What to Bring

Storage in your room is limited, so please keep the items you bring to a minimum. Items you may want to bring include:

  • A list of medications you are currently taking, dosages and times taken, including any over-the-counter, naturopathic or herbal remedies you are taking, do not bring your medication
  • Your medical insurance information
  • Glasses or contact lenses, please tell the admitting nurse
  • Hearing aid, please tell the admitting nurse
  • Dentures, please tell the admitting nurse
  • Slippers, easy to put on, with non-slip rubber soles
  • Important phone numbers
  • Hair clips or rubber bands to control long hair
  • Reading material, crossword puzzles
  • A small amount of cash (under $25) for incidentals, patients may give money to volunteers to purchase newspapers, cards and other items from the gift shop
  • Street clothes for day of discharge

It is the goal of the hospital to ensure all patient property remains safeguarded during your stay. The hospital cannot be responsible for the damage or loss of these articles.


What Not To Bring

Valuables: We request that you not bring valuables with you to the hospital. If that is not possible, please ask your nurse to have your valuables stored in the hospital’s safe. Ask your nurse to make arrangements to retrieve your items stored in the hospital’s safe weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.. If you are going to be discharged on the weekend, one of our security Associates will retrieve your valuables.

Appliances: For your safety and that of other patients and staff, please do not bring in electrical appliances from home such as radios, televisions, telephones (except cell phones) or VCRs. Electric razors, hair dryers, fans, or other personal items that connect to an electrical outlet may not be used until checked by Facilities Operations for electrical safety. Your nurse can assist you with arranging an inspection.

Smoking materials: To protect the health of our patients, visitors and staff, smoking is not permitted in any Thompson facility or on our surrounding campuses. If you smoke, please leave your smoking materials at home.

Personal bedclothes: For most patients in the hospital, a hospital gown will be easiest for you to wear. Pajamas, panties and shorts can make it harder for staff to provide the nursing care you need. If you do not have IVs, drains or bulky dressings, you may be able to wear your own nightgowns or nightshirts. Please ask your nurse.  We will provide you with non-slip socks to wear in the hospital. If you bring slippers or shoes from home, they should be easy to put on and have rubber soles to prevent slipping. Robes should be short enough so that you won’t trip or catch it on medical equipment. Clothing that opens in the front is easier to put on than pullovers. When you are ready to go home, wear comfortable clothing.

Toiletries: All patients are furnished with basic toiletries. Talk to your nurse if specific or additional items are needed.