Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Compared to a Swiss Army Knife

Years ago, Christopher Blankenberg, the Chief Administrative Officer for the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Department of Orthopaedics and Physical Performance, was touring Thompson Health Rehabilitation Services’ Victor location and made a memorable comment.

Impressed with the Thompson team’s ability to provide specialty care to address a broad spectrum of needs, he compared it to a Swiss Army knife. Director of Rehabilitation Services Carole Drake liked the analogy, and it stuck, not only for the Victor location but for the entire department, which encompasses outpatient locations in Canandaigua and Farmington as well.

“It is a perfect description for our department as we offer a wide variety of reliable quality therapy services for our region. Our team has gone above and beyond in obtaining additional specialty certifications based on community need,” she said.

Over the years the therapists have reached out to different members of the community through support groups and in-service education to gauge the community’s needs. They then took it upon themselves to obtain the additional training required to be able to provide that care. 

“Through the efforts of our staff and based on feedback from the community, we now have therapists who specialize in lymphedema, women’s health, Parkinson’s, spine care, orthopedics, geriatrics, hand therapy, and speech/swallowing therapy, to name a few,” Carole said.  

According to Carole, there are often patients who take advantage of more than one of the services available.
Ed Wertz is one of those patients.

A Vietnam veteran who taught high school history for 42 years in the Midlakes district, the Clifton Springs man first received physical therapy from Thompson Health more than seven years ago, when he had his first knee replacement.

When he needed his other knee replaced in 2023, he started aqua therapy – to build up his strength prior to the operation – in the pool at what was then the brand new Canandaigua location on South Main Street. “I think I was one of the first patients there,” he said.

After his surgery, Ed worked with Senior Neuro/Spine Physical Therapist Ben Van Heck prior to completing eight more aqua therapy sessions and said his experience was “fantastic.”

With his new knee now healed, Ed still goes to the Canandaigua location once per month. As someone who suffers from swelling in his legs, he receives lymphedema treatment from one of the specially-trained occupational therapists who can help him manage the fluid causing the swelling.

“They torture me some more,” he joked, adding, “I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I love Thompson.

Our Rehabilitation Services team includes over 65 licensed, credentialed professionals from many disciplines. Our specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and treatment procedures to maximize benefit and potential. The therapists and athletic trainers work closely with the patient, their family and their physician to develop a customized plan of care. For more information, visit www.ThompsonHealth.com/Rehab