The LOUD Crowd®

The LOUD Crowd® is a maintenance program for patients who have completed the SPEAK OUT!® program. This program focuses on preserving the voices of individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson-plus syndromes. 

The LOUD Crowd® at Thompson has been generously funded by a grant from the Parkinson Voice Project. At this time, The LOUD Crowd® is free for participants. 

If you are interested attending, please call Thompson Health’s Speech Pathology Department at (585) 396-6057. 

You can attend The LOUD Crowd® at Thompson even if you completed your SPEAK OUT!® training at a different facility. 

PLEASE NOTE: For participants who need physical assistance, the participant’s caregiver is responsible for getting the individual in and out of their vehicle and bringing the individual to the conference room. This caregiver must also be available throughout the meeting to assist the participant as needed. 


The LOUD Crowd® provides ongoing vocal practice, accountability, support, and encouragement. By participating in The LOUD Crowd®, patients have been shown to maintain their SPEAK OUT!® results for more than five years and counting. 

For more information on The LOUD Crowd!®, call the Department of Speech Pathology at Thompson Health at (585) 396-6057 or go to 

If you have not yet completed SPEAK OUT!® and would like to schedule an evaluation, please call Thompson Health Rehabilitation Services at (585) 396-6050.