland
  • Richard N. Roets
  • Rolling Hills Consulting, Inc.
  • Dennis L. Root
  • Martha Root and Patrick J. Downey
  • Lewis Rose
  • Bonnie Sue Ross
  • Rotary Club of Canandaigua
  • Sharon Rowlinson
  • Linda M. Rowsick Mitchell
  • Rozzi Architects
  • Dr. Jonathan Rubins and Harriett Rubins
  • John V. Rugg and Eleanor P. Rugg
  • Deborah Ruggles
  • Norma E. Rumfelt
  • Patricia H. Rundt
  • James R. Ruppert
  • Marlene Rush and John R. Rush
  • Elizabeth Russell and Gregory Russell
  • Antonio Russo
  • William A. Ruth
  • James H. Ryan
  • Rebecca L. Ryan
  • Gabriella Sack
  • Aimee Saeger
  • John Saeger
  • Beverly Safford
  • Walajean Saglett
  • Dr. Olle Jane Z. Sahler and Dr. Carl P. Sahler Jr. ^
  • Dr. Bryan Sandler
  • Yvonne Saner
  • Fred Sansone and Diane Sansone
  • Tanya Santi
  • Wade Sarkis and Joscelyne Sarkis ^
  • Alfred W. Saucke and Patricia Saucke
  • Mary Savastano-Cutting and Richard A. Cutting
  • Thomas Scalici and Amy Scalici
  • Mary L. Scalzo
  • Linda Schaefer
  • Karen Schantz
  • Janette E. Scharnhorst
  • Craig B. Schenk
  • Mary Jane Schenk
  • Kelly A. Schiefen
  • Lee W. Schilling and Marlene E. Schilling
  • Mary N. Schmidt
  • Joseph L. Schmitt and Elizabeth M. Schmitt
  • Annabelle Schmucker
  • David Schneider and Susan T. Schneider
  • Mary Schneiter ^
  • Peter Schottland and Susan F. Schottland ^
  • Diane M. Schreiber
  • Beverly A. Schroeder
  • Barbara S. Schultz
  • Dahl T. Schultz and Barbara Howard ^
  • Annie J. Schultze*
  • William J. Schultze
  • Thomas Schulz
  • Alice-Ann Schuster
  • Schwab Charitable Fund ^
  • Michael Schwabl and Lauren M. Dixon
  • David C. Schwaner and Sue A. Miller
  • Charles W. Schwartz
  • Hazel Schwartz
  • Thomas A. Schwartz and Martha B. Schwartz
  • Dr. Christopher Scibelli and Amy Scibelli
  • Karen L. Scofield
  • Ann Scoville and H D. Scoville
  • Richard G. Searles
  • Kerri B. Sears
  • Ronald Secor
  • Sally S. Seeber
  • David R. Segal ^
  • Barbara F. Seils and William R. Seils
  • Mary W. Semans
  • Shirley Senglaub
  • Edward J. Seus
  • Kim Seward
  • James H. Shafer and Judy E. Shafer
  • Joan M. Shaffer
  • Linda M. Shanks
  • Catherine A. Shannon
  • William J. Shea and Kathryn F. Shea
  • Louise M. Shearer
  • Janet A. Sheehe
  • Harry R. Sheets and Linda Sheets
  • Mary S. Shelley
  • Melissa S. Shelley
  • Shepard Bros., Inc.
  • Linda A. Shepard
  • Alan G. Shepardson and Martha M. Shepardson
  • Nancy L. Sheridan and Robert G. Sheridan
  • Carol Sherman
  • Hannah L. Sherman
  • Ron Sherman and Marie Sherman
  • Loana J. Shields
  • Caroline Shipley
  • Susan Shively
  • Deborah Shoemaker
  • Mark Shortino and Audrey Shortino ^
  • Jacqueline Shultz and Donald Shultz
  • Lois Shumanski
  • Mary Ann Shumway and Michael Shumway
  • Louis A. Siciliano
  • Edward Sidler
  • Jeffrey Siewert and Nancy Siewert
  • William J. Simmons Jr.
  • Linda Simmons and Dean Simmons
  • Harvey D. Simmons
  • Rose E. E. Simmons
  • Sandra Simmons and Francis Simmons
  • Inga Simning and Dr. Adam C. Simning
  • Kellie A. Simpson
  • Richard A. Simpson
  • Deborah Skivington
  • James M. Skolny and Patricia R. Skolny
  • Anna Skowron and Jan Skowron
  • Gregory Slisz and Amanda Slisz
  • Julieann Smart and David L. Smart
  • Angela M. Smith
  • Carol A. Smith and Maynard O. Smith
  • Craig B. Smith and Jeanne A. Smith
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Gene H. Smith
  • George W. Smith
  • Gilbert T. Smith and Richeen W. Smith
  • June Smith
  • Leslie M. Smith
  • Patricia A. Smith
  • Sally Smith and Dave Smith
  • Denise Snyder
  • Kimberley G. Snyder
  • Dr. Marsha Snyder
  • Margaret E. Somerset and Richard McCarthy ^
  • David Sorce and Karen Sorce ^
  • Samera A. Sorell
  • Theodore Spall Jr. and Suzanne Spall
  • Richard R. Spears Sr.
  • Roberta Spezzano
  • Richard Spiehler
  • Tam M. Spitzer
  • Diane A. Sprague and Scott S. Sprague
  • Loretta Sprague
  • Patricia D. Sprentall
  • Richard L. Spurr and Karen M. Spurr
  • Bruce Stanley
  • John A. Stansfield and Mary C. Stansfield
  • Richard Stanton
  • Michael Stapleton and Julie Stapleton ^
  • Linda M. Starr
  • Saul Starr
  • Arthur R. Stearns
  • Genevieve E. Steinmetz and William D. Steinmetz
  • Patricia A. Stell
  • Dr. James Sterling
  • Barbara J. Stevens
  • Donna B. Stevens and Ricky C. Stevens
  • Linda E. Stiefel
  • Donald J. Stiewe
  • Richard Stiggins
  • Scott E. Stoddard
  • Raymond L. Stoll
  • Jody L. Stolt ^
  • Jay W. Stone
  • Suzanne Stone
  • Tara N. Stone
  • Michael Stonewell
  • Dr. Alan E. Storch
  • Susan E. Storke
  • Betsey B. Stout and Lyle Stout
  • John Strachan and Judith Strachan
  • Janis Strand
  • Joan W. Stratton
  • Stuart J. Mitchell Agencies, Inc.
  • W. Keith Stumbo and Kathleen Stumbo
  • Ralph W. Styer Jr. and Kathleen M. Styer
  • Sherry Rodin Sulkes and Marc R. Sulkes
  • Michael Sulli
  • Sullivan Trail Partnership
  • Elizabeth J. Sullivan
  • Karen T. Sullivan
  • Laurie M. Sullivan
  • Donald C. Sutton
  • Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson
  • Steven H. Swartout and Cheryl L. Swartout
  • David P. Swartz
  • SWBR Architects
  • Patricia L. Swick
  • Katherine M. Sydor
  • Robert Symonds and Margaret E. Symonds
  • Timothy Tabor
  • Karen M. Taft
  • John F. Taggart
  • Dr. Joseph A. Talarico ^
  • Elizabeth A. Talia and Guy Talia ^
  • Paul T. Tansey
  • Billie N. Taylor
  • Bruce D. Taylor
  • James R. Taylor
