Your Room

Your room includes a special hospital bed, a bedside stand for your personal belongings, a telephone, an over-bed table and a small closet space.

Your Bed
Your bed can be adjusted. Sometimes you need to keep your bed in a certain position for medical reasons. Most of the time, however, we can help you adjust your bed for your own comfort. Ask a staff member to show you how to use the controls.

Nurses Call Button
The call button is located on the remote control at your bedside.  When you press the button, the nurses’ desk is notified that you are calling.  Someone will answer your call as soon as possible.  There is also a call button in the bathroom.  It is best to ask assistance before you get out of bed.

Telephone and Television Services
Telephone and Television services are available in every room. To activate, just notify your nurse. The rates for telephone and television service include a one-time transaction fee of $4.00 plus $7.00 per day.  There is a maximum charge of $84.00 per stay.  for your convenience the charges will be billed to your home telephone bill. This will avoid the inconvenience of paying for these services during your stay.

After your discharge, these charges will appear directly on your home telephone bill as “HOSP TEL CHG” from ESBI.  If you DO NOT wish to use this service, if you have any questions or would like to make other payment arrangements (VISA, MasterCard, Discover), please call 1-888-262-0922.

To report problems with the television or telephone, call 1-888-356-0209.

All rooms are equipped with cable television in which you will find a variety of news, sports, and entertainment channels. Below is the complete channel guide. Based on availability, we will try to accommodate pediatric patients with a VCR and children’s movies.

Channel Guide
2 WXXI / Educational Access 
3 WSTM (3) Syracuse NBC 
4 WCNY (24) Syracuse PBS 
5 WTVH (5) Syracuse CBS 
6 WSYT (68) Syracuse Fox 
7 WUHF (31) Rochester Fox 
8 WROC (8) Rochester CBS 
9 WIXT (9) Syracuse ABC 
10 WHEC (10) Rochester NBC 
11 WXXI (21) Rochester PBS 
12 FLTV 
13 WOKR (13) Rochester 
14 R NEWS 
15 Community Access 
16 The CW Network / WNYI (ch52) 
17 QVC 
18 mynetworkTV 
19 PAX TV 
20 CNN 61 Home Shopping Network
21 TNT 
22 The Discovery Channel 
23 The Weather Channel 
24 ESPN 
25 ESPN 2
26 TSWN – Rochester’s Sports Net 
27 Spike TV 
28 MTV 
29 VH1 East 
30 Nickelodeon East 
31 ABC Family East 
32 USA Network East
33 Headline News 
34 American Movie Classics 
35 Lifetime Television East 
36 Country Music Television
37 A & E
38 Comedy Central East
39 E! Entertainment 
40 Travel Channel 
41 BET 
42 Univision
  43 Court TV 
44 C-Span
45 Food Network
46 Sports Net New York
49 CNBC Consumer News
50 Trinity Broadcasting Network
51 Madison Square Garden
52 The Learning Channel
53 Fox Sports NY
54 Bravo
55 Movieplex
56 Animal Planet
57 Fox News Channel
58 Cartoon Network East
59 Sci-Fi Channel
60 Turner Classic Movies
62 Home & Garden TV
63 The History Channel
64 TV Land
65 TBS
66 Lifetime Movie Network East
67 FX East
68 The Disney Channel East
69 The Golf Channel
70 Oxygen
71 SoapNet
72 WE Women’s Entertainment
73 National Geographic
74 YES (Yankees)
75 VS
76 Discovery Health
77 C-Span2
78 Hallmark
82 Patient Education
83 SLO-TV (Relaxation Videos)
84 Hospital Information Channel
97 TV Guide Channel
98 Rochester Channel 98