BRA-VO for Breast Health event

About BRA-VO for Breast Health

  • The Bra-vo for Breast Health fashion show is an event to celebrate the upcoming grand opening of UR Medicine Thompson Health’s leading-edge Breast Imaging Center, officially known as the Dr. Laurie Sands and Constellation Brands Breast Imaging Center.
  • A fun and fabulous fashion show that puts the spotlight on breast health presented by UR Medicine Breast Imaging at Thompson Health and Lord & Taylor.
  • The goals of the fashion show are to highlight the importance of annual breast-cancer screenings for women over 40 and educate the community about the many benefits the Breast Imaging Center has to offer.

Event Details

  • The Bra-vo for Breast Health event will take place on Sunday, August 23, at 7pm in Lord & Taylor at Eastview Mall.
  • During the event, professional models from Wilhelmina will walk the runway wearing handcrafted bras, each uniquely designed by local artists.
  • All bras will be displayed for two weeks before the event outside of Lord & Taylor at Eastview Mall. Mall visitors will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite and the winner will be announced as the People’s Choice at the event.

Artist Participation

  • We encourage local artists to participate in this opportunity to showcase their artistic ability, win prizes and support a great cause!
  • After registering, each participant will be mailed a bra kit that has been generously donated by Spanx. The first 70 submissions will be accepted.
  • Bras will then be voted on by a panel of judges for the chance to win Lord & Taylor gift cards.
  • If you are interested in participating, please contact Jenna VanThof at 585-899-3260 or


  • A panel of judges will vote on:

− Most Creative
− Most Memorable
− Best Overall

  • Decorated bras will be on display for two weeks leading up to the event. Mall-goers will be able to vote on their favorite and the bra with the most votes will be deemed:

− People’s Choice


  • Seating is strictly limited. To purchase tickets please visit
  • All proceeds benefit UR Medicine Thompson Health’s Breast Imaging Center.

About the Dr. Laurie Sands and Constellation Brands Breast Imaging Center

  • The Breast Imaging Center epitomizes Thompson Health’s ongoing commitment to providing advanced technology and compassionate care.
  • Tomosynthesis, or 3D imaging, will be available in each room to ensure that every patient receives state-of-the-art 3D diagnosis at no additional cost to the patient.
  • Within the next five years, it is predicted tomosynthesis will become the standard for mammography. Thompson is proud that we can offer it now.
  • Thompson’s new Breast Imaging Center is the only facility in the region where this is the standard of care for every patient.
  • Research suggests that the combination of tomosynthesis and conventional 2-D mammography has the potential to:

a. Find tumors that may have otherwise remained hidden
b. Reduce the number of women called back for anxiety-producing extra testing due to false positives
c. Improve doctors’ ability to diagnose breast cancer earlier

  • Every woman is provided with a softer, warmer mammogram by using MammoPad® breast cushions during the exam, at no additional cost.
  • Same-day results are available.
  • A fully-accredited, comprehensive center is available right in your backyard. Radiologists are all board-certified UR Medicine physicians who specialize in breast imaging.
  • Breast Health Patient Navigation Team with a dedicated, full-time patient navigator serving as the hub for the patient’s continuum of care.

Benefits of Early Detection

  • After the age of 40, the American Cancer society recommends yearly mammograms for all women.
  • These screening exams detect breast cancer before symptoms occur, meaning that the cancer is more likely to be small and confined to the breast.
  • The size of a malignant breast tumor and how far it has spread are two of the most important factors in predicting the prognosis for a woman with this disease.

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