Hospitalist Medicine Program

During your stay at F.F. Thompson Hospital, you may be cared for by our team of Hospitalist Physicians.

The information below may help answer your questions regarding the inpatient Hospitalist Program at Thompson Health."

Hospitalists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Hospitalist is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of patients in the hospital.  Thompson Hospitalists do not have an outpatient office practice. The Hospitalists of Thompson Hospital Medicine are all board certified/board eligible internists, family practitioners, and internal medicine/pediatric physicians who care for patients in the hospital setting. They manage patients in all inpatient areas of the hospital including the intensive care units, medical units and surgical units.

If you need further information about Hospitalist medicine or have questions after you are discharged from the hospital, please call the Hospitalist office at Thompson Health at (585) 396-6129.

Increasingly, primary care physicians will refer their patients to the Hospitalist when patients are too sick to be managed in the outpatient setting. Oftentimes, patients with complex medical problems will benefit from the available Hospitalist physician care 24 hours per day.

The Hospitalists also have a referral arrangement with many of the local primary care physicians, urgent care centers, and extended care facilities to care for their patients admitted to this hospital.

Some patients admitted to the Hospitalist service have no family doctor. Other patients may be admitted by another medical specialist or surgeon who request a medical consultation by the Hospitalist Team.

At the time of your hospitalization, your family doctor and the Hospitalist will often share information about your past medical history. Outpatient and inpatient medical records are often available to provide as much information about you as possible. However, it is always necessary for the Hospitalist to still obtain information from you. Although this may seem repetitive, it helps the Hospitalist care for you.

At discharge, your Hospitalist will discuss further treatment needs, help arrange for follow-up care and prescribe the necessary medications. Soon after discharge, a summary of your hospitalization is sent to your family doctor and all specialists that cared for you while in the hospital.

The Hospitalist will take care of you throughout your stay. Because they work only in the hospital, they can see you multiple times in the same day if necessary.

The Hospitalist works closely with every specialist and department in the hospital. If a consultation with another specialist is needed, the Hospitalist will discuss this with you and request that appropriate specialist.

By virtue of age or medical condition, patients are at times extremely ill and may need numerous specialists involved in their care. The Hospitalist helps manage care so that there are clear lines of communication between the physicians involved in your treatment.

If requested by you, a Hospitalist can arrange a meeting to answer your family's questions in person whenever possible. For confidentiality, the Hospitalist will discuss your care only after we receive your consent. Since there are numerous patients under the Hospitalist's care, we ask that family members arrange a time when all members can be present together for updates.

The Hospitalist will see you at various hours throughout the day. The Hospitalist will see you at least once during a 24-hour period. Rounds (the examination and care of patients) begin early in the morning according to medical priorities, usually in the intensive care units and continue all day into the evening.

As you improve, you may be seen later in the day. But rest assured, the Hospitalist is advised of your condition through regular contact with your nurse and ancillary staff. At night, the Hospitalist manages new admissions and hospital emergencies. Patients admitted after midnight by the night Hospitalist will have a care plan initiated that evening and the patient may not be seen until the next calendar day, depending on their clinical condition and test results.

The Hospitalist  will provide prescriptions for a month's supply of most discharge medications and also sign for the initial orders for home health services, oxygen, and necessary medical equipment. However, because we do not participate in your medical care after discharge form the hospital, we cannot authorize prescription refills or other renewal orders. These requests must be directed to your family physician.

If you have a family doctor, you will see him/her soon after discharge from the hospital. Your family doctor, who referred you to the Hospitalist service, may still visit you during your hospital stay, however your hospitalization remains under the direction of the Hospitalist.

Yes, since the Hospitalist Physician provided your medical care in the hospital, you will receive bill for his/her services. If you have insurance, our billing office will bill your insurance first. In the event your insurance requires a co-pay or deductible, you will be responsible for that portion of the bill.

If you have any further questions about your Hospitalist Physicians bill, please call (585) 396-6722 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm (EST).

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