The Birthing Center

The experiences of childbirth and parenting will provide some of the most memorable times of your life. The goal at the F.F. Thompson Hospital Birthing Center is to make this special event as exciting and rewarding as possible.

Our staff is devoted to a flexible, family-centered maternity care program. The private suite where you labor, deliver, recover and spend your post-partum stay is homelike and welcoming. While in the Birthing Center, our highly skilled nurses provide care throughout your labor and birth as well as during your post-delivery stay. The Birthing Center was among the first in the region to provide LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Post-partum) rooms to expectant mothers and their families.

Last year, the Birthing Center team, which includes five obstetricians/gynecologists, a certified nurse-midwife, two family practice physicians, and specially-trained registered nurses, delivered more than 645 babies. These babies were cared for by our team of seven pediatricians, eleven family practice physicians, and many registered nurses.

It’s important to remind all visitors to check in at the Nurse's Station before entering a patient's room.  If a friend or family member is not sure what room the mother is in, the nurses will be glad to let you know the room and if she is ready to see visitors.

Thompson provides services and programs for the entire expectant family.  Thompson's Perinatal Education department provides one of the most extensive educational offerings available for expectant mothers, first-time mothers and their family members. Classes include Preconception Preparation, Childbirth Preparation, Infant Massage, Multiple Birth preparation, and many more.

Physician's Who Care For...

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