  • Stanley H. Taylor and Nancy L. Taylor
  • Fredric Tessendorf
  • Elise Tewksbury and Dwight S. Tewksbury
  • The Bonadio Group
  • The Erdle Foundation, Inc.
  • The Lyons National Bank
  • Earl F. Thomas and Olivia P. Thomas
  • Dr. Raymond Thomas and Beth B. Thomas
  • Renee B. Thomas
  • Thompson Health Guild
  • Carl Thompson
  • John P. Thompson and Pamela F. Thompson
  • Laurie M. Thompson
  • Margaret M. Thompson
  • Richard M. Thompson
  • William T. Thompson
  • Glen O. Thon and Joyce W. Thon
  • TIAA Charitable
  • Carol Tinoglio and John Tinoglio
  • Carl Tobin and Jill D. Tobin
  • Peggy L. Todter and Herman Todter
  • Kimberly Tonovitz
  • Tony's Birdland and Pizzeria
  • Barbara K. Torrell
  • Thomas Tortora and Jennifer Tortora ^
  • Livia M. Toscano and Ralph M. Toscano Jr.
  • Michael W. Tourje
  • Nancy J. Tourje and Stephen Tourje
  • Thayton M. Traughber
  • Thomas J. Travers
  • Donna Tricamo and Francis P. Tricamo
  • Dr. Albert J. Tricomi and Karen Tricomi
  • Kenneth P. Trotta and Michelina R. Trotta
  • Frederick L. Trowbridge
  • Bennie Truax and Gail M. Truax
  • Patricia Tryon
  • Diane Tucker
  • David S. Tudman and Gail M. Tudman
  • David Turner and Linda Turner
  • Jack E. Turner
  • John Turner and Kathleen Turner
  • Keith M. Turner and Sue E. Turner
  • Laurie Turner
  • Mary Ann Turner
  • Sherron H. Turner
  • William H. Turner and Mary Turner
  • Charles E. Twitchell
  • Jeffrey G. Twombly and Laurie A. Twombly ^
  • Dr. Stephen Uebbing and Ellen B. Uebbing ^
  • James P. Ufholz
  • John Unger and Linda L. Unger
  • United Way of Greater Rochester
  • Linda Unker
  • Wesley Utter and Linda L. Utter
  • Catherine Vadney
  • Bonnie L. Vahey and Mark A. Vahey
  • Dr. Vito J. Valenzano
  • Vincent Valvano
  • Diana D. Van der Velden
  • Rudy Van der Velden
  • Sheila A. Van Laeken
  • Lisa H. Van Sickle
  • Robert E. Vancaeseele
  • Walter E. VanCaeseele
  • Charles VanCassele
  • Samantha M. VanDeMortel
  • Marita S. Vanderveer
  • Judith W. Vandevelde
  • Vanguard Charitable Endowment
  • Mary Ann VanHanehan
  • Susan E. VanTroost
  • Lorraine Veeder and Gary Veeder
  • Elvira Velasquez
  • Linda B. Venuti
  • June Verdura
  • Pamela Vernone
  • Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna
  • Thomas Vis
  • Rita S. Vitalone
  • Dr. Benedetto Vitullo and Geraldine Vitullo
  • Carol A. Voelker
  • David Vogel and Susan C. Vogel
  • Michael Volkert
  • Stephanie E. Von Bacho and Scott B. Trumbower
  • Jeffrey Wachob and Mary Ann F. Wachob
  • Richard G. Wade
  • Carl E. Wagner
  • Farley A. Wagner
  • Janey Wagner
  • Thomas R. Wahl and Annette Wahl
  • Arthur A. Waite
  • Robert F. Walker and Janet M. Santee
  • Emily O. Wallace
  • Rebecca Wallace
  • Susan M. Wallace and Stanley Wallace
  • Lynn M. Walsh
  • Mary J. Walsh
  • Wendy S. Walsh and Timothy H. Walsh
  • Bruce C. Walters
  • Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters
  • Robert I. Ward Jr.
  • Ann M. Ward
  • Ronald Ward
  • Tammy Warner
  • Barbara E. Warren
  • Dean Wasson
  • Kenneth R. Waters
  • Claire Watson
  • Dr. Edgar E. Webber
  • Martha Webster
  • Mary Jo Webster and David Webster
  • Janet K. Wegemann
  • Wolfgang K. Weichenthal and Patricia Weichenthal
  • Barbara Weinhart
  • Dr. Justin Weis and Dr. Emily Weis ^
  • Carol Welch
  • Ardean Wells and Anne M. Wells
  • Becky Wendt and William W. Wendt
  • Robert N. Werth and Lucille R. Werth
  • Sarah Werth
  • Kristine West
  • Richard J. West and Donna N. West
  • Cory Westbrook
  • Roy A. Weymouth
  • John Wheeler
  • Kelly White
  • Philip S. White
  • Sandra C. White
  • Charles Whiteman and Nancy Whiteman
  • E. W. Whittaker and Carole L. Whittaker
  • Wendy A. Whittaker
  • Lisa L. Wickham and Gregory I. Wickham
  • Noel T. Wido
  • Marguerite C. Wiegand
  • Jody Wilbur
  • Kay F. Wilder and Arthur H. Wilder
  • Miriam F. Wilkerson
  • Joyce R. Willard
  • Erin R. Williamee
  • Heather A. Williams
  • Patricia Williams
  • Shirley G. Williams
  • Dean G. Williamson and Aleta Williamson
  • Kathryn F. Wilsea
  • Howard O. Wilson
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • Kenneth Winkler
  • David L. Winslow and Suzanne N. Winslow
  • Darline E. Wise
  • Robert G. Wistner and Michele L. Wistner
  • Claire B. Withers
  • Bonnie K. Witt
  • Barbara Wohlschlegel
  • Maureen R. Wolfe and Gregory A. Wolfe
  • Deborah Wood and Douglass Wood
  • David L. Wright
  • Diane L. Wright and James W. Wright
  • Nancy M. Wright and Joseph E. Wright
  • Gail M. Wulff
  • Dr. Christopher C. Wyckoff and Layla Saidi
  • David Wyffels and Gail Wyffels
  • Joan Wyffels and Gary Wyffels
  • Nancy L. Wyllie
  • Robert H. Wyllie
  • William Yarger
  • Dr. Max Yarowsky
  • Dr. Heidi C. Piper and Dr. Jay A. Yates ^
  • Richard H. Yates
  • Karen E. Yax
  • Dr. Ronald N. Yeaple and Beverly L. Yeaple ^
  • J. Peter Yendell and Carol K. Yendell
  • Florence J. Yetzer
  • Mary J. Yott
  • Bill Youhass
  • Carol M. Young and Jeffrey B. Young
  • Eric Young
  • Kathleen K. Young
  • Lorna Young
  • Richard Young
  • Robert G. Young
  • Deborah L. Youngman
  • Your Cause
  • John Zabliski and Theresa Zabliski
  • Jane Zagata
  • Mark D. Zagata
  • Joan Zegarelli and Edward Zegarelli
  • Christine Zerrahn
  • Edith Zimmerman
  • Nicholette B. Zimmerman
  • Anthony P. Zingerella
  • Mary C. Zingerella
  • Henry A. Zuccaro
  • Michael G. Zutt
  • Adam Cardina, MD
     Dr. Philip B. Edgerton
     Gayle Maxon-Edgerton

