Breast Ultrasound

What is Breast Ultrasound?

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to evaluate the breast tissue.  The primary use of breast ultrasound is to help diagnose breast abnormalities detected by a physician during a physical exam and to characterize potential abnormalities seen on mammography.  Ultrasound is often used to determine if a lump seen on a mammogram is solid or fluid-filled.

Screening ultrasound can be considered in women with dense breast tissue in addition to annual mammography. 

  • Ultrasounds performed by ARDMS Certified Breast Sonographers
  • All patients are given results the day of their exam
  • Used in conjunction with mammography for patients age 30 and older
  • Performed on patients under age 30 and when mammogram is contraindicated

All ultrasounds require a referral from provider.