At F.F. Thompson Hospital, the 3-East Pediatric Unit staff are committed to making every child’s hospitalization a positive experience. With your help, we will work hard to get your child well and back home.

Parent Participation on 3-East
When children are in the hospital, parents or guardians are their link to security. You are an important part of the team working toward your child feeling better and returning home. Getting better involves more than giving medicine and performing tests and procedures. It involves love, comfort, play, bathing, exercise, hugs, and most of all, encouragement! These are the things families do best.

Parents or legal guardians may visit at any time on 3-East. Other adults, and children accompanied by an adult, may visit from 11:00am to 8:30pm. Visiting children must be supervised by an adult. Because children in the hospital can easily catch colds and the flu from other children, we ask that all visiting children be screened briefly by a nurse before going into a child’s room. Just stop at the nurse's station and a nurse will be located for you. During the flu season or for other medical circumstances, children may be restricted from visiting.


When your child comes to the hospital, we will need to see copies of your child’s immunization records. Please bring them with you.

Upon admissions, please inform your child’s nurse of any special diet needs your child has. A nurse/nurse aid will bring your child a tray at mealtime, along with a daily menu. We would appreciate your help in seeing that the menus are filled out. Please check with your child’s nurse before giving your child anything to eat or drink that is not part of the hospital meal. Some children have been put on special diets or need to have their diets monitored. For your convenience, a kitchenette with beverages and an ice machine is on 3-East. Snack machines are located on the ground floor cafeteria and are accessible 24 hours a day.

Staying Overnight
Being in the hospital can be stressful for a child. To help reduce your child’s anxiety, we encourage one parent or guardian to stay overnight in the child’s room. Cots and reclining chairs are available for that purpose.

Our staff respects your child’s right to have information handled in a confidential manner. In the same manner, we ask that you not seek information about other patient’s medical conditions from patients, staff or volunteers. You may find that sharing your feelings or experiences with other parents may be helpful to you.

3-East Wish List
If you would like to make a donation to Thompson’s Pediatric Unit to purchase medical equipment, new games and toys, or to support educational programs, please contact the F.F. Thompson Foundation at (585) 396-6155.

From the 3-East Staff
Our goal on 3-East is to make your child’s stay as productive and comfortable as possible. To maintain our quality and excellence in health care, we welcome your comments. We appreciate and thank you for your hard work, your love and your support!