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FARMINGTON – Thompson Health’s Farmington Rehabilitation Department is pleased to provide a new piece of rehabilitative equipment that can help jockeys, competitive equestrians and those recovering from an equine-related injury get back in the saddle.

Called the Equicizer, this non-motorized, mechanical horse simulates a real horse’s movement. Through its patented spring-designed mechanism – controlled by the user's level of effort and fitness – riders can rehabilitate, improve body posture and positioning, exercise and practice their technique in a safe, controlled environment.

“Often, our patients come to us with injuries that require them to regain strength and flexibility in order to return to the saddle. Conventional exercises used in rehabilitative therapy assist in this, but do not always recondition the areas of the body that are essential to riding,” says Physical Therapist Farley Wagner of Farmington Rehabilitation. “By rehabilitating on the Equicizer, however, patients can recondition these essential areas through simulated riding practices, increasing strength and confidence while decreasing the time it takes to return to riding.”

The Equicizer isn’t just for equestrians, though. In addition to mountain bikers and motocross enthusiasts, it can also benefit those with neurological or vestibular conditions.  Through exercises performed using the Equicizer, those who experience balance problems or dizziness can improve their sense of balance and flexibility while gaining confidence.

For more information about the Equicizer or to schedule an appointment at Farmington Rehabilitation – located at 1160 Corporate Drive, Farmington – please call 585-924-4449.

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