  • Alexandra Adams MD
     Jacqueline C. Protano and Charles Protano

  • All Doctors
     James M. Skolny and Patricia R. Skolny

  • All Front Line Heroes
     Jacqueline C. Protano and Charles Protano

  • All health care staff and staff at Thompson working during the pandemic
     Veronica A. Flanders

  • All the medical staff & essential workers
     Richard D. Bennett

  • Anna Rothstein, MD
     Livia M. Toscano and Ralph M. Toscano Jr.

  • Bryan Sandler, MD
     Charles LeBlanc
     John M. Robortella

  • Christopher Scibelli, MD
     Charles Parlato
     Judith Bovet-Egnor
     Theodore Malley and Judith A. Malley

  • Chunkit Fung, MD
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone

  • Connor
     Kara C. Gallagher and Timothy Gallagher

  • Cynthia E. Teerlinck, MD
     Barbara Wohlschlegel

  • Dave Aldrich
     Brian A. Herman

  • Doctors: A. David Peter, Jonathon V. Lammers, and Chirag Patel
     Linda M. Starr

  • Dr Black & the blood drawn station girls.
     Randolph Allen and Terri Allen

  • Dr Paul Sullivan
     Karen V. Kamfjord and Erik Kamfjord

  • Dr. A. David Peter
     Barbara A. Davis
     David R. Segal

  • Dr. Albert J. Tricomi
     Charles LeBlanc

  • Dr. Alicia R. Zysman Cromwell
     Jean Kane

  • Dr. Anatole K. Kleiner
     Dr. Sandra H. Bierbrauer and Raymond Mueller

  • Dr. Andrew Black
     Barbara A. Davis

  • Dr. Angel Boev
     Dorla M. Armstrong
     Joseph Juhasz

  • Dr. Benjamin Hammond
     Elizabeth A. Hagen

  • Dr. Bobby Khan
     Harry R. Sheets and Linda Sheets

  • Dr. Bruce P. Klein
     Alan F. Donnelly and Patricia M. Donnelly
     Marita S. Vanderveer

