Team Approach

In response to growing patient volumes, Thompson's Emergency Department has been renovated to double its capacity and provide more privacy and comfort for our patients.

A “hub” design for the department — with the medical staff unit in the center and our 24 patient rooms arranged in a circle around it — keeps caregivers close to patients. Instead of one nurse’s station, there are four; nurses and Emergency Department technicians work as teams assigned to specific patient rooms providing the most attentive, responsive care possible.

To make it easier for you to recognize the professionals assigned to your care, each group of caregivers wears a distinctive uniform:

  • Physicians’ uniforms are white
  • Nurses’ are blue
  • Emergency technicians’ are green

If you or a loved one is a patient in our ED, rest assured that you are in good hands. Our physicians are board-certified and have many years’ experience, and our nurses and technicians are specially trained in emergency and trauma care