MAGNET® Status Contributes to High Quality Care

Quality of Care

According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the MAGNET program provides consumers with the “ultimate benchmark” to measure the quality of care they can expect to receive. In the U.S. News & World Report’s annual listing of “America’s Best Hospitals,” designation as a MAGNET facility contributes to the total score for quality of inpatient care.

The MAGNET Recognition Program® acknowledges that when nurses are empowered, patient outcomes improve. Why? It’s because nurses at MAGNET hospitals place an emphasis on evidence-based practice, research and innovations in care. The program also provides a vehicle for disseminating successful nursing strategies and practices throughout an organization.

MAGNET-recognized organizations serve as the pinnacle of knowledge and expertise in the delivery of nursing care globally. Striving for discovery and innovation, these organizations have and will lead the reformation of health care, elevate the discipline of nursing and transform care of the patient, family and community.

Elevated Standards and Reputation

MAGNET designation elevates both the reputation and standards of Thompson nurses, Thompson Health and the entire nursing profession. Higher Recruitment and Retention Rates Independent research shows that MAGNET-recognized facilities consistently outperform their peers in recruiting and retaining nurses (Journal of Nursing Administration, January 1999). The MAGNET accreditation process identifies systems that need improvement and enhances system-wide practices overall.

Strengthens Collegial Interdisciplinary Relationships

A basic premise of the MAGNET recognition is a climate that reinforces collaborative working relationships.

Creates a “MAGNET Culture” throughout the System

The “MAGNET Culture” supports core values such as empowerment, pride, mentoring, respect, integrity and teamwork. In this way, this nurse-initiated process helps to elevate standards across disciplines and among every Associate at Thompson Health.

Attracts High-Quality Physicians and Specialists

Research shows that high-quality nurses are one of the most important factors in attracting high-quality physicians. Achieving MAGNET instills a positive “halo” effect beyond nursing excellence that permeates the hospital.

Improves Patient Outcomes

The MAGNET Recognition Program establishes standards of excellence, which healthcare organizations must attain. According to a study conducted at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, “MAGNET hospitals . . . consistently provide the highest quality of care.” (Bensing, K. MAGNET Hospitals Provide Havens for Quality Care and Happy Nurses. ADVANCE for Nurses (DC/Baltimore): April 10, 2000: (27)