  • Dr. Bryan Anthony Henry
     Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
     Charles A. Callari Jr. and Carol Callari
     Earl J. Hudson*
     Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
     Priscilla J. Hudson
     Richard Belding and Kathryn Belding
     Barbara F. Seils and William R. Seils

  • Dr. Carl Philip Sahler Jr.
     Ron Hawkins and Marlese Hawkins
     Rose M. Pearsall

  • Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell
     Alona H. Redden
     Gloria Bowman
     Robin H. Hoder

  • Dr. Chester Nakamura
     Carole J. Joyce and John J. Joyce

  • Dr. Christina Anne Dony
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone

  • Dr. Christopher Lyon
     Jo-Nel Farms
     Ralph Nelson

  • Dr. David Charles Grimm
     Alan F. Donnelly and Patricia M. Donnelly
     Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
     Carolyn Brooks
     Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson
     Michael C. Hanna and Hazel H. Hanna
     Raymond H. Hill and Louise R. Hill

  • Dr. Emily Weis
     John Unger and Linda L. Unger

  • Dr. Eugene Muchnik
     Lawrence A. Burt

  • Dr. Gaylinn Greenwood
     Ruth M. Fabry

  • Dr. Guan Wu
     Eric Young
     Lorna Young
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone

  • Dr. Heidi C. Piper
     Carol Welch
     Charles LeBlanc

  • Dr. Holly Hindman
     Albert Butkas and June M. Butkas
     Gladys H. Maconeghy
     Livia M. Toscano and Ralph M. Toscano Jr.

  • Dr. James E. Broderick
     Mickie Christiansen and David Christiansen
     Norene Adams

  • Dr. James English & Dr. Merril
     Dr. George H. Hawks III

  • Dr. Jay A. Yates
     Nicholas P. Massa

  • Dr. Jeffrey C. Long
     John A. Francis
     Julie Gibson

  • Dr. John J. D'Amore
     Elizabeth Russell and Gregory Russell
     Elizabeth S. Mitchell
     Nancy Quigley

  • Dr. John Sullivan and Dr. Anthony Eidelman
     Linda A. Shepard

  • Dr. Jonathon Lammers
     Douglas R. Brown and Cindy J. Brown

  • Dr. Joseph A. Talarico
     David R. Segal

  • Dr. Joseph R. Duba
     John Perry and Mary Ann Perry

  • Dr. Julia M. Morgan
     Irene H. Arner and Fred C. Arner

  • Dr. Justin Weis
     Edward F. Derycke and Diane C. Derycke
     John Unger and Linda L. Unger
     Julie Gibson
     Suzanne Gettings and John J. Gettings

  • Dr. Kevin Penird
     Marita S. Vanderveer

  • Dr. Kipling Goh
     Bruce Stanley
     Donna N. Baird
     Dorothy M. Cherry
     Howard L. Judd
     James Baird
     Judith Deatherage and Gary Deatherage
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block
     Linda Albanese
     Martha Breiner
     Sandra M. Habberfield
     William H. Hammond and Roberta E. Hammond

  • Dr. Makiko Ban-Hoefen
     Bruce Stanley

  • Dr. Marlys A. Howarth
     Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna

  • Dr. Mary Pudusseri
     Albert Butkas and June M. Butkas

  • Dr. Michael John Mitchko
     Barbara Hildreth
     Carolyn C. Hotchkiss and Robert G. Hotchkiss
     Dr. Donald W. Barton and Dr. Adrienne O'Brien
     Dr. Sandra H. Bierbrauer and Raymond Mueller
     Jane E. Heath
     Linda Bruce
     Linda M. Shanks
     Martha A. Miller
     Thomas J. Miller

  • Dr. Michael Martin Foote
     Audrey Marshall and Lewis W. Marshall
     Kristine West

  • Dr. Mithra Gonzalez
     Elizabeth A. Hagen

  • Dr. Paul Shapiro
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone

  • Dr. Peck
     David M. Gill

  • Dr. Raymond Thomas
     David M. Gill

  • Dr. Renee Muchnik
     Lawrence A. Burt

  • Dr. Robert Ostrander
     Deborah J. Bronson and Edward A. Bronson

     Shirley G. Williams

  • Dr. Robert Smith, MD
     The Reverend David Hefling

  • Dr. Srinivas Kaza
     Suzanne Gettings and John J. Gettings

  • Dr. Susan Fulmer
     Howard O. Wilson
     Jacqueline Wilson

  • Dr. Susan M. Landgraf
     Audrey A. Gay
     Elaine H. Joseph
     Fern Bomwell
     Peter L. Hermann and Susan K. Hermann

