Caring for You

Many people will be involved in your care while you are a patient at Thompson Health.  Our goal is to give you the best quality care while providing prompt and friendly service.  The people who you will see directly include:

While at Thompson, you will be cared for by a Hospitalist.  A Hospitalist is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of patients in the hospital. The Hospitalist will take care of you throughout your stay and will work closely with every specialist and department in the hospital.  Your family doctor may still visit you during your hospital stay, however your hospitalization remains under the direction of the Hospitalist.

For more information about the Hospitalist Program at Thompson Health, please call (585) 396-6129.

Nurses are responsible for working with the Hospitalist to create a plan of care, regularly check your progress, implement your doctor’s orders, and make sure that your needs are met while you are in the hospital.  Nurses also assist in treating and educating patients about various medical conditions, administering medications, and providing advice and emotional support to patients and family members.

This can include physical therapists, respiratory therapists, speech pathologist, dietitians, pharmacists, radiology technicians or phlebotomists.  These are just some of the many people who will give you the care you need to get you on the road to recovery.

Social Worker
Social Work Services play an important part of your hospital care. A social worker or discharge planner is assigned to each floor. They will assist you and your family in planning your discharge from the Hospital. Your social worker or discharge planner will help you find services you may need after you leave the Hospital (e.g. home care) and will help in the transition to another care facility if necessary. Social Workers are available to assist you in understanding and completing Advance Medical Directives, such as a Health Care Proxy or Living Will.  If you are interested in contacting a Social Worker, please notify your nurse or doctor.

Thompson Health Volunteers help out in many areas of the hospital, including the transporting and discharging of patients, delivery of flowers and newspapers to patients, and assisting in completing and collecting menu cards.  Thompson Health Volunteers are easily identified by their pink smocks and photo ID badges.