Birthing Center Classes

If you are expecting a baby, it is normal to have concerns about your pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting ability.  Thompson Health offers a wide variety of classes to help prepare and educate expectant mothers, first-time mothers and family members. We hope that our classes will help you during this exciting time in your family’s life.

Please note: You do not need to deliver your baby at F.F. Thompson Hospital in order to participate in these classes.

Childbirth Preparation Class
This classes is still being held. Call for details. This series of classes is suggested for the later three months of pregnancy. The classes will also give the mother and her partner an awareness of both the physical and emotional changes and challenges during and following the childbirth experience.   Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

"Baby and Me” Childbirth Preparation
This series of classes are specifically intended for pregnant women who are 21 years old or younger.  Class size is kept smaller than average to allow the mother-to-be to bring more than one support person if she wishes.  Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

All classes and support groups below are canceled until further notice.

Breastfeeding Class
This two-hour class is strongly suggested for a mother-to-be who is even remotely considering breastfeeding.  Objectives include having the mother be able to demonstrate various holds for feeding and verbalize understanding of the concepts of breastfeeding, how to pump, store and save breast milk. It’s important for dads to come, too! Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

First Time Around Group
This monthly support gathering is for first-time mothers and their babies.  The meetings feature a guest speaker each month and are social, education and open to all women regardless of where the baby was born.  A Birthing Center nurse and the lactation consultant are on hand to answer any questions you may have on breastfeeding and parenting.  Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

Infant CPR
This two-hour class is encouraged for anyone in the general public to learn about how to handle an emergency and how to administer CPR to an infant or toddler.  Practice on manikins is provided.  Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

Lactation Consultation
A certified lactation consultant is available for private consultations for breastfeeding mothers and their infants.  Issues such as latch, milk production, pumping and storing, weaning, medication, interaction may be addressed.  Call (585) 396-6497 for your private appointment.

Sibling Class
This one-hour class is for big brothers and big sisters who will have their sibling(s) born at our Birthing Center.  The class is for 3- to 10-year-olds. It includes a video about changes to expect, as well as using a doll to practice holding, feeding, swaddling and diapering.  Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.

Survival Skills for the New Parent
This two-hour class is intended for the new parents-to-be and will cover topics such as: feeding, diapering, sleeping, medical care, bathing, safety, current American Academy of Pediatric guidelines, physical and emotional changes to expect of both the baby and parents.  Call (585) 396-6497 for more information.