  • Dr. Thomas Brady
     David M. Gill

  • Dr. Vito J. Valenzano
     Dr. Joanne Hawrylczak Sasse and Franz J. Sasse

  • Dr. Wilbur, URMC
     Elaine M. Cook and Donald Cook

  • Dr. William J. Kingston
     Judith Bovet-Egnor

  • Dr. Wilmont
     Billie N. Taylor

  • Edward and Pauline Van Troost
     Dean Wasson

  • Elisabete Sharp, MD
     Mary J. Yott

  • Emergency Room staff

  • ER staff.
     Laurie M. Sullivan

  • Erika & Sean Thornton
     John P. Thompson and Pamela F. Thompson

  • Eugene Tolomeo, MD
     Carolyn C. Hotchkiss and Robert G. Hotchkiss

  • Evelyn Robinson & Betty Clevenger
     Don L. Robinson

  • Evey Wright
     Fred Sansone and Diane Sansone

  • First responders & health care workers
     Dr. Wayne S. Chanler

  • Geoffry E. Hallstead, DMD
     Carolyn C. Hotchkiss and Robert G. Hotchkiss

  • ICU Doctors, Nurses and Aides
     William H. Heltzel

  • Jillian Babu, MD
     Joyce A. Keeney and Howard Keeney

  • Joe Hazard
     Dr. Max Yarowsky

  • John F. McGuire, MD
     Elvira Velasquez
     Norene Adams

  • John Gerard and Marie Hallinan
     Rosarie Hallinan

  • John J. Sharza, MD
     Elvira Velasquez
     Raymond Biddle Jr.

  • Karen (office nurse)
     Julia C. Giessler

  • Katherine Rast, MD
     Edward G. Dooley

  • Kerry P. Graff, MD
     Norma E. Rumfelt

  • Kim Dranichak
     Ron Sherman and Marie Sherman

  • Laurel A. Dallmeyer, MD
     Gloria Bowman

  • Lisa Walk-Reinard, MD
     Geraldine Bennett

  • Li-Xing Man, MD
     Elizabeth A. Hagen

  • Marc S. Zarfes, MD
     Betty M. McMahon
     Kevin House

  • Mary Lou McMillen, RN
     Gladys H. Maconeghy

  • Mr. Charles Klose
     Darline E. Wise

  • Mr. David C. Walters
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters

  • Dr. Douglas Bowerman
     Dr. Adrienne O'Brien

  • Mr. Fred M. Thomas
     Kurt O. Killebrew

  • Mr. Fred Sansone
     Fred Sansone and Diane Sansone

  • Mr. Harry Deery
     Ruth M. Deery and Harry Deery

  • Mr. James Minges
     Mary V. Minges and Chris Minges

  • Mr. James S. Fralick
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block

  • Mr. James W. Doran
     Pamela Doran and Christopher Doran

  • Mr. Keith Egnor
     Judith Bovet-Egnor

  • Mr. Kurt Brownell
     Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell

  • Mr. Laurence Segal
     David R. Segal

  • Mr. Michael Stapleton
     James F. Lynd and Karen Lynd

  • Mr. Richard Martin Neufang
     Jill King

  • Mr. Robert Lillis
     Kimberly Arnold

  • Mr. Waide Clarke
     Mona Clarke

  • Mrs. Anna V. Hogan
     Peter F. Lijewski and Suzanne Lijewski

  • Mrs. Annie J. Schultze
     Annie J. Schultze
     William J. Schultze

  • Mrs. Carole K. Lillis
     Jennifer A. Robinson
     Judy DeSalvo and Sam A. Desalvo
     Kimberly Arnold

  • Mrs. Ellen F. Fralick
     Leanna M. Landsmann and Milton J. Block

  • Mrs. Gail M. Truax
     Bennie Truax and Gail M. Truax

  • Mrs. Jessica L. Schock
     Linda M. Shanks

  • Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntosh
     John F. Taggart

  • Mrs. Marcia Minges
     Mary V. Minges and Chris Minges

  • Ms. Abbye Wyffels
     David Wyffels and Gail Wyffels

  • Ms. Ann M. Galbo
     Peter Galbo

  • Ms. Barbara Pacher
     Verna L. Robertson

  • Ms. Carrie M. Velasquez
     Elvira Velasquez

  • Ms. Cheri Sidoti
     The Reverend David Hefling
     The Reverend Michael Dudley

  • Ms. Darcy Cafiero

  • Ms. Deborah Bradford
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters

  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Brownell
     Patricia A. Brownell and Bradley R. Brownell

  • Ms. Emma J. Doane
     Carol Welch

  • Ms. Hazel P. Robertshaw
     Laura Cook and Todd D. Cook

  • Ms. Lisa Beckwith
     Richard J. Walters and Nancy B. Walters

  • Ms. Margaret W. Hood
     Lawrence Hood

  • Ms. Mary K. Corey
     Donna A. Miller

  • Ms. Melissa Delforte
     Charles M. Drake and Cheryl Drake

  • R. Douglas Alling, MD
     Robin H. Hoder
     Sadie McKee

  • Rian and Jessica Milliman
     Thomas D. Pawluk

  • Robert L. Smith, MD
     Betty J. Hagen
     Billie N. Taylor
     Noel T. Wido
     Patricia H. Johnson and Kent L. Johnson
     Raymond H. Hill and Louise R. Hill

  • Robert W. Meyer, MD
     Eric Young
     Joyce R. Willard

     Lorna Young

  • Robert W. Scott, MD
     Dr. Adrienne O'Brien

     Sandra M. Habberfield

  • Sadie, Ellie, Willow
     Paulena Hoffmeier and Rollo Hoffmeier

  • Sands Cancer Center
     Wendy S. Walsh and Timothy H. Walsh

  • Second Floor Nursing
     Julie Gibson

  • Sheriff Kevin Henderson
     Robert Symonds and Margaret E. Symonds

  • Staff at the Canandaigua Sands Center
     Okhui LaBarr

  • Susan Landgraf
     Marian Pagnattaro

  • Susan V. Rockwell, MD
     Judith Bovet-Egnor

  • Talia Sasson, MD
     Raymond J. Barone and Alice Barone

  • Teofilo Arazi, MD
     Theresa Daum and Christopher P. Daum

  • The Emergency Team
     Brian Madera and Karen Madera

  • The hardworking doctors and nurses
     John Unger and Linda L. Unger

  • The holiday week ICU staff at F.F. Thompson Hospital
     Robert J. Gleason and Mary W. Gleason

