September 2012

Concussion Management

Staying Ahead of the Game

New York State has recently passed new legislation regarding the management of concussions in the school setting.  It is called the Concussion management and Awareness Act and it went into effect on July 1, 2012. 

Under the new law:

  • parents of student-athletes must sign a permission slip before their kids can participate in practice or games.
  • If it is their first known concussion, the student will not be allowed to resume athletic activity until they have been symptom free for 24 hours and have been evaluated by and received written and signed authorization from a licensed physician.  For interscholastic athletics, clearance must come from the school medical director.  Such authorization must be kept in the pupil’s permanent health record
  • If it is their second or more concussion they must be symptom free for seven to ten days and have a doctor's note.
  • Each school  coach, physical education teachers, school nurses, and athletic trainers are also required to complete an approved course on concussion management on a biennial basis, starting with the 2012-2013 school year.

Information on Concussions for Parents, Athletes, and Coaches:

Technology tools to help educate, identify and assess concussions

 The SCAT 2 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 2)

This assessment is designed to be used on the sideline at the time of injury.  It is now available as an app for all smart phones.

PACE (Protecting Athletes through Concussion Education) is the nation’s largest concussion baseline screening initiative.

  ImCAT™ (ImPACT Concussion Awareness Tool) was developed to educate athletes, parents, teachers and coaches about the common signs and symptoms of concussions. The ImCAT smart phone application includes educational information and a quiz on concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries. Users also have the capability to track details of an athlete's injury like their symptoms, and when and where the injury occurred. After the injury information is recorded individuals can email it to themselves to assist in the athlete's post injury evaluation. 
  ImPACT - (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the first, most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. ImPACT was developed to provide useful information to assist qualified practitioners in making sound return to play decisions following concussions.