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Cristina's Story

Christina's storyPatient: Cristina E.

Procedure: ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair

“Rehabilitation was a very important part of my experience before and after surgery. It helped keep my leg strong so that I was able to recover that much more quickly. The group at the Sports Medicine Center were very good at motivating me to continue with my exercises, noting what would likely happen if I didn’t do them.”

Cristina suffered her traumatic injury while playing a backyard game of volleyball with friends. She held off on the repair for a month due to her sister’s wedding. Many of her friends and family talked to her about how important the rehabilitation and therapy was to get her back to top form. So, during that month, she started doing physical therapy at the Sports Medicine Center, part of the Thompson Orthopaedic Care Team, to help keep everything strong prior to surgery.

The actual reconstruction and repair procedure was done by a surgeon from Canandaigua Orthopaedic Associates on an outpatient basis so she was in and out of the hospital the same day. Everything went smoothly.

Cristina continued with her recovery by doing physical therapy three times per week. The professionals at the Sports Medicine Center were very good at motivating her to continue with her exercises, noting what would likely happen if she didn’t do them. Considering she was driving down from Irondequoit three times per week, that was sometimes challenging.

To Cristina, the most memorable part of her experience was “how smoothly it went.” The entire team made it “seem easy” so she was able to breeze through and get back on her feet.