  • The Outstanding ER Team
     Perry Plyter and Judy Plyter

  • The Support Staff at FFTH
     Daniel J. Kwarta and Judy S. Kwarta

  • Thomas A. Wormer, MD
     David R. Segal
     Howard L. Judd
     Julie Gibson

  • Thompson Hospital Medical Staff
     Gene T. Mehlenbacher
     Lorraine M. Mehlenbacher

  • Vincent M. Yavorek, MD
     Charles A. Callari Jr. and Carol Callari
     Julia C. Giessler
     Richard Belding and Kathryn Belding

  • Wilma Gibson
     Julie Gibson
  • All healthcare workers
     Corby Broadwell and John E. Broadwell

  • Betty Elliott
     Leland W. Elliott

  • Bill Semans and Lin Colf
     Mary W. Semans

  • Blake Kevin Champlin

  • COVID-19
     Carol A. Voelker

  • Danny
     Nardine L. Paquin

  • Deborah Sullivan
     Karen T. Sullivan

  • Deceased loved ones.
     Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna

  • Dee Hoffman
     Anne Perron

  • Donald F. Clark
     Mildred M. Clark

  • Dorothy McGough
     Kathy M. Ahearn

  • Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel
     Harvey D. Simmons
     John E. Miller and Barbara B. Miller
     John M. Hultz
     Muriel N. Coleman
     Tammy Warner

  • Dr. Ben Sischy
     Carol A. Smith and Maynard O. Smith

  • Dr. Harry S. Pitler
     Steven P. Pitler

  • Dr. James English
     Dr. George H. Hawks III

  • Eunice Hoffend
     Daniel E. Affolter

  • Evelyn Robinson & Angie Arena
     Don L. Robinson

  • Florence Metz
     Christine DesChamps

  • Frank Schreiber
     Diane M. Schreiber

  • Gail Spicer
     Thomas Schulz

  • Gary Joseph DaMore
     Timothy Pawlowitz and Lynn Pawlowitz
     Jean Damore

  • Gary Ruggles
     David McGee

  • Gladys Guilford
     Peter Costa and Mary Jane Costa

  • Helen & George Hermann
     Marie H. Nicosia

  • Henry Rubin
     David R. Segal

  • Idah Woodrow
     Nancy Bricker

  • James Edward 'Jim' Anderson
     Roy Marriott

  • James Minute
     Helene Goodberlet and Charles Goodberlet

  • James T. Smith
     Rebecca F. Jones

  • James W. Walsh Sr.
     Deborah Lauber and Robert D. Lauber Jr.

  • Joanna Jennings Blyth
     Mary Savastano-Cutting and Richard A. Cutting

  • John Jack Vanbrooker
     Raymond Ferran

  • John M. Hicks

  • Julia Peck Wohlschlegel
     Barbara Wohlschlegel

  • Kenneth Webster and Jeff Webster
     Martha Webster

  • Kyle Cutri
     Tammy Boglione and Fredrick Boglione

  • Lawrence Olvaney
     Kevin Olvany

  • Lee Alexander
     Joan Kurtz and Dr. Clark N. Kurtz

  • Leon & Mary Taplin
     David Wyffels and Gail Wyffels

  • Lowell Lovejoy
     Evelyn B. Lovejoy

  • Marion Cody
     Charlotte A. Clark

  • Michael Sorce
     David Sorce and Karen Sorce

  • Mr. Alfred Talke
     Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
     Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish

  • Mr. Allen F. Yarton, Sr.
     Judith Celentani

  • Mr. Almon "Pete" Philley
     Scott Philley and Cheryl Philley

  • Mr. Byron H. Delavan
     Charles McCausland and Gwendolyn McCausland

  • Mr. Charles Race, Jr.
     Nancy Race

  • Mr. Charlie W. Nudd
     Nancy F. Nudd

  • Mr. David J. Bissell
     Gabriella Sack
     Helen Bissell

  • Mr. Donald H. Newton
     Richard J. West and Donna N. West

  • Mr. Douglas S. Reber
     Renata M. Reber

  • Mr. Edmund Ulatowski
     Alfred W. Saucke and Patricia Saucke

  • Mr. Edward Hogan
     Peter F. Lijewski and Suzanne Lijewski

  • Mr. Ernest F. Cummings
     Lori Parish

  • Freda and Erwin Moranda
     Sheila M. Swaby-Hudson

  • Mr. Gordon Joseph
     Elaine H. Joseph

  • Mr. Gordon Pickering
     Ruth P. De Brock

  • Mr. Gregg E. Eddinger
     Randy S. Eddinger and Patricia H. Eddinger

  • Mr. Harold Kennedy

  • Mr. Irving P. Dunham, Jr.
     Kelly White
     Debra Phillips
     Geraldine A. Durso
     Harlan W. Olsen*
     James Capacci and Alice Capacci
     Louis Rapini and Bonita A. Rapini
     Nancy J. Olsen
     Patricia H. Rundt
     Susanne Pluretti

