Infection Control at Thompson Health

All of our Associates strive to prevent infections in our patients and residents and to prevent the spread of contagious diseases from one person to another. We use a system know as universal (or standard) precautions that includes hand hygiene (Note: waterless gel is an excellent option) before and after contact with patients and wearing special attire during various examinations, testing and treatment procedures. Hand hygiene is also very important for patients and visitors.

Partners in CARE

Don’t be shy. Your healthcare workers are interested in your care and will expect you to ask them about hand hygiene. Germs that cause infections can be spread in a number of ways. The most common is through hands. Hand hygiene removes germs from the hands and helps protect you from infections.

Hand hygiene is the single most important procedure that is performed in health care for preventing the spread of infection to you, the patient. It is important because nationwide millions of patients develop infections annually.

Become a partner with your doctor, nurse, and all the healthcare workers that enter your room by asking them the question: “Did you wash and sanitize your hands?”

Ask the question any time your doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker is about to make direct physical contact with you or touches things that are used in your care. This may be in your room or anywhere else in the health system.