Executive Physicals

In response to business demand from area employers, HealthWorks has developed the Executive Health Program in coordination with F.F. Thompson Hospital. The Executive Health Program is designed to help keep decision makers in top form.

Health Works LogoWe offer exceptionally trained medical staff and advanced technology to detect illness in its earliest, most treatable stage and prevent chronic conditions from escalating. The program offers an efficient regimen of highly personalized attention, individualized physical exams, assessments of all body systems, health screenings and health education that executives need and deserve to optimize their well-being.

We base the components of this exam on age and gender guidelines, the extensive availability of cutting-edge diagnostic technology at Thompson Health, along with the results of a personal interview conducted by the examining physician prior to the actual services. This day long comprehensive exam allows ample opportunity to discuss concerns and gain information on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Once test results are available, a confidential, detailed report complete with recommendations, is provided to the executive.

Three-step process

The Executive Physical Program is under the direction of David R. Carlson, MD.

For more information about the program, contact:
HealthWorks Occupational Health Program

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