  • Mr. James A. Johnson, Sr.
     Dr. Mark L. Blazey and Dr. Karen Blazey

  • Mr. James Cleason
     Donna Laundry
     Frederick W. Ludwig and Lois M. Ludwig
     Harvey D. Simmons
     Kathleen S. Eckert
     Mary Savastano-Cutting and Richard A. Cutting
     Masonic Service Bureau of Greater Rochester, NY Inc.
     Paul M. Aloi and Cheryl Aloi
     Rochester Area Community Foundation
     Sandra Cleason

  • Mr. James R. Tice
     Louis A. Siciliano

  • Mr. James Thomas Ingalls
     Catherine E. Ingalls and Gary Ingalls

  • Mr. James W. Walsh, Sr.
     Deborah Lauber and Robert D. Lauber Jr.
     Honeoye Teacher's Association

  • Mr. Jeremy Hoffman
     Catherine E. Ingalls and Gary Ingalls

  • Mr. Jim Rice
     Jean Rice

  • Mr. John A. Van Brooker
     Nancy A. Nolan and Robert Hadsell
     Sally S. Seeber

  • Mr. John D. Luley
     Margaret H. Luley

  • Mr. John DeBrock
     Ruth P. De Brock

  • Mr. John J. Torrell
     Barbara K. Torrell

  • Mr. John Widmer

  • Mr. Joseph J. Addante
     Ann Addante
     Patricia A. Stell

  • Mr. Lee B. Starr
     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
     Howard Bernstein and Helaine Bernstein
     Laura McFall
     Saul Starr
     Your Cause

  • Mr. Leonard O. Hunt
     Rosemary Hunt

  • Margaret Ann Reynolds
     Donald J. Reynolds and Janet A. Reynolds

  • Mr. Michael A. Roberti
     Claire B. Withers

  • Mr. Michael Frohm
     Mary Lou Frohm and William Frohm

  • Mr. Michael Stolt
     Jody L. Stolt

  • Mr. Milton F. Cooley
     Evelyn L. Cooley

  • Mr. Murray A. Doyle
     Sylvia M. Doyle and Bernard J. Doyle Sr.

  • Mr. Neal Jaynes
     Shirley B. Hess

  • Mr. Nick Placito
     Dolores M. Placito

  • Mr. Paul L. Gordon
     Sally L. Gordon

  • Mr. Paul Smith
     Genevieve E. Steinmetz and William D. Steinmetz

  • Mr. Paul Wegemann
     Janet K. Wegemann

  • Mr. Ralph A. Wulff
     Gail M. Wulff

  • Mr. Richard Kolb
     Audrey K. Bernhard
     Deborah A. Cutter
     Eric E. Berger
     Janet Atkins
     Jill S. Bak
     Judith Celentani
     Kim Seward
     Martha L. Bicknell
     Mary M. Marcellus
     Michael Volkert
     Susan E. Read
     The Honorable Brian Kolb and Lauren Kolb

  • Mr. Richard Williams
     Joan Borgeest

  • Mr. Rick Tice
     Louis A. Siciliano

  • Mr. Robert B. Shaffer
     Barbara J. Stevens
     Constance M. Brown and William G. Brown
     Deborah L. Youngman
     James F. Redmond
     Nancy S. Cramer and Ronald R. Cramer
     Paulette M. Cooper
     Sue S. Benedict

  • Mr. Robert T. Koczent, Sr.
     Kurt Koczent and Kristen Koczent

  • Mr. Roger K. Potter
     Louise M. Potter

  • Mr. Roy J. Farnsworth
     Martha C. Buttaccio

  • Mr. Roy N. Parrish
     Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
     Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish

  • Mr. Russell H. Valley
     Samantha LeGrett and Thomas F. LeGrett

  • Mr. Thomas G. O'Brien
     Margaret A. Merli

  • Mr. W.C. "Corky" Dannenbrink
     Amalia Dannenbrink

  • Mr. William D. Crudele, Jr.
     Donna Crudele

  • Mr. William F. Huberlie
     Allen Lund Company HQ
     Cynthia Andreola
     Cynthia S. Hale and Judson D. Hale Jr.
     Deborah W. Morris
     Joan W. Stratton
     Joseph R. Hanna and Linda H. Hanna
     Lois E. Adrian and Charles R. Adrian
     Matthew Amalfitano
     Tanya Santi
     Terri Port

  • Mr. Willis C. Mitchell
     Elizabeth S. Mitchell

  • Mr. Wilson Simmons Sr
     Christine Ayers

  • Mrs. Agnes Dickens
     Cathy A. Kernaghan
     Nan D. Carlson and Dudley M. Carlson

  • Mrs. Alice Blazey
     John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey

  • Mrs. Barbara R. Conley
     Linda Simmons and Dean Simmons

  • Mrs. Carol Eddy
     Aberle Eye Care
     Dr. Paul E. Harvey
     Elizabeth Hoven
     Eriah, Inc

  • Mrs. Carol Simmons
     Harvey D. Simmons

  • Mrs. Eileen T. Dallachiesa
     Eileen M. Alven

  • Mrs. Eleanor Hoffman
     Aimee Saeger
     Dudley Hallstead and Yvonne M. Hallstead
     John C. Clynes and Deborah D. Clynes
     John Saeger
     Louise M. Shearer
     Nancy M. Fedick and Andrew Fedick
     Richard Groot and Martha Groot

  • Mrs. Evelyn Ayers
     Christine Ayers

  • Mrs. Irene Bruckner

  • Mrs. Jean P. Newton
     Richard J. West and Donna N. West

  • Mrs. Jo Ann Vancaeseele
     Robert E. Vancaeseele
     Walter E. VanCaeseele

  • Mrs. Judith A. Fladd
     Donna T. Kula

  • Mrs. Judy Price
     John T. Blazey and Judy L. Blazey

  • Mrs. Loretta M. Chavkin
     Dr. Robert S. Chavkin

  • Mrs. Marilyn McElwee
     Anne Gray
     Carol M. Young and Jeffrey B. Young
     Catherine Kelley
     Catherine Vadney
     Julie A. Glynn and Thomas A. Glynn
     Kellie A. Simpson

  • Mrs. Mina Placito
     Dolores M. Placito

  • Mrs. Miriam G. Gould
     David A. Gould
     Lewis J. Gould
     Sharon Bloom

  • Mrs. Monica Romeiser
     Richard Boardman and Jane Boardman

  • Mrs. Patricia M. Walsh
     Mary J. Walsh

  • Mrs. Thelma N. Conley
     Dennis E. Conley

  • Mrs. Winifred L. Bennett
     Thomas R. Bennett

  • Ms. Alicia Lezak Brandow
     Robert H. Brandow

  • Ms. Anne C. Blanchard
     Daniel J. Blanchard

  • Ms. Barbara Bernard
     Lynn A. Bernard

  • Ms. Carol J. Harvey
     Katherine Nevin

  • Ms. Doris Schlenker
     Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish

  • Ms. Dorothy E. Liss

  • Ms. Dorothy R. Farnsworth
     Martha C. Buttaccio

  • Ms. Eileen Minute
     Helene Goodberlet and Charles Goodberlet

  • Ms. Eleanor Affleck
     Kathleen M. Affleck

  • Ms. Erna L. Christensen
     Sandra M. Habberfield

  • Ms. Gail D. O'Brien
     Margaret A. Merli

  • Ms. Genevieve Y. Weinhart
     Barbara Weinhart

  • Ms. Jill Alexander
     Joan Kurtz and Dr. Clark N. Kurtz

  • Ms. Judy Price
     Scott Price

  • Ms. Julia Lentz
     Richard D. Lentz

  • Ms. June Moore
     James H. Moore

  • Ms. Laura F. Philley
     Scott Philley and Cheryl Philley

  • Ms. Margaret Vienna
     Alice M. Cooksey

  • Ms. Margaret W. Hood
     Lawrence Hood

  • Ms. Mary Herd
     James M. Herd III

  • Ms. Nancy G. Burns
     Carl Thompson
     D. Guy Burns

  • Ms. Pamela Preston
     Daniel J. Blanchard

  • Ms. Pauline Christiansen
     Kirsten Palmeri and Chris Palmeri

  • Ms. Peggy Lipinski
     Barbara Bayly
     Christy Croft-Driscoll
     Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County
     Eric W. Pohlman
     Farm Credit East
     Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc.
     Gary R. Bradley
     Jeanette LaMar and Paul LaMar
     John Caltabiano and Molly Caltabiano
     Kerri B. Sears
     Laurie Turner
     Linda B. Fenlason and James E. Fenlason
     Lisa L. Wickham and Gregory I. Wickham
     Muriel N. Coleman
     Norma Hamilton and John M. Hamilton

  • Ms. Sybil Dutcher
     Alfred W. Miles and Gloria A. Miles
     Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment
     Kathleen Brahm and Thomas Brahm
     Ronald R. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish
     The Honorable Tom Reed

  • Ms. Tonya Benzing
     Leigh Benzing

  • Ms. Virginia Dubler
     Barbara D. Carson

  • Ms. Yvonne Murphy
     Dr. Dennis K. Murphy

  • My husband James
     Margaret Morrell*

  • Nancy Burns and Erma Christensen
     Ronald J. Christensen

  • Otto Grover
     James E. Gianforti Sr.

  • Our Parents
     Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna

  • Phil Alfieri
     Frank Alfieri

  • Philip & Ida Rodin
     Sherry Rodin Sulkes and Marc R. Sulkes

  • Richard DeCourcey
     Jeanne DeCourcey

  • Richard R. Henderson
     Phyllis Henderson

  • Robert Affleck
     Kathleen M. Affleck

  • Robert B. Shaffer, Sr.
     Frederick L. Trowbridge
     Joan M. Shaffer
     Regina Lunkenheimer and Peter J. Lunkenheimer
     Robert Pelz
     Sandra S. Pelz

  • Ronald Johnson
     Sandra A. Howland
     Thelma Howland

  • Rudolph and Evelyn Hoffmeier & Ralph & Margaretta Beck.
     Paulena Hoffmeier and Rollo Hoffmeier

  • Ruth Braun Murray
     John R. Braun

  • Samuel Stolt
     Jody L. Stolt

  • Second Floor Nursing
     Julie Gibson

  • Stephen Tamulski.
     Mary Grace

  • Susan Clement
     Lynne M. Gochenaur

  • The deceased of the Steinmetz Family
     Genevieve E. Steinmetz and William D. Steinmetz

  • Thomas Schaefer
     Linda Schaefer

  • Virginia Tamulski
     Mary Grace

  • Wayne A. Leavitt
     Nita S. Leavitt

  • Wayne Hagen
     Elizabeth A. Hagen

  • William & Lucille Winkler
     Kenneth Winkler

  • William Hallstead
     Brian P. Meath and Kelly D. Meath

  • William Moravic
     Onalee Gillette

  • Wilma and Jack Wilsea
     Kathryn F. Wilsea

  • Wilma Gibson
     Julie Gibson